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Police: Man killed wife after 56 years of marriage because she was “nagging” him

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Jack Lang

OAK CREEK (WITI) — 76-year-old Jack Lang has been charged in connection with an incident Oak Creek police said they were investigating as a murder/attempted suicide. Investigators say Lang shot and killed his wife June on Wednesday afternoon, April 16th after 56 years of marriage because she was “nagging him.”

Jack Lang

Jack Lang

Jack Lang faces a felony count of first degree intentional homicide, use of a dangerous weapon — and could face life in prison.

Oak Creek police were dispatched to the couple’s home on W. Wayland Drive just before 2:00 p.m. Wednesday.

There, police say they discovered June Lang dead in a bedroom. A .22 caliber revolver was discovered on the right side of the bed. On the nightstand were six to eight rounds of ammunition.

June Lang was pronounced dead at the scene.

A criminal complaint says officials spoke with Jack Lang, who told them he and his wife had gone to the Firepit restaurant inside Potawatomi Bingo Casino on Wednesday afternoon to have lunch with some friends.

According to the complaint, Lang says as he drove to Potawatomi, his wife began calling him names — specifically calling him a “baby.” He says when they arrived, he did not feel well and wanted to leave — but he says his wife started “giving him hell” about having to leave the restaurant.

Lang told officials his wife had been nagging him for about three weeks — and said he had just had enough. The complaint says Lang told officials his wife kept saying he was a “jerk off” because he could no longer show her a good time. He says she also criticized him about having to have neighbors come over to do work around the house because he could not do it anymore.

Lang says he and his wife argued about these things on the way home from Potawatomi, according to the complaint — and Lang says when they got home, “he just lost it.”

The complaint says Lang asked his wife to be quiet and to “lay off” because he wasn’t feeling well — but says she just continued to nag him.

The complaint says Lang told officials he loved her, but couldn’t take it anymore.

The complaint says Lang went into the bedroom and retrieved his .22 caliber gun — and loaded it with bullets.

Lang told officials he again asked his wife to shut up — and says even after he had the gun, she kept yelling at him from the other bedroom. That’s when Lang says he went into the bedroom and shot his wife. According to the complaint, Lang told officials his wife was legally blind — but he told her he had a gun and she said she didn’t believe him.

Lang says he had the gun about three inches away from his wife’s face when he shot her, according to the complaint.

Afterwards, Lang says he tried to shoot himself — but just grazed himself once, according to the complaint.

If convicted in this case, Lang could face life in prison.


  • Modern Profit

    The man has suffered enough. I will join any movement to free Jack Lang. This man is bound for Heaven, if not, I will sacrifice mine.

  • Country Joe

    Proverbs 25:24 has is right. “It is better to live in a corner of the roof Than in a house shared with a contentious woman”

    this is why “man caves” were invented. I have mine in my shed. TV. small fridge for beer and a couple of lawn chairs. I could (and have) stayed out there for days.

  • IMO

    There are two side to every story…..wonder what she would say of him and how he was treating her prior? After all, it does take two to stir the pot.

  • lk

    For those of you who think that she deserved what she got…maybe you don’t know the entire story of their life together and the truth about their marriage . Unfortunately we can only hear his side of the story now. He looks as if he could have been just as mean or nagging as she was. It doesn’t seem like either of them enjoyed their marriage or their life. There are always two sides to a story……

  • Chris Lang

    Jack was my grandpa. He was suffering from dementia and various other mental diseases. He had no idea what he was doing. We didnt know he had a gun. He was scheduled to be in a retirement home two weeks ago.

    Grandpa love grandma june with all of his heart. If he had been in thw right state of mind, he would never have laid a finger on her. This wasnt his fault, or hers.

    • Maddie

      Chris I am so sorry for your loss. My great grandmother died from dementia and it was so painful to watch. I truly hope the courts take this into account and he gets the treatment he desperately needs. Please don’t let your family blame themselves either some things are beyond our control, I’ll pray for your family

  • Maggie

    I agree two sides to every story, my soon to be ex is a professional in making himself seem like a generous, religious, gentle, kind man and behind closed doors for 22 years verbally and sometimes physically abused me, now I didn’t shoot and kill him, I filed for divorce. If people side either this man, there will be more killing like this. No excuse and made me sick hearing about this story.

