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Barrett surprised to hear he got haircut from stolen violin suspect

Mayor Barrett got his hair cut by Universal Allah on August 17, 2013

Mayor Barrett got his hair cut by Universal Allah on August 17, 2013

MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett said during a news conference on Thursday, February 6th that he was surprised to find out he had gotten a haircut from one of the suspects in the theft of the 1715 Lipinski Stradivarius violin.

Barrett said back on August 17, 2013, he was in a city neighborhood and walked into a barbershop to say hi to the patrons and the people who work there.

While at the barbershop, Barrett was asked if he wanted to get his hair cut. In fact, Barrett said he was in need of a haircut.

Allah apparently wanted a picture to remember the moment.

Barrett said the moment was a "chance encounter."

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  • Myself

    I agree with you! It sickens me that a life is worth less in this world than a violin. In order to find a missing violin, they incorporate the FBI. But when an individual is shot in an unsolvable crime, it goes to the bottom of the list to never be looked at again. And then we wonder WHAT is wrong with our world today. We value our possessions more than we value another human life. Sickening!

  • Grace

    These media hogs are sickening,they use manpower and resources,it’s like the parts of afrika no one cares about,no diamond oil no food ,so no one is caring on helping the poor in media,can’t use them.on the other hand though,notice the resemblance to the Kim kardashian Paris Hilton mode our mayor and police have?yes!!they are that!milwaukee has its own paparazzi lifestyle with them,just saying…

  • Jason

    What a bunch of BS. Barrett was in on this violin theft from day one. He knows possible affluent buyers and had these 2 guys steal it. The heads in charge of running this city are by far the biggest criminals


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