Ice structure at Bay View home taken down by public works crew

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MILWAUKEE (WITI) — A 30-foot tall ice structure at a home in Milwaukee’s Bay View neighborhood was taken down by a DPW crew on Wednesday morning, February 12th.

The structure was built by David Schardt over a period of weeks when the bitter cold air had settled into southeast Wisconsin. Schardt is a builder by trade, who built the glacial structure next to his home using a pole, a garden hose and a piece of string. It took just a few weeks for the structure to reach its 30-foot height — and catch the city’s attention.

CLICK HERE to see the ice structure before it was taken down

The Department of Neighborhood Services say Schardt’s makeshift plumbing hookup has violated city codes — and then there’s the fact the sculpture isn’t on his property — but rather, on a city park. The city said if the structure topples or someone is hurt playing on it, the city could be held liable.

Schardt got a three-day order to stop construction. The structure had been barricaded off ever since. Schardt says while he’s disappointed, he wasn’t going to fight the city’s decision.


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