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Delta changes concourses at Mitchell International Airport

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- If you fly Delta Airlines, you'll notice some big changes starting Wednesday, March 27th at Mitchell International Airport.

Delta's fleet is moving concourses, from Concourse E to Concourse D.

Concourse E is the smallest concourse at Mitchell, and now, Delta is vacating its former spot by taking over the vacated gates of Midwest and Frontier airlines at Concourse D.

The airport says it'll provide a much bigger, more convenient space for travelers.

Last year, the carrier expanded services to other cities, making it the second largest airline at Mitchell behind Southwest.

“Right now, we're running about 30 flights a day.  Last year, they added more service to New York.  They continue to grow here in Milwaukee,” Airport spokesman Ryan McAdams said.

There are more security lanes in D, meaning shorter lines and faster checkpoints.  There are more dining options -- five at D compared to one at E.

That bodes well for Delta passengers like Henrietta Matfin.

“I haven't had breakfast, so a cup of coffee and something to eat is great.  You don't get that privilege on E like you do here,” Matfin said.

For frequent flyers, there's a new Delta Sky Club, said to be double the size than the one before.

“With the opening of the Midwest Air Club, it gave them a better option of a place to go,” McAdams said.

Airport officials had considered closing Concourse E to cut costs, but that's no longer in the airport’s immediate future.

“United is flying flights off of Concourse E, so it continues to be open,” McAdams said.

Their focus now is better passenger service for both airlines and it’s a move travelers fully support.

“I like it better,” Matfin said.

Officials say the airport is waiting to see the results of more mergers and gate changes before it considers closing E, the smallest of Mitchell's three concourses.