Texas father arrested after taking away daughter’s cell phone: “I was being a parent”

GRAND PRAIRIE, Texas — A Texas father was arrested for theft after he took away his 12-year-old daughter’s cell phone.

CBS DFW is reporting Ronald Johnson was arrested by Grand Prairie, Texas officers — but a judge later ruled there was a lack of evidence to move forward with this case, and Johnson was found not guilty.

Jackson told CBS DFW this all started back in 2013, when his daughter was 12. He found a text message on her phone regarding another woman that he thought was “rude.” So he took her phone away.

“I was being a parent. A child does something wrong — you teach them what’s right. You tell them what they did wrong and you give them a punishment to show that they shouldn’t be doing that,” Jackson said.

According to CBS DFW, Jackson’s ex-wife, who happens to be married to a Grand Prairie police officer, found out Jackson had taken the phone from the girl. Soon after, police were called and Jackson was arrested when he refused to turn over the phone.

“I didn’t want the police department telling me how to parent my child,” Jackson said.

Jackson was released after posting $1,500 bond.

Then, a year-and-a-half later, he was charged with misdemeanor theft.

Jackson told CBS DFW he was stunned.

“Don’t you have better things to do as a police officer? Aren’t there bigger crimes in the city to take care of?” Jackson said.

Eventually, the judge found Jackson not guilty, and he was allowed to keep his daughter’s confiscated cell phone.

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  • Seriously?

    Finally a parent is trying to be a parent and teach his child a lesson in a respectable way and the FATHER is punished for doing the right thing? Our society is seriously messed up!

    • Ram

      The father was not being a parent, he stole the phone from the rightful owners for about a year if not more (that includes when he took it, the week later when the cops showed up to arrest him for stealing property, during the court case trial and etc.). If you watched and read the story, basically the biological father and mother are divorced, the biological mother and her new husband bought the phone. It was never the biological father phone to keep in the first place. He stole it, police picked him up after he refused to give up what he stole and he still refused to give up the item after he was arrest and during the trial. In the end the judge got fed up with the case and the biological father then the judge just let the father go and just said “he wasn’t guilty” just to drop the case after it was getting no where.

      So all in all the biological father looks stupid and dumb for saying “I didn’t want the police department telling me how to parent my child” …. they weren’t, they arrested him for petty – grand theft (depending on state law and worth of the phone), shows how dumb the father really is. So I’m glad he was charged with misdemeanor theft and that he had to pay 1500$ bond. I’m sure that taught him a lesson, then again… probably not… seeing as how dumb he is in the first place.

      • Ram

        As a added note, I’d have to ask/say. Is it really worth stealing someone phone with the ending result of the father looking like a ass, appear to be a dumb person to the world at large, giving up parental rights, cause he wanted to impress his new GF, waste tax payers money and so much more…. just because he stole a phone and wouldn’t give it up. “shakes my head and almost feels pity for this dumb father…. almost” … ah well he could have done worse.

      • Ram

        As side note – I read most of the rest of other peoples comments. To the few that took the time to thoroughly understand and read/watch the story/video and sided with the mother, congrats. As for the ones that didn’t understand what was going on because you sided with the father – i suggest you reread the story, rewatch the video and read my comments, you’ll understand quite quickly hopefully why you shouldn’t have sided with the father in the first place and what actually occurred and what he actuation did, as to the fact that he stole property that wasn’t his so he got arrested. I’m sure if someone stole your phone that you’d rather have the judge side with you to get your phone back.

        Basically what the judge did was injustice to the mother and daughter, along with injustice to the rest of us that might get our property stolen. If you side with the father, then by all means tell him your address so he can come over and steal your stuff, see how quickly you’d file a property theft report on him. Good luck.

      • Pugsley53

        You offer too much inside info to be a disinterested party. Did your daughter/daughter in law/best friend inquire about the rude comment that prompted the confiscation. Sounds like both sides are still fighting and acting irrationally and this really isn’t a story of disciplining a child, but rather two adults who are still lashing out at each other after divorce.

