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Threat on Facebook, allegedly written by a teacher, talks of “killing spree”

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

WILLIAMS BAY (WITI) -- A menacing comment on social media may have cost a Williams Bay elementary school teacher her job. The Facebook message was posted last week. Now, we've learned the teacher is out of the classroom through this week, when school is done for the year.

Students at Williams Bay Elementary School will end their school year on Friday. But for one of their teachers, the end of the school year has already come.

Superintendent Wayne Anderson confirms to FOX6 News an investigation is underway surrounding a Facebook comment allegedly made by a fifth-grade teacher.

The post read: "I'd like to go on a short, but effective killing spree. My children are insane."

There is an asterisk -- saying school and home.

"Once you put it out there, you can never put it back," Ellen O'Malley said.

O'Malley was a one-time substitute teacher for a different district and says this kind of comment -- especially because it allegedly came from a teacher, is unnerving.

"To actually be so immature to put it online -- like that is a grave mistake," O'Malley said.

Dan and Margie Sychowski say they can sympathize with a school teacher feeling frustrated, but say the comment -- even if it was made in jest, cannot be condoned.

"You don't know for sure, especially nowadays -- looking at the news all across the country, across the world about what's going on, you've got to take everything as serious," Dan Sychowski said.

Superintendent Anderson would not say whether the teacher in this case has resigned.

The district's teachers union president says the teacher in question was sent home for the rest of the week.

The teachers union president says the teacher in question has been with the school for 11 years.


  • Jagdpanther

    Don’t worry, teacher. Your union won’t allow you to lose your job over something as petty as threatening to kill your students. Just like the teacher who watched porn on the job in Madison – you may even get back pay!

    • julie

      There is not a union for teachers here anymore. She will not be protected as the other comments have said..she shouldn’t have written that though.

    • Jack Sumner

      This teacher needs to get fired IMMEDIATELY. If a kid said the same thing about teachers that student would be suspended. It does not matter if the teacher was a good or bad teacher. The comment is intolerable. If a parent said the same thing about the teacher, no doublt the parent would be arrested. SO FIRE THE TEACHER & be done with it.

  • Donna

    Obviously she needs help. Where do people come up with things like that? She does need to lose her job, permanently!

    • Shay

      Do you know her? Unless you do, you have no way to judge. If i were in the same room as you, I would tell you to look me in the eyes and tell me that you have never made an empty threat. I know her in real life, and I had her as a teacher at one point. I’d like to tell you that she is the best teacher I or my family have ever had.

    • Don A.

      She’s an ahole. The same district that kept this under wraps for a week is asking for 20 million dollars, and the dip wads like you will line up to give it to them. If this woman is being paid now and all summer (like the rest of the teachers sitting in their butts) the whole district should be shut down. The NEA is the largest terrorist group in America.

      • julie

        School districts divide up a teacher’s salary and hold it during the school year. They then send the money that teachers have already worked for during the school year to them in the summer. They do not get paid for not working….they get the money they already earned. People who do not teach or live with teachers have no idea how they get paid. This teacher in the story would only get the money she worked for during the school year. By the way most teachers have summer jobs because their pay is so low. Teachers who do not work in big cities/ districts do not make as much as teachers in the large cities.

      • Don A.

        Julie, you’re a complete liar. This teacher makes almost 70k in a small town. Almost nobody right now in the private sector makes that for 8 months.

      • Samantha

        70k? The link you provided in your post you deleted said 43k. Secondly different districts do it differently. Where I was at we got an hourly wage from 7-3 didn’t matter what time you got there or what time you left for everyday in attendance. We had to trade a percentage of that pay to put away for the summer (optional). So no we don’t get paid for the summer. I took home about $950 every two weeks…… Oh yeah, I was swimming in the dough with a cushy job. You should try it since it’s sooo easy!!!

      • JT Sulzer

        This incident is all one big misunderstanding. I had this teacher for my fifth grade teacher and she wouldn’t kill anyone!! I was just a joke obviously she was stressed out. I hate how the media twist everything around. I would like to see all of u put your self in a class room and see how that goes I bet most of you couldn’t do it. It takes slot of patients to be a teacher. Teachers are truly unrelated. Kids can be such brats and give teachers so much attitudE. (I know because I was one of those kids) so in closing I would like for all of you to stop jugoing to conclusions and let the district handle it It’s a good district with a lot of great teachers

  • Jdog

    I had her as a teacher and she is a great teacher. Theese kids are the worst bunch I’ve seen. they do no work and do not listen. They are out of line and their parents need to parent properly. The comment is not acceptable.

