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Beaten unconscious by security guard at The Rave: Why weren’t police called?

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

MILWAUKEE (WITI) --  A Palatine, Illinois man claims he was beaten by a security guard at The Rave/Eagles Club in March. He and his father, an Illinois cop, are now seeking answers to what happened that night.

rave 1"He's never had any trouble with the law or anything. He has never had any physical problems. Now we don't know what lies down the road for this," says John Pikrone, Kyle Pikrone's dad.

Kyle was once a professional paintballer, but now he says he can't even drive.

His dad says he's had a hard time finding out what exactly happened to his son.

"It could have been handled a lot differently and it should have been," his dad says.

In March, Kyle went to a Krewella concert at The Rave. When he couldn't find his coat check ticket, he says he was beaten by a security guard and thrown in the street outside of the venue, unconscious.

"Kyle is laying on his back. Shoes were off and the bouncer told me, 'uh, your boy fell,'" says Kyle's friend Jean, who was with him that night but didn't see the alleged altercation. She says she found him outside on the street after she heard a crowd egging on a fight.

The police were never called.

Kyle and his friend Jean went back to their hotel room. It wasn't until the next morning, they say, when they realized how bad Kyle was hurt.

"I'm like, what happened? Because I couldn't recall anything," Kyle says. He admitted to drinking alcohol that evening, but says he wasn't unruly or out of control.

At the hospital, doctors told Kyle he had multiple facial fractures and a sprained MCL. The bone beneath his eye had been crushed.

"My eye was actually drooping down into the eye socket," he said.

A few days later Kyle and his dad drove to Milwaukee to file a police report.

"I actually asked the police if they get a lot of calls at Rave and they say, 'We never go there. They don't call us for anything.' And I found that shocking," John says.cop dad

"If I was getting that out of hand or that disorderly I believe they should have called the police," Kyle says.

Management at The Rave has not returned calls from FOX6.

Milwaukee Police records show officers have been called to The Rave 126 times in the last two years. Most calls were routine -- typical business checks by beat cops, or complaints about cars being broken into outside of the venue.

Police say fights with security have only been reported twice in two years and they always investigate calls from the venue.

In May 2013, a concert-goer claimed he was punched in the face by security.

In November of 2013, security reportedly had problems with people in the parking lot.

In both cases, though, no police report was filed. But officers did come to the scene to investigate.

"I know there's a lot other things that are going on there that they are trying to hide which is why they don't call the police," Kyle says.

If you look online at reviews of the venue, you'll see a lot of people complaining about security guards getting violent, but Original RTM Security, the company that provides event staffing for concerts at The Rave, says that's a common way to try to get free tickets.

ARave picnd it certainly doesn't mean the reviews are truthful.

"I just don't want this to happen to anyone else and I'm sure it's happened to other people, they've just been afraid to come forward," Kyle says.

Original RTM Security admits Kyle was punched in the face that night, but they insist the man who hit him wasn't working. He is, in fact, a security guard/event staffing employee at the venue, but that night he was just there picking up a relative who attended the concert. They say Kyle was out of control and Kyle was the one who threw the first punch.

RTM Security says they provide event staffing for The Rave, but the venue has its own security guards.

Police say they plan to refer the case to the District Attorney's Office, but the alleged victim in the case, Kyle, has not been cooperative. Kyle says he's afraid of retribution.


  • Kristopher Lehnhardt

    I went to the Big Gigantic concert last November at the Eagles Ballroom and saw security pull a guy out from dancing, place him against the wall, and start pounding on the guy. It was brutal.

    • Melissa A. Bertling

      I would like to say that all of these accusations listed are likely all “jumping on the band wagon!” Since 1992 roughly, I have been a regular patron to countless amounts of shows! The staff has changes through the years, and yeah, you will find “tough bouncers” at any venue, but I can vouch for this establishment as not being one that strong-arms without necessity! I personally have had out of control “drunken” behavior here, along with many friends on several occassions, and I have never been assaulted by staff!

      I know I got sick at a show once, and the staff was quick to assist me, in getting me an ambulance. The staff also has assisted me in paying for a cab one time when My vehicle wouldn’t start and I lived in Sussex. The staff has willingly walked me out to my vehicle another time, upon my request, when a suspicious character by the McDonalds was creeping me out!

      In all the times I have been to this venue, I have never seen the staff out of line! Like any place where alcohol is available, security has to deal with scummy drunks, who get out of line! I have encountered plenty of those. Sometimes those hard headed individuals are unreasonable and wont leave on their own! Let’s not trash talk this venue! This place has brought several years of incredible acts, and it is one of our last solid venues of this city. I would hate to see this place shut down or anything, because then all the good shows will definitely skip over us! Everyone needs to stay out of this and quit siding with this guy! Only reason it made the news is because it is family of a police officer! 9x out of 10 this guy didn’t behave himself, and likely wouldn’t leave, because he felt entitled!

      • April J

        It’s a front for significant illegal activity, organized crime. That’s why they don’t want cops there.

  • Kurt Thomas

    Been here twice. Both times saw and smelled drugs everywhere you go, fights and yes, the security guards there are fight happy. They look for a fight or they make one. I will not take my GF here again for anything.

    • Paul

      That is basically every security guard at just about all concerts. I used to work concerts working a Sabrette cart so iv’e seen literally 100’s of shows. Certain shows are a lot worse, DMBand is actually the highest amount of fights. The guards do not get paid much and they just hire mostly big dumb guys who love to fight. Most will be intentionally rude to you if they have to actually do some work and try to egg you on + loads of alcohol + drugs = holding hands in a hippie circle? No it equals fights. And there is pretty much no liability, once there nice and bloodied up they toss ya over fence into the hands of the police. Thankfully the police are usually pretty chill since they are getting paid like double-overtime to do nothing and listen to music.

      • Paul

        At least the police were always cool where i worked in Camden. One of the most violent crime stricken cities, by sq miles THE most, in America or the world for that matter. Unless your firing off a gun or doing something else pretty serious those cops are pretty laid back. And i am no fan of the police.

