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Love him or hate him? Fans have thoughts on Favre Hall of Fame induction

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MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- It's official! Former Green Bay Packers quarterback Brett Favre will be inducted into the team's Hall of Fame and have his jersey retired.

The organization officially made the announcement Monday, August 4th. Both honors are set to take place Saturday, July 18th, 2015.

A long history with the Packers has made Favre one of the most beloved, and arguably one of the most hated, players of all time.  With one the most loyal fan bases in sports, Packer Backers are sure to have opinions on the announcement.

"It's pretty much breaking news," said Michael Duda, owner of "You can get into these discussions about whether he went out the right way, did the team do what it should've done? Did Brett do what he should've done? All that kind of thing. But the bottom line is people still love Brett Favre."

Although there seems to be an underlying love for the Super Bowl champ and league MVP, many are still frustrated by Favre's decision to seek victories with the New York Jets and division rival Minnesota Vikings.

"Hated it when he went to Minnesota," said Ed LaHay.

"They'll boo him, you know, they'll talk bad about him saying that he was a gunslinger, he never had any brains," said Brett Henning.

With some still holding a grudge for Favre's actions, Henning says that should not be the focus come next July.

"Record touchdowns, three MVP's, went to the Super Bowl twice, won one," points out Henning.

"The man did a lot for the state of Wisconsin, the city of Green Bay, and I think more people love the guy than are upset with him," said LaHay.

"I think they should go ahead and welcome him open arms because it was just a business sense, what they did. It's a business," said Michael Blake.

Others have a more interesting way of looking at things.

"It's just like if you divorce your wife and then you fall back in love again. Welcome him back. He's a Packer," said Jerry Gregg.

So how do you feel about Brett Favre's jersey retirement and induction into the Packers Hall of Fame? Make your voice heard in our poll.

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  • Ubiquitous King

    Most overrated quarterback in the history of the NFL, he played 20 seasons, he should hold some records seeing that the real greats before him made their marks on the league averaging between 13 & 14 seasons, this all time interception thrower took 17 seasons to start even getting mentioned with the Marino’s and Elways. Hurry up and stop talking about this drug addict, fake injury, it took 3 seasons to learn to throw the ball bout of bounds when outside of the pocket idiot out the news. Shameful that so much emphasis is put on this loser, the credit should go to the outstanding receivers this goof ball had who risked their careers catching the non accurate passes of this idiot Favre. Favre is the George bush Jr of football, never knew what he was doing. Aaron Rogers is a much better quarterback. Retire the number when a real player performs in it.

  • Reagan 84

    Does Favre deserve to be in the Packer HOF? Yes. Does he deserve to have his # retired? NO! That should be reserved only for outstanding players who started their career and ended their career with the same team,not playing for any other team.

  • Chris

    Green Bay had only three winning seasons between the NFL merger in 1970 and 1991, the year before Favre first played for the team. As much as I disliked his annual “I’m going to think about it” ritual, he helped bring winning football back to Green Bay and should be recognized for it.

  • TS Nicolet

    Yeah Chris…I am sick of the constant complainers of Brett playing for another team. If Ford told you they really didn’t want you to work for them anymore and Chevy offered you a job would you take it or sit home and not work? GB wanted to start a new quarterback. It was a business decision. Brett wanted to continue to play. It was a work decision…he did great things for the Packers and in the State of WI and continues to support charity causes in the State. He deserves the recognition.

  • Bob S.

    Brett Favre was a key part of the Packers resurrection, if not the main one.
    True Packer fans, especially those of us who suffered through too many years of woeful results, are grateful for his ” Iron Man ” winning performance.
    Best wishes to a real Packer.


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