  • Marie

    Do you folks leaving these comments know the teacher in question? If not, you should probably keep your self righteous, holier than thou comments to yourself. You sound like idiots. She meant no harm, and those who know her KNOW that. I saw the comment first-hand and I still hope my daughter ends up in her classroom next year.

  • Dawn Benning

    There is a “no tolerance” rule for kids……the same applies to teachers! Say goodbye to your job!

  • t

    Don, where are you getting those numbers? Are you arbitrarily making those up? If you add both the salary and the fringe benefits. It is actually 10K less than the lowest number that you are throwing around on the comments. Please check your facts, and for gods sake, learn to add two numbers together.

    • Don A.

      60k for 8 months and that’s reasonable, sure! Great question how much time she spends there, why don’t we know that? Why don’t they clock in and out. 8-2:30 8 months a year. If she hates her job so much why not go find another in the private sector? Ha. Ha ha, we all died laughing at that. Wouldn’t last a month, would actually have to put in full days in something other than pajamas.

  • Ex- Williams bay student

    You “adults” need to grow up its facebook. Sounds like a worn out teacher venting because they’ve been dealing with your brat all semester. Go whine about someone else stealing your money

  • Anonymous

    It’s unfortunate that she didn’t think before she spoke or realize how seriously such social media comments are taken these days. However, knowing this teacher personally and once being in her class myself, I know that she meant no harm and that she has never been a threat. In fact, this teacher was one of my favorites. It’s sad to see that the media has put the district in such a public position on the issue. It will be difficult to make an unbiased decision when they have to consider the way it will be broadcasted. What’s more, the Williams Bay School District is one of the friendliest, most high achieving in southeastern Wisconsin, and now the only it will be recognized by is this incident. That, in my opinion, is very unfair.

  • Don A.

    If her deal is so bad, why do they fight school vouchers so hard? I invite all of you to look up what your town teachers are making, spread it to others so they are aware the next time they get to listen to complaints from them over their grueling hours. Look how they say ” well if you add fringe benefits”. Why wouldn’t we? The Obama mentality, where everything is free… In the private sector we pay 1k a month for insurance and our own retirement.

    • Anonymous

      Correction on your numbers, Don A. Teachers arrive at 7:30 AM and leave no earlier than 3:30 PM. Many teachers often come earlier and stay later, making their time longer than the average 9-5 workday. They work 9 months a year and often teach summer school or find another job in the off months. I have spoken to teachers in the district, and as you encouraged, I will spread this number around. I would say the average salary is no more than 44k a year.

  • Jaime

    Don A. have you been to many teacher’s homes? We are not rolling in the dough. You would not be able to write your ridiculous comments without a teacher. I think you need to be thanking a teacher instead of attacking them. What is your job and what do you make?

  • Chibi

    According to the Constitution they have the right to say/type whatever they want…this is America.

  • Joe Magnassun

    @ Don A. This teacher HAS to go no doubt. Threats of killing sprees at a public school by a teacher is not acceptable, even in jest. You talk of this district as if they been sitting on this issue for a long time. The teacher in question posted her remark on Friday…check you days again. I’m also not sure where you get your $20 million number. Did you make that up??? Regardless, this is one of the better school districts in Wisconsin. They deserve our support. The teacher was suspended the same day it occurred and there is an investigation ongoing. What else do you want??

    • Maria

      Don-If you think all teachers make 70K a year why didn’t you become a teacher? People often knock teachers for their salary and months of work because they are jealous, but why be jealous? – go to college become a teacher and see what it is really all about. Most of us teach because we love children and want to make a positive impact on a child’s life. We are not in this profession to become rich. I have been a teacher for 20 yrs in the same area that this teacher in the article is from. I make half that amount. That is a far cry from your 70K . You need to stop claiming you know salaries when every public school district pays teachers different amounts in WI. By the way we pay into retirement too. But you have not been informed correctly.
      Back to the main issue. The teacher in the story was most likely stressed and should have called a friend and vented instead of posting on FB. Everyone has had a bad day at work and says things they do not mean including teachers but FB is not the place to share it.

