“I want to kill people so bad:” Police investigate threat of violence posted to ‘UWM Uncovered’ Facebook page

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MILWAUKEE -- A threat of violence at school has prompted a massive investigation at UW-Milwaukee. An anonymous post on Facebook threatened shooting, and bringing a knife to class to stab students.

UW-Milwaukee Uncovered

UW-Milwaukee Uncovered

On Facebook page "UW-Milwaukee Uncovered," people can anonymously post secrets, confessions and desires.

"You have to be careful what you post online," Anna Evans, UWM senior said.

Last week, UW-Milwaukee police say someone made a post on the page that crossed the line.

"The person was just talking about their own anger -- angry about society, upset with life," UW-Milwaukee Police Chief Joseph LeMire said.

UW-Milwaukee police

UW-Milwaukee police

Chief LeMire says the post, which has been removed from the Facebook page, is now part of an investigation.

The post read, in part: "I want to kill people so bad. Some are specified people. Others can be just random."

"Someone should take a stand on that," Victor Henderson, UWM sophomore said.

Google has now been subpoenaed for documents related to the post. The posts are uploaded to a Google Docs page first, and then, the administrator of the UW-Milwaukee Uncovered Facebook page posts them.

Investigators are hoping to obtain an IP address from Google that will lead them to the person who wrote the post that read, in part:

UW-Milwaukee Uncovered threat

UW-Milwaukee Uncovered threat

Chief LeMire says the threat doesn't seem credible, and at this stage in the investigation, police believe the post likely wasn't written by a student.

"This information possibly came from in from out-of-state and nowhere near UW-Milwaukee," Chief LeMire said.

Most students on campus told FOX6 News they view the post as a cry for help.

"Someone might just be going through some things and they need to seek help before taking lawful orders into their hands," Henderson said.

"Certainly, they could be looking at criminal charges for what they intend to do or any actions they carried out," Chief LeMire said.

The administrator of the Facebook page, who approved the post, will likely not face any charges in this case -- but police say they do want to speak with her. FOX6 News reached out to her by telephone, and she declined to comment.

UW-Milwaukee police stress that this UW-Milwaukee Uncovered Facebook page is not affiliated with the university in any way.




    • Because you matter!

      At close range, knives are often more of a threat than a gun. Ask any police officer that has had a person charge at them with a knife.

    • BrianRBrown

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  • Yanni

    So, the person shared it privately via Google docs, then the admin for the Facebook page posted it publicly? Was it even considered a viable threat until it was posted publicly?

  • Valarie Janowski

    As a parent of a student of UWM, I am beyond angry about the fact that I am learning of this through the news media!! I can not wrap my mind around the fact that no one at UWM seems to be taking it to seriously. When will it become a serious threat, when students, teachers, etc…are dead?? Little to late to take it seriously then!! This person is not angry at society, he is angry at people within the buildings of UWM!! The most scariest part is this person is okay with taking out people randomly, not just the ones he is specifically angry with. How many more students have to die before we start taking the threats and rants these people post seriously?? If someone is posting threats like that, they are already on that edge, so the threat needs to be taken seriously. A simple text alert to the students to just be more aware of their surrounds and what is going on around them while on campus. I do not want my son’s school to become a national headline!!!!!

    • Alicia

      I completely agree with you!! I think its beyond ridiculous that this is not being taken more seriously! I have plenty of friends that go to UWM.. i dont want to see their faces on the news because of some psychopath.. or because of the laziness of the police!!!


      Don’t worry. I don’t think UWM has ever been in a national headline for anything. Why start now?

    • Uwmstudent

      People at UWM are taking it seriously… That’s why it’s being investigated. Did you miss that part?? And UWM does have a text and email alert system.. Perhaps your son should pay closer attention during orientation and his RA?

    • Sami

      I agree and am baffled that this terrifying incident reached news headlines before UWM students were even sent an alert via email or text like they do when there’s an armed robbery. I still don’t think an email has been sent to students (I am a current UWM Student). That’s ludicrous. I’m more upset with Fox 6 than UWM. It’s important to inform those in danger FIRST (which is UWM police’s job) before reporting it on the news. Judging by the lack of depth in this article, I conclude that it was thrown together to boost ratings. Fox is worse than TMZ. They do not genuinely care about the well being of their community, they are the equivalent of gossip feans. I have a feeling UWM WAS trying to keep it on the downlow to avoid panic which would hinder their investigation and potentially put dangerous pressure on the alleged person to go through with it what may have been nothing but a confession/expression of feelings. So great job yet again Fox 6. How you guys live with yourselves is beyond me.

      Also, I think UWM police is intentionally sugar coating their reports. I mean do they really think we believe them when they say they believe (keyword) the person is not a student and posted out of state? Yes it’s a possibility. But they need a better explanation because a recent school shooting involved a shooter who traveled out of state and had no connections to the school. How dumb do they think we are? The fact that it is weeks after the fact and thats the only answers they can give us is alarming. Fox, please do us a favor and keep your stinking nose out of it now and even if it does happen. We are dealing with someone who has a deep hatred for mankind not just at UWM but the world as a whole. I am sure UWM Police are doing their best and are witholding details to the public as a means of protection which is understandable. But come on, every single UWM student should know about this and many don’t. They are THE ONLY ones that need to know about this threat at least at this point. If I didn’t see the original actual post myself and I had to find out via the news, oh I’d be ENRAGED.

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