Retired MPD officer accused of having sex with young woman he met when she was arrested

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MILWAUKEE -- A retired Milwaukee police officer is facing disturbing felony charges.

Marcell Davis

Marcell Daniels

The accused is 45-year-old Marcell Daniels, who faces these three felony charges:

  • Second degree sexual assault of a child
  • Sexual exploitation of a child
  • Child enticement

The alleged incidents happened several years ago, while he was still on the force. Daniels retired from MPD on January 3rd, 2016.

Daniels is accused of having sexual intercourse and taking sexually explicit pictures with someone 16 years old or younger.

Earlier this month, Daniels was featured in the Milwaukee Police Association's monthly bulletin for 25 years of service with the Milwaukee Police Department.

Marcell Davis

Marcell Daniels

According to the criminal complaint, the allegations began in 2005.

The victim told police she met Daniels when she was 14 or 15, after she and her friend were arrested.

A week later, the victim told police Daniels called her and brought her to the home he lived in on N. 55th Place, and he would take pictures of her with and without clothing.

With the help of Daniels' now estranged wife, investigators found proof on his computer -- photos spanning several years.

Marcell Davis

Marcell Davis

The victim told police she "dated" Daniels for three to four years -- from when she was 14 until she was 18. They engaged in sexual intercourse many times, according to the complaint.  The complaint also accuses Daniels of providing the girl with alcohol and marijuana when they were together.

The complaint also indicates there is at least one other victim, whose mother filed a complaint against Daniels in 2004 after she observed sexually explicit text messages between Daniels and her then 14-year-old daughter. The complaint says on at least three occasions, Daniels took the girl to various parks in Milwaukee County where they had sexual contact.

In court on Monday, January 25th, Daniels was ordered to have no contact with either victim.

He will next be in court on February 1st for his preliminary hearing.

A representative with the Milwaukee Police Association said the association was unaware of the charges filed against Daniels, and said the association is shocked by these allegations.


  • 0311 USMC Grunt, Author of Sarcasm

    Milwaukee best , creeper 25 year old cop, what else did he do during his time being a cop?

    • JB

      This is/was my neighbor. I was actually outside throwing salt on the sidewalk when the unmarked SUV’s rolled up and arrested him at gunpoint a couple weeks ago. He always seemed a little off, but was always polite. His son is good friends with my son. I’m just glad my kids never played in their house.

      You can never be too sure of anyone anymore. Even if they are a cop.

  • .

    I wonder if it was a forced retirement. Thisdouche i worked with had consensualsex with a 14 year old girl once, when he dropped her off the mother called the cops and he did four years, let’s see what happens here.

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