  • Sally Holmes

    I empathize with the public’s concern in such a post and, I empathize with teacher’s and their frustration with the disrespectful children in today’s society. The cause and effect, a vicious circle, in my opinion, is the overall lack of a disciplined environment, in the homes and in the schools where children are raised.

  • JJ

    I can see both sides of the situation. I can see how it’s not okay and there should be consequences however, look at all the other things that have occurred around the world or have been said and people get a slap on the wrist for things way worse than this. Yes it was not okay. Yes it should have never been said. Yes it was totally wrong and uncalled for. I’m not saying what happened was okay because by all means it’s not. Being I know the teacher makes it easier for me to show support for her. I know who she really is and this comment is not her. We have all had bad days and said and done things we shouldn’t have(don’t deny it-no one is perfect)-they just might not have been public. We are all at fault for stupid things so name calling and putting someone down is childish. You are all grown-ups. Act like it. You don’t like the situation and feel threatened by it-fine I understand but name calling and being childishly rude is immature. Oh and it shouldn’t matter what someone makes….. Now a days it doesn’t matter because there’s never enough money for anything.

  • Don L.

    When are people going to realize that the internet is not private? You put yourself out there and don’t expect any repercussions from your actions. People are free to do and say what they wish. People also have the right to decide if they are willing to accept their actions or reject them. When you are known in a small community you are more exposed and put under a microscope much more so than in larger communities. She should have known better and she will have to face the music for her actions.

  • ??????

    She is my teacher and she is amazing. Everything right now is so hectic and she just wrote that. She didn’t mean it, and I know that for a fact

  • Another Ex-Williams Bay Student

    This was my last teacher before I moved away. She was such a nice teacher and worked above and beyond. We all make mistakes, who are we to judge her. Haven’t we all said something that we wish we didn’t out of frustration and anger?

  • a williams bay parent

    Don A. The Bay is one of the best school districts out there. It is unfortunate that one person, who made a stupid comment, will not be what you think of the school. The kids from this school SUCCEED and are taught. But it is tough when parents don’t have respect or any knowledge of what teachers actually do and think if little johnny doesn’t do his homework or pass a test it is somehow the teachers fault. I am not sure what you are talking about with your 20 million comment. The school never asked for anything. The average salary is $43,000 and some change. Hardly what you are talking about. Ever work with 5th graders. I only volunteered at the school when my child was there. Lordy they can be a handful. Oh yeah, but I am sure you have all your credentials and know everything about it. Right? Lay off the Bay’s schools and the teachers there. Yeah, this was one dumb thing to say but the school cares and does a great job.

  • Heather

    This is ridiculous. I’ve known this woman for 20 years. This teacher would NEVER harm ANY child. I think it’s fairly obvious she’s venting. Stop making such a big deal out of it! How is this any different from the “I’m gonna kill a motherf&%$^r, yo!” that I see on social media repeatedly? Get a life and don’t believe EVERYthing is as terrible as the media portrays it.

  • m

    sure she made a dumb comment, but you cant take everything for what its worth. A lot of people on the internet say things that are worse than this. Even though this comment was in bad taste and timing, she should not loose her job because of it. People make MISTAKES, their lives don’t need to be ruined because of it. This comment was not directed at Williams Bay students, this was a SARCASTIC comment posted about her own children. How many times have you muffled under your breath, I want to kill those kids?? She is one of the best teachers in our district and I support her 100% as most of the community does!

  • dr

    This woman should not be allowed any longer to be in any school weather she is a great teacher or not. Everyone has a breaking point and I don’t want my granddaughter to loose her life over what was to thought to be someone just blowing off steam online.

  • WB Parent

    Can someone please tell me where this big heartfelt apology is? All you hear is what a great person she is and can’t someone make a mistake, and the answer is yes deal with the consequences and stop pandering for your job. And for the few who made comments trying to blame the kids as being brats, there is a special place in hell for you! They are children whose teacher wanted to go on a effective killing spree, maybe some of us are wondering which kids she would have targeted. She has no shame!

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