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Accused in rash of armed robberies targeting auto parts stores, men facing federal charges

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- Authorities believe they have the men responsible for a string of armed robberies in Milwaukee, targeting primarily auto parts stores. FOX6 News has learned the suspects are facing federal charges.

Deshae Lane and Jacques White have been charged by a federal grand jury. They each face seven charges of unlawfully obstructing, delaying, affecting and attempting to obstruct, delay and affect commerce and the movement of articles and commodities in commerce by robbery -- and seven charges of knowingly using, carrying and brandishing a firearm during and in relation to a crime.

White faces two charges in connection with a robbery at the Domino's Pizza on North Teutonia, in which an employee was shot in the leg.

It was a terrifying spring for staff at the O'Reilly Auto Parts store on Silver Spring Drive. The store's manager says her employees were held at gunpoint on four separate occasions.

"They came in in masks, full black, completely black clothes, full masks, guns," Elaine Cross said.

Cross says the men rushed through the front door and demanded money.

"They put the gun right at his waist and dragged him to his drawer. One of my team members actually had a gun at her head," Cross said.

Deshae Lane

Deshae Lane

Authorities believe Deshae Lane and Jacques White were the masked men behind a string of armed robberies occurring across the city of Milwaukee between March and June.

Lane and White now face several federal charges in connection with robberies at O'Reilly Auto Parts, Auto Zone, Advance Auto Parts and Domino's Pizza -- where an employee was shot in the leg.

"The last time they were here we had children in the store and customers," Cross said.

That last robbery at the O'Reilly store occurred on June 6th -- the same night Lane and White were arrested.

Even with security upgrades at the store, Cross says one of her employees remains on edge.

Jacques White

Jacques White

"She literally stands next to the panic button when it gets dark out," Cross said.

Cross says the worst part is that she actually knows the suspects.

"Numerous times they were in here, 'Ms. Elaine.' Just really, really nice young men.  And they were just scoping us out to rob us.  It's like, I can't believe it," Cross said.

If convicted of the federal charges they now face, Lane and White could go to prison for a very long time.

Staff members at the O'Reilly Auto Parts store on Silver Spring Drive say they hope those consequences deter others from committing the same crime.

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  • Life...

    Glad they caught them, great job to all officers & detectives involved..being a crook never pays off in the end, even more so when your as greedy as they were..hope that lady can feel a little bit safer at her job..these crooks have been caught :)

  • Lone ranger

    Anyone think either of these two ever even applied for a job in their life? yeah right!!! My guess is they just felt entitled to free things from working folks. Now all the working taxpayers will pay for the lawyer fees, court cost and free room and board at the county jail.

  • Chris Multerer

    Two fine young men as there ever were. I’m sure their parents are proud of them. Even in full camouflage, they were caught. Just can’t outsmart law enforcement. Can you dummies ?

  • diane

    where is the community outrage and vigils..the protests..they need to be locked up forever…useless drain on socities resources again…again judges, our appointed elected officials need to make the punishments for these crimes stick..all of this senseless use of a life..where again are the parents ….absent unless of course they would have been shot and killed by an officer of the law or a citizen protecting themseleves during the commision of a violent crime..then they would be there filing a lawsuit for lost wages… and the beat goes on

  • Chris Multerer

    Diane..protests and vigils don’t take place unless one of gutter dweller’s was shot by police during the commission of a crime. Then they come out of the woodwork for days on end.Because none of them work. Then they call a TV station and want a news conference. Who the hell are they to request a news conference ? And of course, the TV stations are stupid enough to jump. Disgusting.

  • diane

    I know…Chris just bringing it up because the “community at large” seems to only care if there perhaps is $$$ involved, no personal responsiblity or outrage when people of “the community at large” commit these crimes against society..always seems “whitey” or “the police” are to blame , the ” Oh whoa is me attitude” frustrating when some people work so hard that these people make everyone look bad in the involved “segment of community”


    Black people need to do more to control their own sons and daughters and quit blaming everything on someone else. Then again the same baby daddy and momma culture has been going on for quite a while. MPS report card is an F according to dpi and I am not blaming the teachers, it’s their cultural mentality of ” let me get’s some of dat money” Time for the rest of society to say enough and open up the jails and send them all to h e double toothpick.

  • Chris Multerer

    Diane..you are right. Plus, when these good for nothings, carjack, burglarize, rob at gun point, they are stealing from people that worked hard for, to obtain.
    Then when you have a chosen few who like to post on here say we are racist..to you I say, you are ignorant.

    • dancing in the ruins

      i’m thankful that they do it because jsonline won’t. i don’t care who is committing the crimes – black, white, brown, etc – i want to know about it and it’s really made me aware of what’s going on in this city. i think jsonline is actually doing a dangerous disservice by not covering local crime.

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