Former EMS workers accused of paying themselves for ambulance trips never taken

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JEFFERSON CO. (WITI) -- Two former members of the Sullivan Emergency Medical Service (EMS) are in hot water after Jefferson County investigators say they stole nearly $45,000 from the community.

It all started when Rick and Kim Heine bought candy with a company credit card.

"No sodas, no candy, no nothing. Diesel fuel only. You want anything, you personally buy it with your own money," said Bill Ingersoll, former director of the Sullivan EMS District Board.

But they didn't listen. So Ingersoll put them on probation for two days.

"And then when we were trying to check on that, looking at the receipts, we found we were locked out of the computer," said Nancy Emons, former secretary of the Sullivan EMS District Board.

"We found a drawer full of bills that weren't being paid," said Ingersoll.

In fact, Sullivan EMS, which provided ambulance services for five towns and villages, was broke.

Prosecutors say it was because the Heines were paying themselves for ambulance trips that were never taken.

Rick and Kim Heine now face charges in Jefferson County for misconduct in public office, identity theft and fraud. They were both fired from Sullivan EMS back in 2012.

"The community really lost. We lost Sullivan EMS," said Emons.

"Do we want that money back? Of course we do. And we want the community to know what they did," said Ingersoll.

FOX6 News was able to speak with Kim Heine on the phone on Thursday, August 28th. She and her husband are currently out of town. They said they did not know about the criminal charges pending against them -- and they did not see this coming. The Heines say they did not intentionally steal any money.



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    She just got hired by the Palmyra-Eagle School District. She was at their open house last night. Charges were filed August 4th, so I’m sure they knew about it.

  • Anonymous in Milwaukee

    Did anyone look at Wisconsin Circuit Court Access? They have a bunch of cases against them to the tune of over $36,000. And an additional $17,000 got paid off between September and October of 2012. Wonder where that money came from? Maybe they didn’t intend to pay them? I hope that school district doesn’t let her handle any money, lol.

    • Anonymous in Milwaukee

      OOPS! I forgot say that $36,000 is in addition to the $45,000 they’re accused of stealing from the Sullivan EMS

  • .

    Palmyra Eagle knew and have stated several times to parents that they knew beforehand what the situation was and still made the choice to hire her.

  • mo

    Not all said is real. They did what they did for the patient’s. They helped people with no insurance, they didn’t charge for the ride, but they charged Sullivan ems for their time. So they weren’t bringing in the money they were getting paid.Crime or humanitarians?

  • Crime watcher

    Sound like MO is a friend of theirs. And just as ignorant as them. “So they weren’t bringing in the money they were getting paid.” That’s like taking a company’s products that are for sale, giving the product out for free, and charging the company to hand it out. Does that make sense? That’s a double loss for the company. Who paid for the gas for the ambulances, the supplies that were used, and the paramedic’s salary? How did they know these patients didn’t have insurance? If they were such humanitarians, why didn’t they donate their salaries to cover those free rides? They were caught using the company credit cards for personal items. They committed fraud and felony theft. I hope they get jail time and are forced to liquidate what assets they have to cover their numerous debts.

  • Kenny Gazinski. (Greendale)

    What the hell? They don’t charge the EMS service for the ambulance rides, but they made sure they got paid? And they try to pass it off as helping other people? They’re criminals! ! MO, you are really dense!! I read above that she just got hired at Palmyra-Eagle? They knew about this and they still hired her? I would have LOVED to hear that conversation! “I was caught stealing $45,000 from my former employers, but it was all a misunderstanding?” That says A LOT for that school! What is she teaching? Steal from your employers 101? How to mismanage money 101? Glad my kids don’t go there.

  • anonymous

    You people need to know that the mean things you say are for everyone to see. If these people have children the are also parents and it may impact the kids lives. As for the fat comment I don’t think that has anything to do with it. I’m sure your a real prize….

  • Local

    @Anonymous…..Another friend of theirs? As far as kids, they should have thought about the impact it will have on them before they stole all that money! What’s going to happen to any kids if they go to prison? Hopefully they don’t pass their crappy morals to their kids.

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