      • Dirk

        The daughter needs some serious help and the mother is just a hateful troll willing to use any means to destroy the relationship between the father and daughter and undermine him as a parent. This is very common and very obvious, also this RAM character seems too involved to be a bystander, i would guess he knows this couple or is associated with the police officer in some way. All you have done is create another brat with no respect for anything. Shame on you both and the stepfather you are all guilty of being stupid and neither of you deserve to be parents and its obvious you dont have what it takes to raise good children. The police officers employers should take a good look at him i would guess he is corrupt and uses his position to hurt anyone who dosnt agree with him, he is the one who should be standing in front of a judge a maybe he will in the future

      • Debbie

        your correct….okay to take it for punishment but not to keep it for over a year… it should have been gave back to her mother immediately……

      • Vicky Jones Wilson

        Absolutely the most immature, irresponsible ranting’s of an adult I’ve ever heard. Obviously this person named Ram does not have the first clue about how to parent a child properly. Nor does he have the ability to be able to rationalize out here why what the mother, daughter and police in this matter did was wrong. Yes, this country is going to hell in a hand basket because of people choosing not to parent their children properly if at all and adults bowing down to them because they’re afraid of their own kids. Get a life and realize these are children we’re talking about. For all that is holy learn about the long term consequences this child is going to have to live with because of the adults behavior in this situation, meaning the mother, step father and police department.

      • Ram

        To Dirk: I’m not their friend nor do i know them, which also means that I’m not related to them either. I don’t even live in the same state as them.

        To Pug: Nah, i don’t offer anymore info other then what they give out in writing and video about this story.

        What I don’t like is coming to a page to read a story with a interesting / intriguing / funny headline…. only to find out that the headline is bullshit. The headline should have said “Texas father arrested after stealing cellphone”, but that wouldn’t have caught your or my interest now would it? Though you know, some of these people that write the headlines try to reel you in with false advertising / misrepresenting the facts aka the headline in most cases. Its a trap so that the domain owners can get more people onto their site so they can make money, so essentially you and I get conned into reading something that the headline stated falsely.

        So after watching/reading the video/article, i decided to read the comments, to check what most people reply to this crappy headline/article was. Though you know what, most failed to comprehend the article or they just skimmed and just barely heard what was going on in the video. So I thought, hmm let me reread the article and rewatch the video. Then I was like, nope i didn’t interpret it wrong, so I decided to reply to some of the comments cause i was bored and had plenty of time.

        To Debbie: I agree, the biological father took it to far, its fine if he held it for a few days or held it while she was staying with him, a parent should do that. However like you said he should have given the phone back to the mother so that if she so wishes she could have done her own punishment.

        So i’ll give you a hypothetical here, did you ever wonder why the two of them divorced in the first place? He probably abused her in some form or shape or manner, that’s probably why she had main custody in the first place. So you know, it sounds like he stole the phone for the 1+ year as another proverbial “fuck you” to the biological mother to get back at her. Fact is, it was not his phone to keep, he stole it from the rightful owner, the biological mother.

        Fun fact to know is that a phone can now be used in identify theft, heck you can use it to pay bills, store personal information, use it as a way to try to hack into someone online accounts and etc. So come on use common sense, the guy should have been given more then just a petty theft charge, so all in all he got the most minor charge that could be given. I’m telling you that because the ones that say that the mother is being a hateful troll…. i mean come on if she was that she could have charged him more then just “petty theft”, so you make yourself sound like a fool or unintelligent person when saying such.

        To Vicky: By the way, I’m a guy asking you a woman, if you or any of your female friends have ever been in a abusive relationship with a guy no matter if its verbal, physical or mind games – then i’d have to ask, why are supporting the biological father in this… i can kinda understand a guy supporting another guy in this type of shit that the biological father is trying to pull, but why a woman is doing so is beyond me unless you like to be treated as such, if so good luck to you.

        Lastly, I’ve read/researched into multiple fields of study such as law, marketing, phycology, etc. Not a expert in any of it, but i’ve done enough reading in each to last a lifetime but still not even the professionals know all there is to know in their field. So, I’m just telling it how it is on facts.

        What they did on this story was pull info from just both the biological mother and father, they decided on the Headline to skew it towards the father so that you the read/watcher would for the most part skim the article without really reading the info or facts, the media is notorious for pulling these kind of stunts so that they can get more visitors to their site to con people into reading half glass full stories instead of giving you the entire facts. You ever sit there and wonder why they didn’t bother to show the interview with the mother or more to the point that they most likely didn’t even interview her at all. There are times that the media outlets fail to give proper info so that they can sensationalize a story to try to rile the public and the media outlet gets caught in the middle of doing such a act.