  • Jesus Atilano

    Yes it is not the first time I heard and saw the security peaople being extremely violent, and they dont call the police is because they think are untouchable and ” What happens in the RAVE stays in the RAVE. They tAke the law into their own hands. It is like a little mafia. Somebody hast to stop this guys before it grows to a fatality.

  • Hooptie Pete

    Little turd ran to daddy cop Because he got a boo-boo for being stupid with the bouncers. I’ve been to a ton of shows there and have never had any negative contacts with the security… But I can handle my booze and I don’t start fights…

  • Tootie

    Well here is the thing about the Rave Eagle’s club, the police aren’t called because they are already there. I’ve lived next door to the club for 15 years now and I know every time there’s a concert the police presence is high but they don’t necessarily care about what is going on. The cops are usually busy with the prostitutes and getting high themselves in the alley that connects with the Rave parking lot, if you don’t believe me just check it out on a random day. I see a lot of corruption and bull that goes on between the club staff and the MPD and how they handle the crowds, they are both overly aggressive towards people. It’s almost like they have an unspoken code of “if you guys don’t say anything, then we won’t say anything.” I’m just saying things over there are crazy.

  • Hate the rave

    I absolutely HATE the Rave! I attended plenty of concerts of all different genres, even country, and they are just as violent there as they are at a rap/hip hop show or even house music shows. I simply asked the asian lady gaurd a question, due to me being concerned about meeting up with friends who were already inside with my ticket, two minutes later, she yanked me by my arm and took me to some random room where no one was. She insisted I was on drugs…. I asked a question and was by myself causing no harm, NOT ON DRUGS might I add! As I tried to calmy talk to her and understand the situation, she continued to raise her voice with anger and threatened me. I, a little 5″2 white girl am not gonna do anything…. I was calm, concerned, and tried to cooperate, only to be verbally harassed! Worst experience of my life! She even had her “plus one” come and “check me out” & he let me go instantly!! She just wanted any excuse to harass me for no good reason! She even made me cry for how violent she was speaking towards me! Worst place I have ever been with security! Ive never had experiences with security like I have had at the Rave! Even bar bouncers I have seen before don’t get violent or out of hand, unless their lives are being threatened. Its just sick!!!

    • tyler

      I can vouche for this one. I’ve had an experience with this little asian lady. It was after Big Gigantic, and the crowd was slowly but surely decending downstairs. There was a LOT of people, so obviously we weren’t moving fast at all. I decided to sit on a bar stool a bit to wait for some room to walk, and she got in my face, and starting harassing me, stating I’ve been a problem all night, and that she’s sick of talking to me. Uh, little did she know I had never had a single experience with this chick EVER. The RAVE hires bullies.

  • Kimberly

    Doesn’t anyone find it amusing that the alleged victim Kyle said “I’m like, what happened? Because I couldn’t recall anything,” He admitted to drinking alcohol that evening, but says he wasn’t unruly or out of control My question is if you don’t remember “anything” from that night how do you know that you were’nt unruly or out of control? The security guards at The Rave don’t just beat someone up for no reason. Think about it people. Sounds to me like Kyle deserved to get a little roughed up.

  • Samwell

    I TOOK ME GILLY there and aLL the cops Security did was Harass us THIS PLACE WAS TERRIBEL and never would I go there agin!!!!~!!!

  • Mike Hoeppner

    I worked there for a year. I know that place is full of no good. They have so much dirt on them.. Keep investigating these guys. I’ve seen tons of things that weren’t right at The Rave. Glad somebody wants to take these guys down!

  • mr. anaoumous

    I personally have been to a lot of shows here. The history of this place goes way back. And sadly the real reason I believe that cops, “don’t get calls to go there” is because they are paying off the city, and they have been for a long time. Its the only real location that, well known artists stop at besides madison. Yea there are a lot of drugs here but there are lots of drugs at every concert you can’t hold them responsible for every single account on that. However I did go here for a metal show some years back. I went out to smoke a cigarette with a huge crowd of people. All of a sudden I heard two security guards behind me. They rushed through the crowd and I could hear them mention on their radios that someone was trying to get in through the side entrance, which they do use for certain shows minutes later the gaurds came around the corner escorting a man away from the building. He might have been drunk and tried to break away from the gaurds ends up falling, and from my angle looked as if the gaurds had pushed or tripped the gentleman and he landed face first on the front of an old Oldsmobile. He just layed there for like 6 minutes and the gaurds just walked away.. No remorse. I’ve also meet the people who run this establishment and have played here with some of my old bands multiple time, being a businessman I find this joint very unprofessional in their manner of bringing music to milwaukee. It’d be nice see this place under new management.

  • Kevin

    I was extremely impressed with their security… my favorite memory is when I was inside the bathroom stall and a security guard was nice enough to make sure I had healthy bowel movements by making creepy eye contact with him for more than a minute. Who knows I could have really needed someone’s help in that situation, unfortunately they didn’t help me wipe.

    But really, I have seen them just randomly grab people and drag them out. I have seen WAY more security to patron fights than any other venue I have ever been to, and I go to about 4 concerts a week. I also know a security guard who steals confiscated drugs and sells them, and from his point of view, “all of the security guards are doing it”


    this story is a joke…I go there all the time for concerts and the security is ok. I sneak stuff in all the time…they cant check everywhere!! I was at the show this happened and i saw nothing like that..I was even down by the coat check waiting to get my coat because it was snowing and cold as hell that night. There were so many people there that were so messed up on drugs it was crazy!! if this guy thought he was abused why didnt he call the cops right away…cuz I would have…he ran to his daddy who looked foolish crying on TV. Grow up and get a pair and fight your own battles.

