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Carjacking of mail carrier in Milwaukee caught on camera: “Thank God she got out safe”

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MILWAUKEE -- A carjacking was caught on camera in Milwaukee on Wednesday, December 9th. The victim -- a mail carrier, who was terrified when she realized the gunman was going to take her vehicle. It was all captured via surveillance cameras. The suspect got away with the vehicle, and the mail inside.

This carjacking happened while the mail carrier was on her route.

Now, Milwaukee police and U.S. postal inspectors are investigating.

"We get it in every day usually around 12:00 p.m.," Faries Jaraba, Full House Grocery manager said.

And the mail usually arrived around the same time, but on Wednesday, something was different.

"No mail today," Jaraba said.

Surveillance cameras capture carjacking of mail carrier

Surveillance cameras capture carjacking of mail carrier

Near 57th and Burleigh, surveillance cameras outside an auto shop captured the carjacking in progress.

It happened around 12:15 p.m.

The video shows a mail carrier getting into her van when a suspect runs up to her, opens the passenger side door, and forces the mail carrier out of her vehicle.

"Thank God she got out safe, you know?" Jabara said.

The suspect took off in the van -- headed eastbound on Burleigh as the victim found some help.

Surveillance cameras capture carjacking of mail carrier

Surveillance cameras capture carjacking of mail carrier

"She was uninjured, but she`s definitely shaken up," Francis Pilon with the U.S. Postal Inspection Service said.

Investigators continue to look for the suspect, the van and the mail inside.

"I`ve worked with the Postal Inspection Service for approximately 10 years and it does not happen. It`s a very infrequent occurrence -- especially for a vehicle to be carjacked like this," Pilon said.

Surveillance cameras capture carjacking of mail carrier

Mail carrier near mail truck after carjacking

"They`ll catch him. They`ll get him," Jabara said.

Postal inspectors ask that the public be on the lookout for this mail van:

Surveillance cameras capture carjacking of mail carrier

Suspect approaches mail truck ahead of carjacking

There is a very specific vehicle number posted on it. That number is: 7221685.

Anyone with information that could help in this case is asked to call police.

Surveillance cameras capture carjacking of mail carrier

Suspect opens passenger side door of mail truck during carjacking


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  • Itsabouttime

    Dude: Do you honestly think you’re not going to get caught…dum move MAN. It’s federal prison for you Enjoy!!

  • Stephen Brixey

    You know where a postal vehicle can go? Anywhere, could be used for a theft, a bombing or another mass shooting. I hope they find it quickly.

  • K C

    I am so glad he didn’t get in the van with her and take her off and kill her, my family would have been devastated, because she is a wonderful daughter and mother, she is still afraid , I love my niece and I hope she can get pass this and be the happy person she have always been, I hope they catch him and fast.

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