        What can go horribly wrong during such cases of misinformation from the media is that at times a riot might occur because some news station wanted some extra visitors/money…. but they never did once come to think that it would destroy neighborhoods or towns with that type of practice. If you didn’t know all of this, well now you do, a bit wiser now. If you don’t care then just continue on, it probably won’t effect you now or ever or maybe it will someday.

        Anyway, all the biological father taught is that its okay to steal someone property and that you can get away with it if you spend enough time and money to just wait it out for the judge to just give up on the case. The fact remains that all he had the right to do since he did not buy the phone was to hold onto the phone while the daughter was staying with him, then once when the mother came to pick her up he should have given the mother the phone and said what happened. His response was to spite the daughter and mother by stealing the phone for 1+ year which is called property theft, which he got charged for.

        So i’d like you to envision something, what if that was your child and your ex-partner decided to steal something that you bought for your kid, maybe it was a phone or some other valuable high priced item like that cost you several hundred dollars. If you wanted to keep said item from your kid then that is your right because you bought it not the ex-partner. Now imagine if that kid runs a business that earns a bunch of money, that phone can be connected to clients, bank account, personal messages, business info, the kid identify info and so much more. If you don’t think that’s possible, think about kid actors/actresses or kids that have a thriving company that they worked hard on, which in that case its their own phone that they bought themselves. Point is, property theft is property theft, so why side with the abusive spiteful ex-husband?

        All in all, I’m replying to all that because i got time at the moment and I’m bored, if you enjoyed reading any of that then cool, if not then cool.

      • Ram

        Funny… the father wasn’t in the daughters life until she was 7, lot more sensible people commenting on that link but that’s more because The Washington Post gave out more info and some of the people giving comments give out more info presumably from other sources. Put all the sources together and you get the truth, the biological father was a asshole. So ask yourself, what right does the biological father have when he didn’t want to be a part of her life for 7 years? Tragic for her I’m sure, for her to feel unwanted by her real dad, only for him to act childish when she was 12 by stealing her phone and keeping it for 1+ year, for what really… the daughter calling his new GF basically a wannabe diva…. whoop dee doo, the daughter could have said way worse.

        Wanna know something about when I was growing up, I tried to treat people that were below, at or above my age as a peer a equal, i didn’t try to treat them different…. only treated them different if they were being rude, a ass or aggressive to me. Want to know what i got for treating people as a equal, they treated me likewise and with respect and i gave them respect, want to know what happened with the people treated me like crap… i treated them in like manner… eye for a eye, if they didn’t like it then it was their fault, they got a taste of their own medicine, however some of them are to childish to ever learn, some quit after awhile cause they couldn’t handle the challenge and they ended up being a better person. So I say, treat people how you want to be treated, the biological father was being a ass… so he deserved to be treated as one. Don’t support his actions.

      • Ram

        Now on that page, i like some of the comments like so:

        The article says the Mom agreed that phone privilege removal was an appropriate punishment. She just wanted the phone returned to HER, not the child. She is the primary caretaker – for the WHOLE life of the daughter – Dad didn’t show up for the first 7 years, so she has primary responsibility for consistent discipline. Dad sounds like he was touchy about comments about new family and went overboard. Now has no relationship with daughter. His choice. He could have worked out an agreed upon phone-free period and returned the phone to Mom, but chose this route instead.

        or the other person comment like:

        Good grief, if the couple couldn’t manage to stay married, they should have attempted to stay civilized.
        The police, the courts, and the media never needed to be involved in this situation. Disrespect should have consequences, but waiting a month to return a cellphone that you didn’t buy is too much.
        Their daughter deserved better parenting from both of her parents, and less petty squabbles between the two.

        Anywho, as such as pointing out another media outlets article about this story, it proves the point that some of these outlets try to draw you in with tidbits here and there without all the info, now don’t the ones that sided with the dad sound even more like ones who can’t read or comprehend. Enjoy and bye =)

      • Robert

        RAM… You have far too many details not included in the original article, leave additional comments without a reply in the middle, and assume far too much negativity against the father to suggest you don’t have an axe to grind. I had almost an identical situation happen to me… I took my daughter’s phone and then my ex called the police. The police came to my house, scolded my daughter, and then left!!! That’s how is how it should go down in these situations. Effective co-parenting requires each parent to allow the other to discipline without interference. Better yet, they should support the other parent, even if they have grown to dislike them.

