Discovery World opens new exhibit featuring baseball innovations

MILWAUKEE (WITI) – While Opening Day was celebrated at Miller Park on Monday, April 1st, a baseball-themed exhibit launched at Discovery World that both kids and adults can enjoy!

The exhibit, called "Baseball – Innovations That Changed the Game" opened Monday.

“I saw the baseball exhibit online, and my son and my nephew are big baseball fans, so I thought it'd be fun to show them the exhibit,” parent Kathryn Ascher said.

There are more than 100 artifacts on display that show the history and the evolution of America's favorite pastime.

“We want to showcase innovation in all of its forms.  While baseball has been around for 200 years almost, there have been all kinds of innovations that change the game,” Discovery World President Joel Brennan said.

From different shapes of bats throughout the years, to the evolution of catcher equipment, to changing baseball gloves, anyone who's played can see the transitions to make the sport faster, safer and more entertaining.

“The baseball gloves that were the five fingers and they weren’t' webbed together, I think would've been different.  Very different to catch the balls,” fifth-grader Matt Mauermann said.

There is also a local tie.  Most of the items on display come from a local company, Mears.

“Somebody who started collecting baseball cards as a kid, but also got into the business of authenticating sports memorabilia,” Brennan said.

Don't forget the Brewers!  There are also pieces that show the history of the team and the stadiums for a fitting and timely display of the game we enjoy today.

The baseball exhibit is only around for weeks at Discovery World.  It runs through Sunday, May 19th.  The exhibit is included in the price of general admission.

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