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Walker vs. Burke and the gubernatorial race: Candidates release dueling campaign ads

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MADISON (WITI) -- It's a campaign ad duel. Both Scott Walker and Mary Burke are running new campaign ads -- with dueling messages. So what will voters care more about in November? The John Doe investigation, or jobs?

As Mary Burke campaigns across the state with the general election still more than 16 weeks away, the Democratic candidate for governor hopes voters will remember one week in particular.

Burke's new campaign ad points out that on the same day the John Doe investigation documents were unsealed, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics yearly jobs report showed Wisconsin ranked 37th in the country for job creation.

"It's definitely been a bad couple of weeks for Scott Walker,  but it's been a bad couple of weeks for the people of Wisconsin," Democratic Party Chairman Mike Tate said.

Tate says Scott Walker has taken his eye off of the number one issue: jobs.

"He's distracted -- whether it's running for president, trying to keep the Koch brothers happy, or being wrapped up in a criminal scheme. We need a governor who's focused on putting people back to work," Tate said.

Gov. Scott Walker says the Democrats who focus on the John Doe investigation are simply creating a sideshow.

"Remember, Tom Barrett tried to do the same thing two years ago, and I think people realize that the more independent voters look at the facts, they realize that any of the hype or hysteria is already old news," Gov. Walker said.

The Walker campaign is fighting back with an ad of its own -- linking Mary Burke to the economic downturn and the Doyle administration.

Gov. Walker says independent voters want to know who would handle the economy better, and says a Democratic ad about the John Doe investigation won't add to the discussion.

"I get why they want to talk about it.  If I was them, and I didn't have much of a stellar record on the economy of finances, I'd want to talk about anything else," Gov. Walker said.

Burke is a heavy favorite to get the Democratic nomination for governor, but she does face a challenge in the August 12th primary.

Her competition is state Rep. Brett Hulsey -- who said Thursday, June 26th in a statement:

"Despite TV attack ads, both of my opponents are bad at creating jobs."

WATCH: Mary Burke's campaign ad:

WATCH: Scott Walker's campaign ad:

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  • grunt

    So Mary Burke’s and Mike Tate’s campaign focus is a political witch hunt that would have resulted in charges if there was anything to the delusional allegations. Little Boy Tate throws in the evil Koch brothers because that’s what he does.
    Maybe they should tell me why I should vote for the One Percenter instead of someone from the middle class who saved Wisconsin from a fiscal mess.

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