    • judd

      Perhaps you would like a broken eye socket, broken teeth, severe concussion (that is where the loss of memory is), unable to work or drive, undergo multiple surgeries, along with medical bills in the six figure range? After all, all he wanted to do was go see a show, just like you. He couldn’t call the police, the Rave took his phone, too

      • Joe b

        Where does it say they took his phone? I didn’t read that anywhere in the story????how does this guy know he was even beat up by security.he doesn’t remember anything and the girl didn’t see it

  • Anonymous

    Never had any good experiences with the security at The Rave.

    I went to an MCR concert a few years back and I was leaning on the car who belonged to the person who was driving me, waiting for him to come to his car after the concert. Then one of the security guards came up to me.

    The security guy literally told me to leave for no reason. Again, I was simply waiting for my ride in the parking lot, the venue wasn’t closed, I wasn’t making a disturbance or violating rules of the venue. Just some immature, pretentious, guy who thought he was being “tough” for trying to intimidate people who are smaller than him. It wasn’t until the person who was driving me came and said I was waiting for him until he finally left me alone.

    That was the first and last time I went to that venue after seeing such a pathetic excuse for security, and after hearing about what happened in this article, it just stresses the point even further. The people that are people that are supposed to insure that people have a good, safe time, are instead wasting there time harassing random people.

    Anyone who actually believes this type of harassment that was shown in the article is appropriate is probably on the same, low, pathetic level as the despicable people who work at that place.

  • Ap Irate

    In 2004 I was brutally beaten and hospitalized by 3 RAVE security guards. They broke my jaw, shattered my eye socket, and broke two ribs. Police declined to file my report because I was clearly acting ‘drunken & disorderly’ despite the hospital administering a toxicology report at my request, I was stone sober.

    It took me months to recover, and years to pay back the hospital bills. I still suffer severe anxiety attacks anytime in a crowded venue.

    Avoid the Rave. Its a dive that will take you down with it.

  • chelsea

    I go to the rave for the same show every year. I have been to other showss many times as well from rock to rap to metal to actually mma fights. NEVER have i EVER seen security get out of control. They are there to prtoect people and i have seen people attack them and get attacked back. This guy was most like hurt in the crowd or in a mosh pit prior to him probaly smoking or something inside and getting thrown out for acting out of control. People just dont have jobs to beat peopel not r do they have a job to get beat up at. I stand for the raves security… its okay for the police to beat people sencless all the time? This guy is upset xuz he got hurt and his daddy cudnt help him

  • Anonymous

    I’ve even to The Rave plenty of times for concerts. I have only seen the security guards kick people out when they are belligerent and they don’t even do it aggressively.

  • John

    I go to the rave all the time and i love it!! i have never seen someone get kicked out for no reason, they kick people out if they see someone smoking or act drunk. I have never seen someone get beat up by a security guard or get pushed by a security guard. Security guards simply take people by their arm and kick them out the club just like any club would do. The Rave is awesome

  • Clare

    I have been to the Rave many, many times and have always had a good experience. Sure there is riff raff that comes to some of the shows. That is expected it is a concert venue that caters to a variety of demographics. In my experience I have always felt safe going to the Rave. The security guards are tough and the police who surround the building are there to do their job. I have never had an issue with security and I love attending shows there. I will be going back for many in the future.

  • cheyenne

    Rave has good shows, but security is pathetic. I also agree, I’ve been to a few shows and I also believe they pay the city off. Those sh*t heads get away with everything. You even have ex-employees commenting saying how its not a good place. The venue is nice, the atmosphere is nice, and they book good acts. But the police even outside act oblivious to anything going on inside, and security knows they get away with bs. Kyle hope your family gets justice and hope your story helps others come forward. I just feel like alot of them are on other things beside alcohol at most of those shows, and thats what theyre scared about

  • Dalton Wixom

    I’ve been to The Rave on multiple occasion and have never met a more dedicated staff. There are plenty of venues out there with no respect for the fans attending the shows and The Rave is NOT one of them. After hearing both sides of this story, it’s clear that Fox News does not have their facts straight.

  • Kelley

    I’ve been to the Rave. I’m female and older then the average crowd and assumed it might be too crazy of a crowd for me but it wasn’t. It definitely could have been of it wasn’t for the security people making sure all the little drunk a – holes who can’t hold their liquor didn’t ruin it for us!!!
    I’d like to hear how many SOBER & POLITE people got harassed for “no reason at all”?

  • Ruby

    I’ve gone to the rave over 15 plus years. I’ve been there and have only seen security do jobs. One time I can recall this lady had fallen over the railing and security was the first ones there while people just watched and staired. No one bothered to come help or call for any type of assistance. The rave security called for an ambulance immediately. I’ve gone to all types of shows there. From heavy metal-to jazz. I feel safe when I’m there. I have to go through a thorough security check. The only times I’ve seen things remotely close to this story it’s because of a drunk violent person. Who usually are the aggressors in the matter.

  • Angie

    I have been to the rave on a Saturday night with a country concert and MMA fights were all taking place at the same time in the venue… not a single issue with any of the staff members, in fact they were helpful with explaining where restrooms were, etc. After the events they did not push or shove ppl out into the rain.

  • nicole

    I saw a hippe show a few years back and saw the security people beat up a hippie guy and cut off his dreads…it was scary brutal.

  • Joe b

    I’ve gone to the rave since 1995.from 2003-2010 I worked there in multiple different positions through the years.before I get into all the good things I’ve expirence not as an employee and as an employee I have to explain something to half the ppl here.their is two differ security at the rave (the house security which is in all black and contracted security that is in some form of colored shirt.) knowing that how many people on here that complain about getting beat up can can say they were actually beat up by rave house security?
    Before I came an employee I seen well over 500 shows and in all those shows I was kicked out one time for underage drinking.was not taken out forcefully they asked me to leave I agreed and walked out with no problems.ive seen drunks take swings at security,I’ve seen bottles thrown you name it I saw it,which made it seem like a cool place to work after years of seeing awesome shows and back then very crappy sound.
    Over the course of six years of working for the rave I’ve helped patrons get to their cars late at night,helped stop mosh pits so security could help someone that has been injuried moshing,I’ve helped find cell phones after ballroom shows,helped parents find their children I could list off things for days! Nobody and I mean nobody that works for the actual rave is their to make anyone’s expirence bad.all the employees are concert goers just like the patrons. What a lot of ppl don’t realize is a lot of the house employees are there for every single concert anywhere from 5 to 15 hrs a day busting their backside to help make sure that the ppl enjoy the show.the rave averages around 1500 shows a year.so next time your wasted and start acting like a jerk remember those ppl bust their a&& just as hard if not harder then you probably do.

