Marquette students warned about sexual assaults on campus

MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- A rise in sexual assaults on the Marquette University campus over the past few weeks has students on high alert.

An email sent out on Thursday, May 2nd read in part: "During the past few weeks, multiple reports of acquaintance-related sexual assaults have been reported to the Department of Public Safety."

The email also warns students to stay with friends, listen to their instincts, and if they choose to drink, to do so in moderation.

"It's obviously concerning, but I don't feel any danger being here," said junior Maureen Trattner.

Marquette says every case has been reported to Milwaukee Police. However it's unclear if there's been an increase in sexual assaults, or simply an increase in reporting them.

"I have had friends that have been sexually assaulted and they don't really say anything," noted freshman Ryan Pawlowski.

Marquette spokesman Brian Dorrington says it's important to remind students that resources are available.

"It's mandatory training that we have for all of our incoming freshmen, so in the past two years that's 4,500 freshmen that we have educated on this important topic," said Dorrington.

School officials say they're aware sexual assaults are among the most unreported crimes anywhere, so they continue to encourage students to speak up.

It is unclear whether or not there have been any arrests related to these recent reports.

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