Man accidentally shoots self, dies outside Meno. Falls business

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MENOMONEE FALLS (WITI) -- A 61-year-old man is dead after officials say he accidentally shot himself in the chest in the parking lot of Bob Lanier Enterprises in Menomonee Falls on Thursday morning, April 3rd.

Officers were dispatched to the scene just before 9 a.m. As a precautionary measure, officials advised businesses in the area to lock down and shelter in place. Traffic was also diverted from the area.

"Came out here, there was a lot of cop presence. I was wondering what was going on," said Nick Weitz who works at another business in the industrial park. "They had blocked up the road up there. It was blocked off down there, too."

Bob Lanier Enterprises was initially evacuated -- but employees at the business were able to return less than an hour after the shooting. Officials say the victim, himself, was an employee of Bob Lanier.

Two handguns were later recovered from the scene. There are no other injuries -- and officials say the neighborhood is safe.

"We treated it as an active shooter to ensure the safety of neighborhood around," said Menomonee Falls Police Chief Anna Ruzinski. "This was an isolated incident. We have no reason to believe anything else."

FOX6 News reached out to Bob Lanier Enterprises but no calls have been returned.


  • opiepaul

    Channels 12 and 58 have even less. The story isn’t even on channel 4’s home page. I think this is all the information that’s available right now.

  • Chris W

    at around 1:25 or so into the video,,,is that a NO WEAPONS sign that is blurred out? If so, I do not believe places can forbid you from bringing weapons into a parking lot. Inside the building yes, but not in the parking lot (for concealed permit holders that is)

  • Megan

    With what’s happening around the US right now, it is VERY disappointing that they didn’t evacuate or lock down the buidlings around that area. The man has a shotgun and 2 handguns…what was he really planning on doing?? History shows most people don’t go to their place of employment with 3 guns just for the fun of it….

    His death may have been accidential or a blessing in disguise for the people working there.

    • Laura Shird-Burbie

      Megan, its says right in the article “As a precautionary measure, officials advised businesses in the area to lock down and shelter in place. Traffic was also diverted from the area”.

      • Chris W

        I dont recall seeing anything saying this guy had his permit in the first place. Plus I dont see anything listing a motive (unless this story has had an update somewhere that I missed).

    • Clarence Abernathy

      Measured against all the lives saved, not to me mention what’s already been said this man unlikely had a permit for two handguns and a shotgun-can’t conceal a shotgun. If CCW save the life of one child!! Its for the children.😂

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