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59-year-old grandmother shot to death as she slept Monday night

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MILWAUKEE (WITI) — Milwaukee police are investigating a homicide/shooting that occurred near 26th and Mitchell  Monday night, November 18th.

According to police, a 59-year-old woman died as a result of the incident.

Jesse Zuniga says his aunt, Gloria Zuniga lost her life in the shooting.

"Lot of emotion because of the severity of the way it happened. I think she was in bed. She was sleeping," Jesse Zuniga said.

Gloria Zuniga's home on South 26th Street is riddled with bullets. Markers show at least 27 shots were fired into the home -- many striking Gloria, who was asleep in her bedroom.

"There was a couple of people in the house when they heard shots and they obviously took cover," Jesse Zuniga said.

The gunfire has Gloria Zuniga's family and residents in the area fearing the worst.

"Maybe somebody else is going to get killed next trying to make an example and do something. Whoever they were targeting, obviously she wasn`t the target," Jesse Zuniga said.

Meanwhile, Alderman Bob Donovan says he is passionate about getting more of a consistent police presence to prevent unfortunate shootings like this.

"The status quo isn`t working and our city fathers are the ones to blame because some of us for years have been calling for a more substantive plan for safety to stabilize and maintain order in neighborhoods like this," Alderman Donovan said.

Police were in the area Tuesday morning, but for the Zunigas, the reactive response means little when they've lost a pillar in the family.

"She was obviously a really caring person. Real loving person, real compassionate person, really funny, hilarious. She`s a grandma. She has grandkids that miss her now. She has family members that miss her now for something so senseless," Jesse Zuniga said.

Police have no one in custody in connection with this homicide, but say they believe this shooting may be related to an ongoing gang dispute.

Monitor FOX6 News and for updates on this developing story.


  • Sheila Moyet

    This is a real shame. I lived on the south side for years, but it was never like it is now. The south side has become the new north side. Decent law abiding citizens need to take action and take back their neighborhood.

  • Emani Lea

    As a matter of fact that woman was the aunt of my husband and the content of your comment is sheer ignorance. Unless you think being a loving and caring person to your family as well as to others is the so called “Life of a Drug House Keeper” then maybe you need some type o mental revaluation on the perception of human beings. Freedom of Speech is a right but watch what you say. Next time please be more respectful on what you comment on as in do not make the death of someone a joke.

  • Moonie

    Thank you emani. This was a relative of mine, wheelchair bound and NOT running a drug house. Ignorance doesn’t wear well so eat your words Robert. Hope the police look into your comment. RIP Tia. Te amo.

  • Vegas Gal

    And how do you know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that this was a “drug house”? Your comment is not only ignorant, but extremely disrespectful to this woman and her family. Unless you have something nice to say or can offer sympathy to the family, keep your rude mouth closed. My thoughts and prayers are with this woman and her family.

  • Tristzette

    the City of Milwaukee needs to get the violence we have going on in the city under control it’s sad because countless times we are continuing to lose our loved ones because a senseless crimes being committed in our community.this is my friend auntie and it hurts me to know that she has lost one of her loved ones because of mistaken identityor because someone wanted to be heartless and try to get away with a crime my heart goes out to the family and they also have my condolences and if there is any way that I can help please do ask and know that I am only a call away.

    Luv always my friend tina and her family.

  • DanielB

    I sold that home where the victim was shot. That home is a duplex, so it is very possible someone else was targeted. Or another tenant was using their apartment fpr rhe wrong use.

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