      • Cheryl

        I think the mom of the child told her police husband about this. This is how it all got started in my opinion. The mom used her husband to get the father in trouble. That is NOT right! The father did the RIGHT thing!

      • Ram

        To Robert — The point of my posting is to give empirical facts and evidence of how the media can spin a story in several ways to get a reaction out of the audience for the sole purpose of profit. If you look at the story from different aspects… those aspects being the other news websites that publish this article (or any other article). You will see that some of them give partial info…. some of it more and some of it less. Don’t just rely on one site to make a judgement of the story, look at from what other sites either give or withheld of certain facts and pieces of pertinent info. Then put the pieces together to come up with your own conclusion. Also i did post a example link, i don’t have to post all of them.

        Though you want to know what i found when sifting through all those sites including this one? Well i’ll give you a perspective of it.

        1. — She was 12 when the incident occurred, out of those 12 years her biological father was only involved in 4-5 of those years, so about 7-8 years of that he was not even in her life.
        2. — The daughter text messaged to a female friend about how her father girlfriend is a ratchet, aka a “wannabe diva”. In hindsight if you think about it, the daughter could have said way worse, could have used all kinds of foul words but she didn’t.
        3. — The mother paid/bought the phone and service, so you know what, its the mothers phone, her property, she owned it and had full rights to it. The mother can do whatever she wants with it, it was never fathers phone, best he should have done was give it to his ex-wife. Also, the mother had full parental rights.
        4. — The father only had limited custody, he never had full rights during the incident that he created. He only had a right to confiscate the phone while the daughter was under his roof, however when she left to go back to her mothers house, the phone is to go back with her since its the mothers paid property. If anything he should have just given it to the mother.
        5. — When he didn’t return it within a few days, the police arrested him for property theft, because of the price of the item and the laws there, was considered petty theft. He got out with paying bond on the same day of arrest. They gave him a year to return it before going to court (far to long in my humble opinion). In essence he stole the phone.

        In conclusion — here is my view of what went down, he probably never wanted anything to do with his biological child. The daughter probably wanted to spend time with him or at least get to know him and he had ended up being persuaded by his ex and daughter for him to spend time with her, so he ended up getting limited custody. He never parented a kid before, he has no clue of what to properly do, First time parents at times have trouble figuring out what is and isn’t right to do, especially ones with limited custody. He overstepped his bounds.

        Fact is, there are a lot of crappy parents out there, is he the worse of them? No he isn’t but he isn’t the best either. Not gonna say he’s a horrible parent because he’s not all that bad from the looks/sounds of it, its just he’s pretty stupid on what he thinks he has a right to. I watched/listened to his interview of the bits and pieces that the media wanted to show along with reading what he had said via what the several other articles state. When it comes to this aspect of his life, he’s just dumb, i can’t speak about other aspects of his life but there it is.

        If you want to know part of why i say he’s dumb? Think of it this way his statement of “I didn’t want the police department telling me how to parent my child” , I’m sorry but the police didn’t, they were just following lawful orders cause he did petty theft, he stole his ex-wife property. (Side note — There are times when other couples that have relationship issues in which the guy ends up stealing half or more of what’s in the house or apartment and when the guy is found, he’s carted off to jail.) In truth the matter is, he didn’t want his ex-wife who has full parental rights to tell him how to parent his child when he only has limited rights, and because he does not have full or complete say on how to parent her… he shouldn’t be trying to put his foot down about something that he’s stealing from his ex. All he did was try to place the blame on anyone else except himself, what a selfish bastard he is huh?

        Here’s the thing, i don’t care who you are, doesn’t matter if your a cop, white, black, latino, religious or any other statistical name on some graph or whatever. If you did something wrong or stupid that happens to be a crime then you should be punished if caught. I’ve read stories of cops doing wrong things, but the cops involved in arresting him did their job correctly, if the cop had done something wrong… then you know what? I’d be bitching and complaining about the cop instead.

        If you want to know why I posted on this article / thread, essentially I’m doing it as a pass time cause I’m bored and just need to pull my mind away from some of the work I do. Plus sometimes i get a laugh out some peoples comments about the story because they have no idea of what they are talking about, since they can’t piece together parts of the puzzle and say hmm this story is bullshit for the very fact that the writer of it can’t even put in all of the facts.

        So question for all of you is, if you knew the facts i stated of 1-5. I bet you would be supporting the mother instead. Yet the writer of the article skewed it towards the fathers side for more traffic.

