Was it fate? Newlyweds shocked by photo they found before wedding

(WITI) — A couple in Britain were shocked by an old family photo they found — showing they had crossed paths as children. According to The Telegraph, Aimee Maiden and her husband, Nick Wheeler, had no idea they crossed paths on a beach until they found a picture from 1994. https://www.facebook.com/TELEGRAPH.CO.UK/posts/10152584678934749 Aimee said she and her family frequently visited the beach. However, Nick lived hundreds of miles away and just happened to be there on vacation. The two met in college — 11 years later. Click here to read more.

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  • David

    Definitely this blog is very informative and neatly designed. Really you’ve motivated me strongly in my new project by this article. As a constant reader of your blog I want to tell you that your writing skills are superb.

  • two pack

    nice story. The better half and me swam in the same two beaches separately long before I moved four houses from her and we met. We likely waited for each other to climb the slide numerous times. While I don’t have pictures, we have the memories just the same


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