  • Jess

    I’ve been to the Rave numerous times and being a Milwaukee native that side of town is sure not the greatest, and honestly it’s the patrons who bring most of the problems. You have people who don’t know how to hold their liquor or are just violent people who think they can do whatever it is that they want. The staff was more than helpful to remove indviduals who were harrasing me in the venue and from outside. Get all the facts first people before you call judgement. Haven’t we learned people lie and that even kids of cops shouldn’t think they are above the law either. I’m sure his father would still take his kid’s story even if his kid threw the first punch.

  • Joel (jello)

    I have been going to the rave for years to see concerts and never had no issues its the knuckleheads and groupies that cause all the trouble and if you go to a concert and security takes tour blunt that your not supposed to smoke and kick you out don’t get in your chest and come back start fights with your little groupie friends! You people are crying now but if the rave goes away where are you gonna see your favorite band or rap ground at the cost of two drinks? Where the bradley center where even the artist would have to pay a ton just to perform? Or maybe the snooty riverside where one ticket is the cost of three at the rave im just saying the rave is a fun place to see a concert as long as you respect the simple venue rules i stand by security because i persoanlly know what they are dealing with.

  • shaw

    they don’t call the cops because that place is corrupt..always has been and always will….laundering money,drugs,etc,etc….

  • annie

    Read between the lines folks, this kid was drunk or high and seriously misbehaving otherwise security would have had no reason to even look at him. When his bad behavior got him in trouble he picked a fight with the wrong person. An impaired individual will kick and fight like a Wildman. When he was ejected why didn’t the girlfriend call 911? There are always cops outside the Rave, why not flag one down for help? Or was she too out of it too? Did Illinois boy fall and hit the curb walking back to his hotel? Easy way to fracture a face, cement being so unforgiving. I smell a fool with his grubby hand out looking for an easy payout. Put me on the jury, he won’t get one dime!! I’m much older than the usual patron of the Rave. Yet when I have been there, sober, I saw absolutely no problems with security. They appeared professional and infinitely patient with a large crowd. Give them praise for a job well done a quit listening to trouble making losers who can’t behave in public. No matter who their daddy might be.

    • Anon

      I’ve been thrown out for having a bloody nose, shut your stupid mouth when you clearly have no idea what you’re talking about.

  • Kyle

    Ive been to the rave almost a dozen times I’d say. I decided to crowd surf one night at a metal show, and when I got up to the gate the EVENT STAFF (the guys in pink) helped me down, and as I went to the side, I wasnt sure where to exit, and looking at one of them, kind of confused and pointing, he proceeded to grab me aggressively and walk me over to the end of the barricade and let me out.

    I can understand at times why security needs to be tough, The artists expect security to keep them safe. If they dont do their job, you have situations like when Dimebag Darrell was shot on stage. There is really no room to take chances. Ive seen the Rave kick people out, but never physically batter someone, just toss them out the front door. The guy wasnt even working at the time. He was off the clock. It’s not the raves responsibility. Whoever punched him is now responsible.

  • Larry Grin

    There is strict enforcement of the rules but I don’t believe a security guard really beat up that cry baby FIB. His dad probably asked him why he got why he got home so late. With the age of everyone having digital video cameras on their phones I have yet to see anything like this on you tube.

    • chelsea

      Because his dad is a cop in illinois they think they can do something. like i said he was probaly drunk and in a mosh pit. HE DONT REMEMBER because he was drunk. And if it was as brutal as they say your right some one would have recorded it.

  • Larry Grin

    One time my car got stuck and would start and one of the security guys drove me 30 miles out of his way home cause I couldn’t find a ride.

  • Milwaukee Alt.

    It seems like Kyle was going to a drug fused Kruwella rave concert & was probably very intoxicated himself and was causing trouble. The Rave has helped many people. I have seen with my own eyes The Rave staff helping lost patrons, helping over dehydrated patrons with calling EMT services, protecting Minors from old rowdy adults, The Rave staff is meant to look intimidating to scare away the bad apples that like to ruin shows for the other 1,000’s of people in attendance to enjoy.

  • Spencer Powers

    y’all are bandwagoning crybabies.This is all leaving out the elements the Rave has to combat constantly just to stay operating. Not only are they in one of the worst crime-addled parts of the nation’s most segregated city surrounding them in menace but they have to deal with entitled patrons that are usually on drugs and almost always drunk. The employees are professionals, I could never stand for or atone for all of the belligerence they encounter daily. I’ve seen ten times more people being helped than I’ve seen involved in an altercation and it’s always an individual who brings trouble to themselves. Do you all know how much drugs and how drunk people are when they go there? A ridiculous amount and the security has to keep troublemakers from ruining the event for everyone. This crybaby threw the first punch, was so inebriated he didn’t even feel any pain the day of the incident but he’s not to blame one bit for his actions? That’s the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard. Are you all trying to get the rave shut down? It’s the only place that has good shows come through, pretty soon we’ll all have to drive to Minnesota or Chicago just to watch a band we like because there’s nowhere in Wisconsin for good bands to really go to other than Milwaukee and we’ve only got the Rave. The pabst and turner hall will not be having metal/hip hop/electronic shows anytime soon.

  • Michaela Daley

    I have been to The Rave for several shows, and I have never been disappointed by the security there. They are always at the top of their game and willing to help anyone. Never have a seen a security guard get out of hand while helping a patron. I know some of the guards personally and I know none of them would ever hurt someone purposely.