      • gazzaD79

        Who gives a shit about this trivial crap you’ve obviously not got much going on in your life if you need to fill your day with this incessant bs!!

      • Ram

        Gazzad79: Then what does that make you for reading all of this so called “trivial crap”? And nah, just only a small fraction / portion of the day. Next time bring your “A game” if you’re gonna insult someone, good day!!

    • Jane Saka

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  • guest89

    If the ex-wife paid/was paying for the phone it technically belongs to her. Therefore he was in (unlawful) possession of the ex-wife’s property. The parenting issue is another matter.

      • Ram

        It did, said it was the biological mother and her new husband phone, they filed a property theft report, a week passed and the biological father still had the phone, the police came to retrieve the phone, the father refused, they arrested him. Lesson is, don’t steal from others or you’ll get arrested, simple as that, I agree that there are times that police do abuse their power but this was not one of those cases, they actually did their job correctly in this case/situation.

      • Bull spotter

        I agree with this father. The mother is irresponsible and just wants the daughter to be a tramp. The “new husband” sounds like some weak man that cant stand up and tell her its not right to allow your daughter to be a fluzy.

    • Logical

      If a person gives your child something else (Drugs? Pornography?) and you take them away because they’re causing a problem for your child, could you be arrested for that? No one in their right mind would do that. Regardless of who owns the phone, it’s the father’s right to parent his child.

      That being said, it’s also possible that that father was being an ass because he knew that the mother had bought the phone for the daughter and wanted to turn her screws.

      It’s too bad that divorced parents cannot put aside their mutual dislike for one another when it comes to raising their child.

      • No

        You’re speaking in terms of legal items vs illegal items. You’re also leaving out that the mother, Jackson’s ex wife and current wife of a police officer in the same city (who never should’ve allowed this to happen), owns that phone and Jackson never handed it over to her like he should have and was stated at the end of the report’s video here. Yes, I agree with the father taking the phone away, but he could’ve saved himself a $1,500 bond, jail time, and court time after citation if he just handed the phone over to the mom in the first place. He probably was being an ass, as you suggested, and ended up getting what he asked for by letting this escalate. Really is a pity when divorcees can’t keep it between themselves and as away from the kids as possible.

    • JakkiK

      Apparently there is a reason the mom doesn’t have custody of her daughter. Any mom who would let her teen daughter, send inappropriate texts and/or photos over the cell phone, shouldn’t be parenting. Looks like mom was trying to make an issue of it, maybe to get custody back, so she could get a paycheck from dad? Who knows at this point. The dad did the right thing, the girl is a minor, he is her parent, and THIS is exactly what parents are suppose to do. Unless of course like mom there, she wants to be raising a grand child soon.

      • Ram

        They “had” shared custody, the key word here is “had”… The biological mother and her new husband as of right now have full custody over the daughter, in fact the biological mother had most of the custody rights, in the end the biological father lost any custody rights he had, after the daughter requested to have the biological father removed from having any custody rights at all and wanting it granted to her mother and step-father. Which was granted by the biological father and the court.

        The word in question that the daughter used was Ratchet – (aka – A diva, mostly from urban cities and ghettos, that has reason to believe she is every mans eye candy. Unfortunately, she’s wrong, etc etc.) … all in all, the daughter could have said way way way way worse stuff. The biological father definitely went way overboard. Seriously, did you read/hear what he said as he tried to make up excuses for not returning the property that he stole….. he looks and sounds dumb…. you can just literally see it in his face, expression and tone… sorry but just calling it as i see it.

    • Ram

      Good question, its not news, its just “Fox News” being well…. “Fox News” ….. Its just the way society is… people rather know what the Hiltons or Kardashians are up to vs real news about new medical or technological discoveries that might save their lives or make their life easier, to spend millions on magazines or paparazzi photos vs fixing the water crisis in California. Plans that can suck up the ocean water, clean and treat it to use as drinkable or arable water — by the way, they have the technology for it… its just their excuse is it cost to much and etc. That’s the real news, good luck.

      • me

        You sure have spent alot of time passionately defending something not newsworthy. The dad had the right to take the phone, not keep it for a year. The mother and her cop husband had the obvious agenda of making him look bad in lue of co-parenting. The real story is divorce continues to tear at the fabric of our society and damage the children caught in between to competing parents.

