Governor Walker signs $100 million Property Tax Bill into law

BURLINGTON (WITI) -- The annual Property Tax Bill arrives for Wisconsin property owners in about two months and Governor Scott Walker is hoping this year, it will be lower.

On Sunday, October 20th Gov. Walker signed into law a $100 million property tax relief measure aimed at lowering property taxes across Wisconsin.

"The big win is for the hard-working property tax payers of the state of Wisconsin," said Gov. Walker.

The special session bill quickly passed through the State Senate with a 28-5 vote, and the State Assembly with an 82-12 vote.

"Whether you're Democrat or Republican, they know that people want property tax relief," Gov. Walker added.

The bill is expected to lower the average home owner's bill by about $13 this year.

Senate Democratic leader Chris Larson issued a statement saying:

"Our neighborhoods would not be forced to raise property taxes in order to fully fund their school system if we had not made $800 million in cuts to K-12 education in 2011."

Assembly Minority Leader Peter Barca added:

"Republican legislators and Governor Walker raised property taxes in their budget. Republicans voted against a plan that would actually cut property taxes for all property taxpayers, instead passing a plan that simply offers a lower tax hike for some tax payers."

Gov. Walker vowed to move forward.

"My promise to you today is we're not done. My contention is ever year I'm in office, we're going to lower taxes in the state of Wisconsin," said Gov. Walker.

According to Gov. Walker, the $100 million comes from higher than expected growth in the state revenue. It is expected to save $680 million over four years.

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