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Woman accused of stealing from Boy Scouts to be sentenced

MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- A Milwaukee mom is accused of stealing nearly $10,000 from her son's Boy Scouts troop, and she is expected to be sentenced on Tuesday, October 8th. Ahead of her sentencing, new details are surfacing that her husband, the troop's leader, may have threatened to kill two Milwaukee Police detectives.

In May, Kathleen Potega was accused of stealing nearly $10,000 from her son's Boy Scouts troop.

Police say she took money raised by the Scouts during troop fundraisers and spent it at places like Walmart and Buffalo Wild Wings.

In August of this year, Potega's husband was arrested after he allegedly threatened to kill two Milwaukee Police detectives who were involved with his wife's case.

Police, worried he would carry out his threat, raided the troop leader's home, looking for guns and ammunition -- and found them.

Court documents show dozens of guns, scopes and rifles were taken by police as evidence.

Joel Potega was arrested for disorderly conduct, but was never officially charged with a crime.

He was, however, kicked out of the Boy Scouts -- a decision he says he is appealing.

Potega says he's also trying to get his guns back, which he says he uses to teach hunter safety. He insists his wife did nothing wrong, and says he has never threatened to kill anyone.

Potega's wife, who is expected to plead guilty on Tuesday is also no longer associated with the Boy Scouts. She voluntarily resigned her position.

Troop 213 is still intact for the most part. In a statement, the troop's current leaders say they have measures in place now to prevent any future thefts, and say: "As a group, we do not wish to further complicate the issue, nor participate in an already vicious rumor mill. We seek only expedient, equitable and fair conclusion."

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