  • Jason

    I happen to have first hand knowledge regarding the supposed “incident”. There is a lot more to this that Fox 6 left out of their story which 2 days after it aired still has me questioning things. Why is nobody reporting that there will be no charges filed by the Assistant District Attorney? As a lot of the comments have pointed out on here as well as on Facebook, why didn’t the supposed “victim” call the police that night, or even his friend? What did he have to hide that he wanted to wait? Why did he not get medical attention right away? If his injuries were as “serious” as he claims they were he should have gotten medical attention right away, and then the ER would have the responsibility to call the police. I know that Kyle knew he was in the wrong, as well as his female friend, but when they returned home and his father found out Kyle’s side of what happened that is when this fictitious story of him getting beat unconscious and thrown out the door was made up. As I started out my statement, I have first hand knowledge of the alleged “incident”. Kyle struck the accused person in the throat three times before the accused person defended himself with a single blow. This matter was indeed investigated by the police VERY extensively. It was reviewed by the Assistant District Attorney and he refused to file charges against the person accused of this because all accounts, witness statements and police investigation proved this was obvious self defense. He even wondered why this was brought before him because it was obvious self defense. This “incident” has been blown out of proportion and the police and District Attorney handled it, but it was not an outcome that Kyle’s FATHER was hoping for so now he is trying to portray things in a different light. This is now turning into a obvious attempt at trying to use his sons bad behavior as an opportunity to squeeze money out of the Rave and its affiliates.

      • John Pikrone

        Funny that you had to do spin control for your boss, Terry Cullen. Yes, the same Terry Cullen charged with sexual assault among other things. If I recall, he was on TV crying how his life was ruined. Obviously, you want to be brought to court Mr. GM, as I recorded the telephone conversation with your boss where he admitted Nate Edwards WAS working at the venue for RTM at the time of the assault. Keep up the slander and libel, Mr. GM….I appreciate your ignorance and stupidity

      • Tower of power

        This is directed towards john.clearly from your comments you must be the father.i find it funny you didn’t call him a liar for says your son threw three punches before the security guard defended himself….that in my eyes and I’m sure a lot of ppl reading this will show the people that your son instigated his assault and had some reason not to report the incident right away……what do you have to say about that??????

      • Jordan

        ^^ I was just thinking the same thing. Why is John Pikrone, the Father, doing all the talking when the police said the son was not cooperative? and the son and his girlfriend cannot remember anything that happened that night and the DA did not file any charges because of reports of what “witnesses actually saw” that happened did not warrant charges. If this were a real assault, charges would have been filed. Oh but the kid, who is not a kid but about 30, cannot remember anything. I’d say this was over a long time ago.

  • Nic

    It appears as though Fox 6 has left out numerous details to this story and have relied on the shock value of their headline rather than facts.
    If the alleged victim’s injuries were so serious and/or caused by venue security why didn’t he or his friends contact the police themselves, or seek medical attention immediately?
    Add to that the fact that Kyle is apparently no longer cooperating with the investigation, which makes it more obvious the entire situation was not only blown out of proportion but in parts, fabricated.
    If the District Attorney doesn’t believe the situation calls for further action on behalf of the alleged victim, I’m curious as to why Fox 6 is still laying blame on anyone else. If charges were not filed, then there obviously was no story to begin with. Sounds to me like the family was trying to extort money.
    All details from the story point to an embarrassed “victim” taking advantage of the system and media to justify their actions in an unfortunate situation.

    For Fox 6 to also allege, or allow allegations to be made, in regards to the Rave ‘hiding’ things, is absurd. The story and situation weren’t related to any activity of the sort and to perpetuate such claims is unnecessary and, in my opinion, poor reporting.

  • Jordan

    Well, Fox 6 News failed to report that the DA never filed charges in this case. Sounds like Kyle was never “beaten unconscience” like the sensational headlines. Sounds like his “Daddy” the cop wants $$ for his drunken son, who looks like he is 30 and has to have his Daddy do the talking for him. The police even said the kid would no longer cooperate, maybe because he knew the more he lied he could be charged with interfering with an investigation. How can anyone believe the news anymore. Oh wait, watch WTMJ 4 they seem to report facts, not lies.

  • Dave

    With knowledge of what happened in this incident I want to make a
    comment to hopefully shed some light on the truth. First off I can not
    believe that Ms Dwyer did not know that there were no charges filed in
    this “incident”, this seems to be yet another attempt at sensationalism by
    FOX 6. I know that there was a police investigation that occurred for this
    incident. I was interviewed by the detective who investigated the case.
    Following it I also know that the ADA REFUSED to press charges and
    said that this was obvious self defense and the case is closed. Kyle
    could have been charged with assault for punching the accused 3 times
    as well as disorderly conduct for the scene he was causing when he was
    being asked to leave but REFUSED. Kyle was the one who pushed the
    incident and actually assaulted the gentleman. If Kyle would have
    complied with directions this would have never happened. Everyone is
    pointing out all of the negative things here. Let’s point out some of the
    positive things the Rave is doing to ensure everyone is safe and having
    a good time. They have guards out on the corners after concerts to
    ensure that concert goers are safe. As someone pointed out in another
    comment they are the first to come the aide of someone and ensure they
    get the proper first aide if someone is injured or needs medical attention.
    They have taken extensive measures to stop anything illegal or unsafe
    into the building by expanding the door checks at concerts. The Rave
    and its affiliates have one thing in mind when a concert is going on in the
    building and that is the safety of the patrons.
    This is obviously all about money and someone trying to gain an
    advantage with public opinion. Mr. Pikrone has been making extortive
    demands of our company even though we as a company had nothing to
    do with this since the accused was not working for us at the time of the
    alleged incident.
    General Manager Original RTM Event Services

  • Selene

    I have been to the Rave many times and have nothing but highest regard for the security and staff that work for the Rave, They are extremely professional and helpful. They have a tough job of trying to make sure that the customers/patrons/bands are in a safe environment to enjoy the shows at the Rave. Kudos to security for having to do a tough job and not get credit for what they do!

