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Study: So-called “gluten sensitivity” is probably BOGUS — with one exception

gluten free

MILWAUKEE (WITI) — If you don’t have celiac disease, you’re probably not gluten intolerant!

This, according to an academic study that has overturned the results of a previous one in 2011 — which had served as evidence that non-celiac gluten sensitivity is a real condition — according to Real Clear Science.

The original study was conducted by Peter Gibson — a gastroenterology professor at Monash University in Australia.

The results of the study helped to kick off the “gluten-free craze” — but Gibson wasn’t satisfied with the results.

So, Gibson, and a group of researchers gave 37 people with a declared “gluten sensitivity” and irritable bowel syndrome four different diets.

The results? Celiac disease is a real condition that hampers a person’s ability to digest gluten, but the so-called non-celiac sensitivity doesn’t appear to exist — at least biologically.

Self-labeled “sensitive” subjects reported worsening gastrointestinal symptoms no matter what diet they were fed — whether it was gluten free or not.

CLICK HERE for more on this story via FOX6’s sister station, KDVR in Denver.

CLICK HERE to read the report from

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