  • Vicki Mitchell

    Why hasn’t he given his daughter the phone back after 1.5 years though? I could see taking a phone away for aq few days or a week for a rude text message but 1.5 YEARS? And if the ex-wife was paying for the phone, it should have gone back to her. (Although I do not know if that is the case.)

    • WTH?

      Okay, someone needs to be charged with a crime here. If the mother paid for the phone and service, then the father should be charged with theft since it would still belong to the mother. If the father paid for the phone and service, then the mother should be charged with filing a false police report. You can’t steal something that belongs to you. And if her police officer / husband had anything to do with this, he needs to be brought up on charges as well.

    • Robert

      This should be a Family Court issue and not a Criminal Court issue, and the Courts should consider the best interests of the child, not the parents. As long as a child is able to maintain “reasonable” contact with the other parent, a phone provided for the sole use of the child may be withheld by either parent for as long as it is reasonably necessary to provide effective discipline. This could be a very long period if either (1) the other parent attempts to minimize the effect of the disciplinary action or (2) the child maintains the bad behavior and believes he or she can simply out wait the parent’s discipline. The phone should only be returned to the other parent if it is used for an unintended purpose (for the non-purchasing parent’s benefit), the child becomes 18 years old and no longer subject to disciplinary action of the parent, or there is no reasonable disciplinary rationale for continuing to withhold the phone.

  • omg

    Once the ex-wife threatened to call the police, the main issues concerning their daughter’s social interactions went out the window. NowThe tables have turned and now the poor child’s parents are fighting!! Over a CELLPHONE. We talking about a cellphone..I’m siding with the father on this one (and so did the judge). It was an expensive and long lasting fight but I am glad he stood his ground. I’m very curious to know which officer filed the report. If it was was the ex new spouse, then he should be investigated as well

    • XdeRubicon

      I’m with you, the judge, and the dad as well. To me this is not a cell phone issue, it’s a control issue. Which parent “controls” the child. I’m seriously doubting the judgement of the parent who decided she had the police in her hip pocket and the people between her husband and the judge who didn’t council the cop on the kind of trust issues that arise in the community when power is misused for personal reasons.

    • Cicero Viscious

      NO – it’s not over a cellphone – it’s over keeping your kid inline and NOT being told by the gov’t how to parent your kid. The phone is just the object – in essence the catalyst – of this whole thing. It cold have been a computer, an ipod, an 8-track tape – a frickin’ puppy. Doesn’t matter – all the key issues would remain…EXCEPT IN VERY RARE CIRCUMSTANCES, the gov’t has NO RIGHT to tell people how to parent and those rare circumstances ALWAYS include the welfare of the kid. Listen people, kids do NOT have the same rights as parents nor adults. They do not have the right to dictate what they can and cannot do nor what they can and cannot possess. They have a right to life, care, and protection – that’s it. It’s is the parents job to manage the rest…and this has been clouded by an endless set of bleeding heart type who are stuck on some eternal self-indulgent guilt trip for some imagined set of crimes and causes…and these people need serious therapy…

  • mari

    1. I think the mother has got serious issues. She is not thinking about what’s best for the child she is most likely because so do your parent they probably both have joint custody but she is the custodian and the father is the non custodial parent. So therefore the mother is not thinking about sharing, she is on a power struggle.
    2. The stepfather aka the officer overstepped his boundaries. Acting like he is the biological father and officer which in the court of law the stepfather actually has no legal say in the matter. I think these step father and the mother should reimburse the biological father the $1,500 that was spent to bail him out of jail hello so think that the stepfather the officer should be reprimanded for interfering in this civil matter. I think the mother should have a warning and if she continues on this type of activity and in the road she should removed as the custodial parent and given to the biological father. And if it continues again take away a little bit at a time of the mothers right and given to the biological father and vice versa if it turns around and the father starts attacking or doing things to the mother. Both parents need to work together as a unit as one and be on the same page for the child. If they both can not work together as one unit then they need to go into counseling to learn how to co-parent .
    3. It is not considered theft if the parents, like the mother, bought the phone for the child and the child goes to the father’s house for visitation and the child abusing that privilege and the father is taking the phone away is not theft . He is reprimanding the child for her disobedience and he is a not intending to keep the phone. While the child is in the father’s care he is responsible for the child and the items she has. Therefore he should be able to take the phone away if she is abusing that privilege. Besides once the parents give the gift to the child it is the child no longer the parents but as being the custodians over the child they have the right to take away an item to redirect the child’s behavior.

