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George Webb employee shot, killed at East Side restaurant

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MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- The Milwaukee Police Department is investigating a homicide that happened inside a George Webb restaurant near Locust and Oakland on the city's east side shortly before 2 a.m. on Friday, December 20th.

According to police, a 21-year-old employee from Milwaukee was attempting to remove a disorderly customer from the restaurant when the customer shot the employee, killing him. The suspect fled from the restaurant.

"A group of people got involved in an altercation inside the restaurant," said Milwaukee Police Chief Ed Flynn. "The cook, a 21-year-old, came to the assistance of the waitresses in order to evict the disorderly people."

One of the members of the group, described as a career criminal and convicted felon, left the restaurant and returned a short time later with a handgun. The suspect shot the victim in the chest. The victim died at the scene.

Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett says the crime, in an otherwise peaceful neighborhood, is a shock. Barrett vowed to increase police presence in the area and bring the suspect to justice.

The names of the victim and suspect have not been released by police. Restaurant employees declined to comment but say they have turned over surveillance video to authorities.

George Webb Restaurants issued a statement regarding the shooting late Friday morning. It reads: "Our deepest condolences go out to the family and we are truly saddened by the events that occurred at our location on Oakland Ave. We have confidence in the Milwaukee Police Department that they’ll be able to apprehend the individual responsible for this."

Police say they know who the suspect is and are hoping to make an arrest soon.


  • nisha

    I pray for the victim family this is very sad they were only doing their job George Webb need to do something to support the victim and to the killer you can only run for so long

  • Dave

    So sad, just trying to work and earn some money and something like this happens. Just terrible whoever did this needs to be caught.

  • J. Godsil

    I see that Milwaukee remains the sh*thole it was when I left. The problem is that the city has been a bundle of social problems that govt has chosen to ignore for decades. I grew up in Riverwest and the smartest thing I have done in my life was to move up north.

      • r3zs1ckn3ss

        Many people want to leave. There’s nothing great about Milwaukee. It’s run down and boring and the people there have really crappy attitudes. And they insult people who hate Milwaukee because they prefer it to be filled with lowlifes just like them. True story.

  • michael

    Wisconsin needs the death penalty. These low life’s aren’t even afraid of the system. They go to jail and are let out again and it just keeps repeating.

  • Jon

    I’ll bet the killer lives at that crackhouse across the street from the 7-11. Hope he gets ‘shot resisting arrest’… Not enough to kill, just enough to make him a paraplegic while in prison.

    • Dan

      Great Idea Tracy.only if the Police would show up to break up a situation within 40 minutes.Police respond to the aftermath.Bar tending many years,know all too well police response times.911 included.

  • Jim Collins

    A career criminal and convicted felon? What the hell is he doing out of prison. He should have been locked up for life!

  • Al

    So sad, but the cycle continues unabated. one dead, another headed to prison. Makes me reflect on Marvin Gayes, brother, brother, brother, theres far to many of you dying……..

  • La Shonda Phillips-Glover

    Milwaukee is not a bad place 2 live n, it’s just the law r not being enforced the way it should be. there should b someone that need 2 b enforcing the law very heavy and standing by it with no questions asked. people make things bad, guns don’t shoot by themselves, they need someone 2 pull the trigger, a knife don’t stab anyone 2 death, u need a person 2 do that. throwing hot grease on a person, someone das 2 do that. so it’s not the city, it’s just the people in the city that makes it bad. everyone has to make a better judgement when it comes time to vote in office who they want to represent there area to the fullest and there country. there’s were the problem comes in at. we u see something don’t be scared and not say anything call the police and report it. it might be helpful, and one day you never know it might help you out. you don’t have to give them your name just tell them what you know and what you saw.

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