  • Liz

    Chris – I am very sorry for this horrible incident. I would recommend that you do not read the comments people make about it. They do not know the circumstances or the real details. Reading these will only break your heart further. Bless you all.

  • Amanda wingert

    It is unfortunate that it had come to this, losing a life by the hands of your own spouse. It is obvious that physchologically, things became out of hand and yet the law can consider these facts but no matter what way the law looks at it he will be tried and prosecuted appropriately. It will be plea guilty but not of sole mind due to dementia serve a lesser sentence and prosecuted as in-voluntarily manslaughter. No matter what way you look at it this is unjust, disappointing and really a shame to verify and witness. Consequences for actions need to be considered and the law has precedence. Sorry for double of your loss.

  • pkj

    Jack & June are friends of our family and we are shocked and devastated by this. They attended our wedding years ago and were always loving and caring for each other. My condolences to their children who now have to deal with the loss of their mom and continuing trauma of a trial for their dad. I sincerely hope that the courts and prosecution take Jack’s mental state and medical issues into account and give him treatment instead of prison. This is just beyond sad and we are all praying for the family.

  • Hillary Lang

    I’m Jack Lang’s grand daughter, my name is Hillary Lang.

    This article described the situation accurately, but has failed to acknowledge that he’s had minor strokes and dementia the past few months. I’ve taken my grandpa Jack to a neurologist myself and they claimed he was okay, but they’d been putting him on too much medication.

    This is not my grandpa, he loved my grandma June. This situation is absolutely heartbreaking and unexpected. Please have respect for our family and try to understand our horror and loss. Don’t slander him, this is not the same man that helped raise me.

  • Vanessa Jameson

    We are former neighbors who still have family living close by Jack.
    Our condolences go out to the Lang family as they mourn.
    We support the family. Putting Jack in prison would be adding to their troubles.
    True justice would involve investigating the medications, which further turn these stroke victims into people their families don’t recognize.
    We pray Jack gets help, and his family peace.

  • Xoxo3

    The Langs have been our neighbors for almost 3 decades…Mrs. Lang was a god fearing woman who was very kind to my family and all of the other neighbors…her husband was a quiet man, but seemed harmless. I’m deeply saddened by this and I hope that Jack gets help for whatever it is that he has going on. My thoughts and prayers are with their children and grandchildren. Rest in peace June!

  • Hope


    It is obvious you are not a fan of Chris but you are terrible for ever saying such a horrible thing. If his grandfather repents of his sin, he will be in heaven. You are far worse a person if you think getting back at him on social media is going to do anything. Have some respect for this family, because if you think getting back at someone on a social media sight is going to do anything, you are pathetic The article fails to mention that this was not Jack in a normal state and I am praying for Jack and that he is reminded this Easter that Jesus’ died for him and forgives him.

  • gina

    I am also a negibor of the langs and jacknwas always kind to my son when we would wak by often. I never saw the wife. My condolances to the family losing loved ones is hard enough. If there is anything we can do we are just 2 houses away.

  • cherry

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  • Mark

    I’ve been married 34 years…I know where he’s coming from…I just hope he gets a jury of his peers, which should include married men of 30, 40, 50+ years…with such a jury pool, there isn’t a jury in the country that could convict him…either justifiable homocide, temporary insanity,…it will either be a non-guilty verdict, or a hung jury

    • Stan

      You obviously didn’t read the other comments. Do so and rethink your own. This was a tragic event.

  • lara


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  • Zack Makes Edits

    I lived across the street from Jack and June. And I know for a fact that they loved each other very much. Jack was suffering from dementia and had suffered several strokes before, so he was not in his right mind when he did this. This is just Fox News not telling the full story again. So please make sure you know the whole story before you comment your opinion. And Chris Lang, I’m sorry for your loss.

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