DOT video shows semi rollover in Mitchell Interchange

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MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- FOX6 News has obtained DOT video of a semi that rolled over and caused a traffic headache on Monday afternoon, April 7th in the Mitchell Interchange.

The Mitchell Interchange tunnel that takes commuters from northbound I-94 to westbound I-894 was temporarily shut down Monday after a crash involving a semi that rolled over.

The wreck happened shortly before 2 p.m. on Monday. Diesel fuel leaked in the tunnel — and it was then shut down.

Officials reopened the tunnel at roughly 4:30 p.m.


  • Curt DeHusson

    I hope the Deputies checked his phone. sure looks like .he wasnt paying attention besides driving too fast. He came from the center lanr entering the camera’s view.

  • Tina M

    People are knuckleheads going through that tunnel. I go through several times each day and guess what — if you actually go approximately the speed limit you never have to break and you can stay centered in your lane…I know that is not the sexy way to drive but I seem manage by going roughly within 5 mph of the speed limit.

  • J Duffey

    Entering my 15th year driving a truck and this video doesn’t surprise me in the least. Here’s what I see with knowing what I know…

    1. The trailer is a container usually loaded full, top to bottom end to end, very top heavy, and loaded to the containers max weight (which can exceed the max legal weight the truck is allowed to pull), likely to have come out of the Chicago rail yard.

    2. Many (NOT ALL) of the drivers that are pulling these are less than qualified, have generally had problems in the past, and some are not within the restrictions of the law that says, to obtain a CDL you must be able to read, write, and speak the english language proficiently enough to understand commands and respond to official inquiries. Yet somehow it’s acceptable to take your “written test” using an interpreter…make sense of that!

    3. Many of these rigs are barely road worthy and full inspections are rarely done by the driver as prescribed by law.

    4. This driver was obviously going way too fast, but they were going too fast for this curve with this load, which begs the question…how many times have they gone this fast through a curve like this before.

    I could go on for a hour about other things I automatically would look at, the problem is this kind of thing will continue to happen until the rules and laws in place are enforced. No new laws or restrictions can fix stupid! Just like the new requirements and restrictions put forth by the DOT to obtain and renew a HAZMAT endorsement…All it’s doing is making it more expensive and time consuming to get it, and keep it, the people that don’t care or plan to use their cargo in a terroristic manner I going to do it anyway with or without the endorsement!

    • Stephen Castaneda

      I am in my 21st year driving truck and have been pulling containers for the last 5 years I have NEVER pulled a container that has been overweight, Every driver that I know speaks and writes the english language. Apparently you have not been around many people that pull containers so that means you are going on hearsay not facts,Yes there are many truck drivers out there not just pulling containers but regular trailers that do not read/write/speak the english language but there are exceptions to every rule. Yes containers are known for being in bad shape however in the last couple years the owners of the chassis are being fined for them being in bad shape and that is being changed, by the start of next year 40′ chassis are going to be required to have tubeless tires so there will be less flats on these containers. there are many things that you do not know so unless you edcuate yourself you should not spout off and make yourself look dumb.

  • Dave

    They should put some tremor sensors in that tunnel that illuminate a sign at the entrance that reads “possible accident ahead” that reset after 5 minutes. Those two semi’s at the very end of the video, lucky they didn’t smear someone.

  • Dave

    Assembly Bill 284 – supports economic development in the trucking industry by increasing the allowable length of vehicles from 75 feet to 97 feet, consistent with a 2005 federal law and laws in surrounding states.
    Way to go Scooter. The guy in the video can’t even keep 53 feet on the road!

  • randall b

    i get passed by semis all the time, and i try not to go 5 over the limit because i know the faster i go, the longer it takes me to stop, and i’m in a car. any time a semi passes a car, theres something wrong. and their supposed to be professionals.
    someday alot of people are going to get hurt in that tunnel because someones in a hurry. dont these engineers take idiots in to consideration when they build these things.

    • Stephen Castaneda

      I have been driving truck for the last 21 years I have over 2.5 million miles SAFE ACCIDENT FREE. How many do you have?, I have NO speeding tickets in a truck EVER and my truck can do the speed limit in every state. here is a interesting fact for you over 80% of all auto vs truck accident are the fault of the auto. here is another something for you to think about a lot of truck drivers now have dash cams in the truck so that if they have a accident with a car they can show the officer the video what really happen. Because we are tired of always being blamed for something that happens, The driver in this video must have been going over the 50mph that is posted for the tunnel. the engineers that designed the tunnel know what they are doing however there will be accidents on every type of road regardless of design because people always seem to want to test the limits of the design.

  • Jay

    It’s very true that the driver was going way too fast. But I really do wish people would understand the pressures of being a truck driver. Truck Drivers are the hardest working people in America and it is because of them that this country has the luxuries and conveniences it has. These drivers have extreme deadlines and constantly have to go hours on end driving with no rest to put food on the table. Some go weeks without seeing their families and lets not even mention how much the law loves to harass and bully truck drivers for the dumbest things. People need to show a little more respect for these people. I sometimes wish all truck drivers would go a week without driving so America can realize how dependent we are of them.

    • Greg Stark

      The people of this nation are well aware of how overburdened and overworked the drivers of the trucking industry, as well as the agricultural workers (farmers, you know….) are…HOWEVER, this simply does not excuse, nor negate their clearest responsibility to safety of the road and the drivers around them…basic defensive driving. No one here wishes harm to the driver, but if that was your teenage kid on his way to classes at MATC that might have been on the receiving end of that rollover….your defense of the “careless’ truck driver would indeed sound different.

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