Heat ADVISORY for most of southeast Wisconsin until 7pm tonight

Gov. Walker to sign bill legalizing concealed switchblades on Saturday

Looking ahead

MADISON — Gov. Scott Walker is set to sign a bill that would allow people to carry concealed switchblades and knives.

The governor plans to the sign the measure Saturday afternoon at the National Rifle Association and Wisconsin FORCE’s annual convention in Weston. Wisconsin FORCE, or Firearm Owners, Ranges, Clubs and Educators, is an NRA-chartered association that advocates for the right to bear arms.

Manufacturing, selling, transporting, purchasing or possessing a switchblade has been illegal in Wisconsin for decades. The Republican-authored bill eliminates the prohibition as well as permits anyone who can legally possess a gun to carry concealed knives of any length without a concealed carry license. The bill also bars local governments from enacting knife regulations stricter than state law.

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    • Denise

      Yep, I can hear the criminals now! Huddled in a corner somewhere freaking out & wondering how they will still carry their Illegal guns or knives without a Concealed Carry! NOT! You commenters are a bunch of morons! Now at least Law Abiding Citizens can match the weapons these scumbag Liberals already carry Illegally! We actually follow laws, unlike you Prog Communists!

  • libertarian

    This guy is a real moron!! Now we have to worry about getting stabbed to!! What in the world are these nut bag conservatives trying to do? First they give out guns to everybody now they want to fill the streets with knives. Hey Waker! Hello! You watch the local news at all Walker? You see what’s going on? All those guns you let everyone carry are killing people left and right and now you want to let them knife each other to!? Unbelievable! This guy should be in jail.

  • Dem 2016

    Agreed the state must be crazy. Here’s a guy carrying around over a million dollars of debt to the taxpayers yet he wants to hand out knives for people to walk around and commit crimes with.

    • Denise

      Frank, you are the only one I don’t include when I say these commenters are morons! Seems like Milwaukee is full of mostly criminal suppporting Communist leaning Nut Job Liberals! So glad the rest of WI, minus the 3 – 5 real ghettos (once called cities) run by Liberals are not affecting the sanity of the rest of the state! Clearly, Liberalism is truly a Mental Illness!


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