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“The voters of this county have said they like my style:” Sheriff Clarke, on his primary victory

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MILWAUKEE CO. (WITI) -- Perhaps the most hotly-contested race in Tuesday's primary election was for Milwaukee County sheriff. Neither candidate was claiming defeat -- even as 100% of precincts had results in early Wednesday morning -- but now, a winner has been declared. Incumbent Sheriff David Clarke has defeated Milwaukee Police Lieutenant Chris Moews -- 52% to 48%.

On Wednesday afternoon, Sheriff David Clarke held a press conference -- declaring victory in the race. Now, he's talking about what his next steps will be.

The race for Milwaukee County sheriff left supporters seeking a resolution. After midnight, when Chris Moews spoke to supporters at his election night gathering, he refused to concede.

"It seems like the gap is closing. We have a tremendous number of votes out. We`re not ready to call it a night," Moews told supporters early Wednesday morning.

Later Wednesday morning, the Moews campaign issued a concession statement.

Results at showed Clarke with 52% of the vote, to Moews' 48%.

Moews issued the following statement:

“The voters have spoken, and I accept the results. With twice as many voters in this election than four years ago, there’s a brighter spotlight shining on the work of the Milwaukee County Sheriff’s Office.

“I hope the sheriff will set politics aside, reconsider his go-­it-­alone approach and work collaboratively and respectfully with law enforcement and municipal leaders to truly make our community safer and stronger.”

"When I read that, my first thought is 'when a concession speech is not a concession speech,'" Sheriff Clarke said.

Clarke declared victory on Wednesday afternoon, saying Tuesday's primary race was a referendum on his approach, vs. Moews'.

"Obviously the voters of this county, by a majority, have said they like my style," Sheriff Clarke said.

Milwaukee County Executive Chris Abele was an open supporter of Moews.

"I wrote his campaign a check. I was supporting Chris. I like Chris, but I'll always work with whoever's there," Chris Abele said Wednesday.

Sheriff Clarke says he, too plans to work on his relationship with Abele going forward, though on Wednesday afternoon, there were hints of the friction we've seen between the two in the past.

"I`m supposed to take that at face value? He wants to work with me when he just tried to eliminate me from the public scene here?" Sheriff Clarke said.

Abele says he called Sheriff Clarke to congratulate him on his victory in Tuesday's primary.

Sheriff Clarke says he didn't get the message -- saying he's gotten hundreds of congratulatory calls.

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  • NH

    His big mouth may be impressive but, where has he been? He has been sheriff for years now and yet he whines about crime….again, where has he been? Did the crime rate and gun violence just occur during this election cycle? The answer is no! How did he let it go on for two terms? Why hasn’t the media call him out on this instead of swooning all over him?

    • 2econd

      its not the sheriffs job to police the inner cities crimes, that is the job of MPD, which is in the control of Flynn, who does nothing more than cry about law abiding citizens having guns…

    • 2econd

      your right! how can so many people be so stupid to make uneducated comments such as the ones from NH and Sharon Devitt!

    • Sharon Devitt

      Style is for hairdos and sneakers, NOT for law enforcement. Clarke should less time primping in front a camera and actually look at how bad our community is doing.

  • Arriesha

    The media has called him out. They don’t like the whining he does either (Fox 6). We need someone one else. He is arrogant, he is like a male peacock strutting around. I believe in the right to bear arms and defending yourself, if you have the right zipcode, he believes in it too. I don’t want him has our sheriff. He will not work with anyone if he does not get his way.

    • 2econd

      “The media has called him out. They don’t like the whining he does either (Fox 6)” called him out because he doesn’t fit their liberal agenda..

  • Arriesha

    I will say this, the race is not over. There is still another candidate out there who is running against him. She has the same beliefs as Clark, but not limited to your zipcode. I will give vote for her and hopefully others will too. We need new blood in the sheriffs office.

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