  • Peter Jest

    I was not there that night. I own another venue, Shank Hall, in town that hires RTM when needed. The guard in question was working for me that night and from my understanding went to The Rave to give someone a ride home. The guard in question is one of my favorite and my staff’s favorite security guard. He is mild mannered and customers like him. At the end of many shows people shake his hand and high five him .He is very friendly to customers. My understanding and apperantly the DA and police is that he punched this idiot in self defense after being struck numerous times by the idiot. Part of what really irks me these days is when someone does something wrong and gets corrected by someone and immediatly screams not my fault! I want money! RTM is a company I use and respect. I have used them for over 1,000 times in my 32 years promoting. I have NEVER seen any one of thier people be the agreasser in any situation. I could not do their job they do with dealing with youung drunk idiots that cause problems or verblly assaut them . I have also promoted many shows at the Rave and again have nothing but respect for their management and staff for having to deal with the same issues.
    Rather than admit his son was an idiot -his son is professional paintballer (what does that mean he shoots 3 colours at once?) the blubbering father ( Palatine’s version of Barney Fife) blames someone else besides his son. Ironic that this was on FOX 6 as if this were heard by Judge Judy she would have told him “You were not there” and she would have got the truth out of everybody and like the county and city of MIlwaukee thrown the case out. I like Ted Perry, Katrina Cravey and some other anchors at Fox 6 but this reporter gets the Geraldo Rivera (I found Al Capones vault award) for embarrasing journalism. She and the news directoor should be embarrased for sensatiionalizing a story that is not a story.

    • John Pikrone

      Another idiot heard from. Where is it mentioned ANYWHERE that anyone is seeking money?
      Kyle does not have an attorney, nor is one being considered. All that he wanted was to prevent this from happening to some other patron of the Rave.
      Everyone has an opinion, and you are entitled to yours. I suggest you watch the video again, and tell me where any money or restitution is asked for?

  • Ryan Richards

    As an Illinois-based band who have frequently played the Rave, we have had nothing but positive experiences with the security and employees of The Rave. We have played many venues both large and small and The Rave security has been courteous and professional on all levels toward us and our fans. It is always a pleasure to work with them and I hope this ONE lone incident does not reflect poorly on the hard-working staff. Remember, there are always two sides to every story, and I have witenessed first hand the problems that The Rave staff has to deal with on a daily basis. it is not an easy job and often times the security becomes the target of misplaced aggression from drunken concert-goers, and they handle it with more restraint and finesse than you or I are capable of. So on behalf of myself and all musicians who have been fortunate enough to grace the stage at The Rave, thank you for all the good times and treating us like long-time friends, we look forward to working with you in the future!-Ryan Richards

  • Brady Szuhaj

    These kind of stories just blow my mind. I’ve been to the Rave more times than I can count, and every time I am amazed by the level of professionalism they employ at the venue. Being in a touring band myself, I’ve seen the best of the worst when it comes to venue staff, policies, security, ect. The Rave always sticks out to me as one, if not the best, venue out there in regards to these aspects. What people don’t realize is just how ridiculous the stuff security guards/venue staff have to deal with is. The kid was probably drunk and disorderly, was handled properly by security so as not to bring down the experience of other concerts goers, and got miffed and ran to daddy when he got thrown out with no refund. My favorite part about this is the fact that Fox even reported on it- A+ sensational journalism.

  • Nate

    I am making a statement about the evening in question because I want to set the record straight and show that I was the actual victim in this and not Kyle. I am the Event Staff Personal in question who is being accused of this act. Here is the real account as to what happened that night because I can remember all of the details. I was working for Original RTM Event Services at a different venue that night. When my shift was over at that venue I then went to The Rave to pick up a friend of mine who was there. I was no longer in my uniform because once I am done with work I remove my shirt and place it in my bag. I was in a common area of The Rave, by the coat check area when the concert was letting out. At this time I observed a guy giving one of my friends, who was working a hard time by yelling profanities at her and refusing to listen to her instructions. I simply went over there at this time to help out a friend (female one at that) who was having a hard time. When I went over there I assumed the person was probably under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs because he was slurring his words and was having a hard time standing up. I explained to him that he needed to stop giving the lady a hard time and just go to the back of the line to get his coat. At this time Kyle became very belligerent and was started to yell profanities at me. His female friend was with him at this time and she was getting upset with him by the way he was acting. The female went up to the box office because she lost her passport and Kyle was still there yelling at us. Kyle then came up to me and said “hit me, hit me”. I told Kyle that I was not going to hit him. The lady then returned and told him he was drunk and stop making a scene and she just wanted to leave. Kyle continued with his out of control behavior and then began to call me racial names and poke me in my chest with his finger again asking me to hit him. His female friend pushed him away and told him to stop. At this time the female event staff and myself walked him towards the door by extending my arms out and asking him to leave the building. When we entered the room leading to the exit Kyle became very aggressive and attempted to punch me. He missed and slipped on the floor that was wet from the snow. Kyle then grabbed my left ankle and began to twist it and was punching me in my left thigh area. We were able to gain control of Kyle’s arms to stop him from assaulting me and got him to his feet. When we reached the exit door we instructed Kyle to leave the building. Once we released Kyle to let him walk out the door he turned around and punched me in the throat area 4 times. At this point I felt I needed to defend myself and put my arm up in a defensive manner and struck him on the right side of the face which caused him to fall to the ground. At this point I notified a lead person what happened and left the area.
    This is the TRUTH as to what happened. I have worked for this company for 5 years and Kyle was one of the most out of control individuals I have encountered. There was a police investigation into this matter and I was interviewed by the Milwaukee Police Department and appeared in front of the Asst. DA, at which time he said that this is clearly self defense and I am not going to issue any charges in this matter. I take great pride in doing my job professionally and I appreciate the positive comments from Peter.

