Gov. Walker promises more tax cuts in second term

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Gov. Scott Walker

MADISON (AP) — Gov. Scott Walker’s promises for a second term include cutting property and income taxes for individuals and requiring drug tests for those seeking unemployment and food stamp benefits.

He also wants to freeze tuition at both technical colleges and the University of Wisconsin System.

Walker released details of his platform on Sunday.

He tells The Associated Press that his proposals can persuade the few undecided people in the race to vote for him. Polls show Walker and Democratic challenger Mary Burke running about even.

Burke is not impressed. Her campaign spokesman Joe Zepecki says Walker’s plan is nothing more than a political document designed to get him re-elected, rather than boost the economy.


  • Don

    thank god for walker. When the scam of states plundering pension funds and other monies to pump up their debts to insolvency (see also: Illinois and California) , you will be very thankful someone guarded the til and we didn’t end up like themdon

  • Steve Fry

    Rosemary you are sad. He said tax reduction for all Wisconsin residents. Liberals make up whatever they want to if they arent in power. Lying isnt a way to go through life. Mary Burke has proven to sink this state in her past and her not giving anything to help WI shows that now.

  • grunt

    I do a lot of driving on Wisconsin’s highways. I have not experienced blown tires or needed front-end alignments. I haven’t heard of anyone needing them as a result of driving on Wisconsin’s highways.
    Where did you get your job numbers from?
    Are you making all this stuff up?

  • grunt

    Rosemary, he’s actually caring for the poor. Don’t you think drug testing for those who choose to use my tax money to support them will discourage drug use? If it doesn’t, I don’t want my money to pay for them breaking the law.

  • dancing in the ruins

    inner city thugs like you don’t want jobs anyway. you’d rather sell drugs to and kill each other. and you haven’t paid a dime in taxes in your life.

  • dancing in the ruins

    and i’m an astronaut, president of the united states, and 6-time super bowl mvp who cured cancer and ebola! it’s fun to pretend on the interwebs!!! :P

  • lisa

    why is everyone so mean leave the politicians to someone higher no need to act like this….everyone will have to answer to someone higher for what she or he has done in life spreading hatred and hating certain ppl and going to church to confirm what your doing is okay is not how we should be living, GOD IS LOVE….period

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