    So the shortened things warn the mother stop that type of behavior from following on to the child. Reprimand the officer aka the stepfather .. how the mother in the step father reimburse the biological father the $1,500. both parents should go in co parenting classes and the mother should pay for it. if they do that I think you may have a change all the way around.

  • anoush

    The ex-wife was not being fair despite if the girl’s parents get along or not. Just cuz ur married to a cop doesn’t make u any better cuz our society is messed up and nyou can’t even trust cops these day syet alone trust ur ex who’s married with one. All the power to the dad who confiscated her phone what he should’ve done is also ground her 12 year old ass and slap his ex for the messed up parenting she’s doing if she’ even involved and make jail time worth while since they locked him up regardless of doing nothing wrong.

  • Empowered2makeitwork written by Anne Perez

    This is one sick person, and that lady cop X spouse should give up her badge, She should be ashamed of herself. What does she want to one day arrest her daughter because of letting things like proceed into worse things in the future? I believe the father did everything correctly. Phones aren’t goon in the hands of the teens, unprotected by parents. To much bullying happens.

  • Cicero Viscious

    JEEEE-SUS….What the heck is America coming to??? The gov’t now states a parent cannot takes the minor child cell phone??? Are you kidding me??? Seriously WHAT NUTJOB thinks that is ok???? I have no idea if this is liberal lunacy – GOP lunacy – in fact, I don’t really care – IT’S LUNACY!!!! And no – I doubt the argument some here make about the phone being the property of the ex-wife holds any water because THE JUDGE LET HIM KEEP THE PHONE. What very likely happened is this loser ex-wife is marrying a cop so she sick’d her man on the ex-hubby…in essence she can’t fight her own battles and she needs to get her corrupt cop boyfriend to do it…LAME LAME LAME

  • Linda

    It’s just an angry ex-wife using her husband now a police officer using/abusing his authority.
    1-his supervisor needs a mental health evaluation done….abuse of authority!! He should have told her the proper parental DISCUSSION they should have with their daughter…..without the new husband police officer. Actually HE should be disciplined!!!
    And to bring this type of attention th the DFW PD how selfish!!!
    God bless them if they are WILLING to move forward….. If not the only person hurt is this young lady🙏🙏❤️

  • Cheryl

    I checked out the story in blue. It was the same story. It did not say that he had this phone for a year. And I don’t understand why it was not his right to take the phone away. Was he suppose to call the mom & ask her if it was ok to take the phone away? I DON’T THINK SO!!

  • Kimberly Dahlberg

    OK my dad did the same thing but he inflicted violence. So you are telling me people that it is ok for a 50 year old man to abuse his only daughter of 16 just to take her phone away?!?!?!?

  • Don

    RAM… What you fail to see is that this really isn’t about the police and the law. It’s about a parent trying to better their child through discipline. The parents should have worked together to come up with together to punish her and the police wouldn’t have to have had be brought into the picture.

  • Roxann

    The wife and her new boyfriend/husband is very wrong for doing what they did. What are you teaching your daughter wifey, nothing you’re teaching her nothing except bad values you’re teaching her it’s who you know not how to be a good person not how to do right not how to abide by the rules shame on you.

  • Jane Saka

    Life is all about good and bad experience
    Life is all about good and bad experience. It was all good and lovely when i met jully, she was a good business woman until things become rough for her and her business empire started liquidating. I was a very courageous and hardworking man so i decided to sell my inheritance to assist . We both struggle together and built the business world again. This time around the business was growing from strength to strength. I was surprise one Sunday evening when she came home with her secretary and told me that we cannot continue with this pretense called love. I was shocked and heart broken, i was in a friend, house for three weeks frustrated until i met fernando my old friend at the supermarket, he directed to me to Dr saka. I contacted saka and he told me that Jully was been manipulated by some spiritual power and he told me to provide some items which he is going to use to destroy the evil spirit. I never believe in voodoo but i had to give him a trial. To my greatest surprise, Jully called and started apologizing 2 days after i sent Dr. Saka the email. I am very happy and will continue to be happy for the good work the Saka has done in my life. Problems are been solved when good people like Saka are on this planet, please contact him through if you need any support in any problems in life. I love Dr Saka …:)

  • Roger

    Had you listened to all the facts it was the Ex-Wife’s phone that she gave to the daughter, and the Father took it from the child and refused to give it back to the Ex-Wife. This is what is called theft.


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