    Original RTM Event Services

    • John Pikrone

      Finally, Mr Edwards speaks! If Kyle punched you as you all edge, why didn’t you file a battery complaint? Why wasn’t the incident reported to the Rave management? Troy, manager of Rave says the incident was not reported per their policy. Also, aren’t you a VERY Large man? You thought you needed to teach Kyle a lesson? Kyle is 5-7″, and 150 lbs! How tall are you and how much do you weigh? Don’t you have a criminal background? Are you a woman beater? Answer these questions, instead of having someone “coach” you on what to say!

      • Joe b

        Seriously you and your son should give up on this.your son acted like an idiot and punch a security guard Kyle got what was coming to him.you being a police officer what would you do if you got punched? Security is no different then a police officer they are in the venue to keep people safe.obvisely your son has no case if the da is not pursuing charges.please give up your not entitled to a free payday by suing either of these companies.your son was in the wrong,admit it both of you will be better off accepting what happened.and quit trying to ruin the one good venue Milwaukee has to offer

      • annie

        Seriously, John, get a grip. Making wild accusations about the man your son assaulted is pretty cheap. I know it’s difficult to admit when our sons are not the perfect children we want them to be, but don’t bury your head in the sand! Your boy is CLEARLY not blameless here. He was seriously impaired, and attacked the wrong guy. Ask yourself, how many times has he pulled this cheap and gotten away with it? Instead of blaming everyone else, maybe it’s time to talk to your son about the decisions he makes and personal responsibility.

  • Jordan

    I read the comments that Nate wrote below and this kid evidently hates on black people too. Racial slurs? Really?? Why the hell would his dad JOHN PIKRONE defend this kid? He’s a drunk, druggie, and hates black people. Oh wait, maybe the kids Dad, the cop, hates black people too. Kids learn from their parents. I think they should all just stay in Illinois where they belong. Funny, KYLE PIKRONE is sure not defending himself now that he is sober and what about Jean the girlfriend? She isn’t talking either. Only the Dad of his 30 year old son. Keep your racial slurs and hate for black people in Illinois.

  • John Pikrone

    I think we should speak to each other in person, Mr. Edwards. Your boss has my number. Call me, we can meet at your convenience. Perhaps we could meet at Fox6?

  • Tom Bean

    Ok, so after reading all of this, here is what I gather.

    Kyle refuses to speak and can’t remember anything. (ya right).

    The extortionist corrupt cop father has more of a story to tell than the people that were actually there. Also extortionist corrupt cop father comes on here to sling mud on whomever he can and attempts to bully the person who was vindicated in this whole mess.

    The “investigative” reporter somehow forgets to tell people that the ADA never filed charges against the accused.

    Do I have this right so far?

  • John Pikrone

    Corrupt cop? Extortionist? I think everyone is missing the point of the story. Why weren’t the police called? If Kyle was “out of control”, if he instigated the altercation, again Why weren’t the police called? This isn’t about money, if that was the case an attorney would’ve be contacted and that would be the end of all this. Why didn’t the Milwaukee Police officer that took the report properly list the name of the offender, Nate Edwards? They listed the offender as ” unknown”, even though the police officer called and spoke to Mr. Edwards? I get verbally abused daily in my job. What if I reacted to verbal insults by knocking people unconscious? Everyone would cry police brutality. You make slandering comments about me, yet you don’t know me. Yeah, you got it all figured out. Us cops don’t have family or loved ones, we don’t feel pain when our children are senselessly beaten. We are merely instruments to do a job you could obviously never perform, Mr Bean.

    John Pikrone

    • Kali

      If it’s no about money what is it really about? Cause this not happening to someone again is unrealistic.from the accounts of ppl that were there you son acted like an a–hole and not the little angel you tried to make him out to be.even someone that claims to have known your son even said his not a little angel.in none of your responses on here have you defended that your son never threw any punches….so what the security guard was suppose to be hit repeatedly and not defend himself? Sounds a little rediculous if ya ask me.people that act like idiots in concert venues deserve to be ejected from them so other people can enjoy themselves.as many times as I’ve been to the rave I notice the sign on the way stating all the things you can not have on you when enter the show also things that will get you ejected.but your son was probably to messed up to notice it.clearly you calling a lawyer is not an option if the state is not pressing charges on your sons behalf even though he won’t cooperate.so that why your on here trying to bash people and bash a very good venue.

  • Kristin C.

    I personally know most of the security guards there and none of them will go off and beat on people for no reason. That venue has had thousands of people go in and out of there and do you think security actually has the time to go and beat someone or even eject someone for no reason at all? Give the dude a lie detector and ask him what really happened. This is just some bs that he is telling his daddy or they are both trying to get money out of the situation. And you want to mention the police and why aren’t they called? It’s downtown Milwaukee. Go down there and call the police and see how long it takes them to show up if they even show up. You should know that Fox 6. You have done stories about that. Like I said.. Give him a lie detector test and see what happens. The only people who has had problems with security are the people who are fighting and causing problems. If he was being so mellow and cool, they would of never noticed him. THEY DON”T HAVE THE TIME! Wake up and quit being suckered in by people like this guy and his dad trying to make easy money. Makes me question how much you really investigate your stories before you air them.

  • Antonio

    I am one of the witnesses that was there that night. I WAS interviewed by the police and Fox 6 does have my statement. I work for Original RTM and have for 8 years. On the night in question I was in the area where the “incident” occurred. I was attempting to keep the coat check line in order when I observed a patron who we now know as Kyle being argumentative with a female member of our staff. I saw Nate go over there in his regular street clothes to help her because Kyle was yelling and causing giving her a problem. The female and Nate both tried to explain to Kyle that he needed to go to the end of the line to get his coat and he could not just skip everyone else. While explaining this to Kyle, Kyle was yelling profanities at Nate and the other staff member and saying to Nate, “go ahead and hit me, I want you to hit me”. After trying to have Kyle follow simple instructions Nate and the other staff member told Kyle that he needed to leave the building because of how he was acting and walked him towards that door. When they reached the room that leads to the exit Kyle was poking Nate in the chest and becoming very aggressive. Kyle was swinging his arms and slipped on the wet floor at which time he grabbed one of Nate’s legs. He was twisting his ankle and punching him in his upper leg. Kyle was walked to the door by Nate and the female patron. When they arrived at the door Kyle punched Nate is his throat area 3 times. Nate at this time defended himself and delivered a single blow connecting to Kyle which resulted in Kyle falling to the ground. At this time I intervened and checked on Kyle and Nate. Nate said he had some minor pain to his throat but he was OK. I had a bottle of water that I gave to a female who was with Kyle and she poured it on his head, slapped him in the face and we got him to his feet. I asked Kyle at this time, “are you OK”, to which he responded “Im ok”. The female who he was with said that she was sorry he acted like this and she would get him home. They asked about their coats and said they lost their ticket. I informed him the policy is if you lost your coat check ticket they would have to wait until all ticket holders claimed their coats then they could point out what coat is theirs. I showed him where he would have to wait and asked him once again if he was ok and he replied “ya I’m fine”. Approximately 5 mins later I observed Kyle and the female he was with exit out the door.
    When I watched this report I was surprised by one major thing that only people involved would know. The female that was on the report Jean was NOT the female that we had contact with during the “incident”. That is probably why she knows nothing of what happened. The report of Kyle being thrown out the door unconscious is a flat out lie. Like I said earlier I watched him walk out the door and spoke with him before that and he told me twice he was ok. I hope that these are more pieces to this puzzle that people can look at and see a few things. First that Kyle is flat out lying. He even said that he can not remember what happened, those were his exact words. The female that he was with was not Jean that we say on TV, so of course she knows nothing about what happened. Secondly this will point out how bad Fox 6 did their “investigation” by not knowing the Milwaukee PD did investigate and CLOSE this case.

    Antonio Peoples
    Original RTM Event Services

  • Jordan

    Are you kidding me? What the hell is wrong with this PIKRONE family? Obviously they “staged” a fake Jean girlfriend for the Fox 6 interview. As the TRUTH comes out that was DOCUMENTED TO THE POLICE, hence, no charges filed, this was a horrible story of lies. The people that were actually there know what happened. The police obviously believed them. I seriously cannot believe the PIKRONE’S staged a fake girlfriend to make their story sound legit. The Rave should go through the ticket orders and see if there is a Jean from Illinois that bought the tickets and call her and get her side of the story! As for John Pikrone saying he just wants to know why the police weren’t called, it sounds like Kyle left fine and who knows what happened to him after he left the venue, maybe made racial slurs to the wrong person on the street and they taught him not to talk smack to black people. The REAL Jean sounds like she tried to help the situation at The Rave. The fake Jean on the Fox 6 news story “remembers nothing” because she was not there. It is most likely John Pikrones daughter pretending to be Jean.
    So glad the truth came out, since Kyle can’t remember anything, the real Jean is not talking, now Kyle knows and John can shut up. What a terrible “Fox News Investigation”.

  • Debi

    I’ve been to the Rave/Eagle’s a billion times. I’ve never had any issues w/staff or security nor have any of my friends.

  • Ronald

    Mr Cullen has no criminal record anywhere in the United States. This is information that is mis-understood. He is not a reptile hoarder, but is considered a reptile expert by many. This case was the product of 2 animal rights anarchists. In the article that you posted the link too it even says that there was a lack of evidence and the state was worried about the defense bringing up questions about the females past. This is not about him, this is about the lies and stories made up by the boy and his father.

  • April J

    All I know is it is telling that there are glowing reviews for the hellhole knowm as the rave within minutes of each other. Tells you someone put others up to it. Also, if MPD won’t investigate the organized crime in this place, maybe it is time for the Feds to.

  • April J

    In other words, RICO applies and would make the Feds happy to prosecute. They are desperate to convince us this place is a respectable establishment, yet those of us in the know, know the truth.

    • Kali

      Do you have any proof of this organized crime that’s their? My opinion if your gonna throw mud have some facts because your comments are dumb and don’t make sense.first off the report mentioned nothing about organized crime.two the report states that the mpd make regular check up there so I’m guessing they aren’t seeing anything suspicious.third what little bit of left of “the mob” you really think the rave wouldn’t be on their radar then?the place has a show almost everyday and at 10 bucks a drink I’m sure they are taking in millions.please stop watching law and order or the sopranos or whatever show have you the idea to make such dumb comments

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  • Palatine Guy

    Hey John, did you know Kyle got hauled away in cuffs for as the detective stated to me “purchasing 7 lbs of pot from an under cover”. I got to watch the whole thing from my balcony.

  • Samantha

    Hey Palatine Guy,
    If your watching from your balcony how did a detective talk to you. I think everyone here is talking s..t. No picture, video or documents for all these “stories”. Only one thing stands to truth-that Nate hit Kyle. No one has posted any evidence that supports what they say.
    Palatine Guy where are your pics and video since you had a perfect view. Your statement are questionable !

    • Palatine Guy

      Not to worried about what you think. Why would I take video and pictures, so could savor the memory? If you live your life taking pictures and video of other people, I feel sorry for you.

  • click here

    When I originally commented I clicked the “Notify me when new comments are added” checkbox and now
    each time a comment is added I get three emails with the
    same comment. Is there any way you can remove me from that service?

    • Palatine Guy

      Not sure where there was a conviction stated, I just pointed out he was arrested. You seem to not think very well prior to throwing out insults. For someone who has repeatedly commented on your intellectual superiority, I do recall you making the same mistake when you threw out the statement about Terry Cullen. Do everyone a favor and think before you speak/type, as you have thus far not done yourself any favors.

  • Security Guard

    Events such as these should be prevented at any cost. This clearly shows the misuse of authority and such personnel should be given proper sentence to ensure that justice prevails.

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