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Mountain Dew’s puppy monkey baby commercial scares Super Bowl viewers

SANTA CLARA, Calif. — It’s the Super Bowl 50 commercial that everyone’s talking about.

Mountain Dew’s strange PuppyMonkeyBaby Super Bowl commercial is extremely strange.

The commercial showed some friends drinking the new Kickstart drink when the hybrid shows up and starts singing.

The PuppyMonkeyBaby is a creature that combines baby legs, a monkey body and a pug dog’s head.

The drink is a combination of Dew, juice and caffeine.

#PuppyMonkeyBaby started trending shortly after the commercial aired.

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    • Ben

      Peter. I to thought this commercial was awkward, but I would encourage you to look deeper into the way in which you are analyzing this commercial. You said that it was “demonic” and you even apologized to your family from Spain. Is this demonic because it is a image of a baby/monkey/dog? If that is the case, then read Ezekiel 1:10. Here is the interpretation of Ezekiel’s vision of angels. The bible is full of these type of half mixed creature visions. Now that I have redefined your interpretation of evil, I would like to point you into the right direction. We are living in a world full of pornography, drugs, Homosexuality and much more. This commercial is no more harmful that if you decided to draw a picture of a man/goat. 2 Timothy 2:22 – Flee also youthful lusts: but follow righteousness, faith, charity, peace, with them that call on the Lord out of a pure heart.

    • Michael Masserang

      You are a shallow, uncreative prude. And here I am getting aggravated with the politically correct left wingers that want to eliminate free speech, expand government and turn the population into a bunch of robots, then I see your stupid right wing post. Take your religious nonsense and shove it up your ass. The commercial was innocent, creative, and stimulating. There are no religious overtones whatsoever. Do you have an imagination? I guess not. I haven’t had a can of Mountain Dew in years and now all I’ve thought about over the last 24 hours is puppymonkeybaby. The marketing worked. Have the PC police completely destroyed America’s sense of humor? It would appear so. Nobody can take a joke without their feelings getting hurt. If you dont like it, turn your channel to the Walton’s reruns. Maybe that’s more your pace. Quite frankly I dont give a damn about your feelings or your right winged nonsense. Do us all a favor and stay off the internet!

    • Guy

      As a Christian, I can tell you that you are absolutely insane. You’re looking way too much into this. Stop wasting energy on something as meaningless as a commercial. Bring back decency to television? Television never had decency. Either you’re too young to know that, or you’re looking through rose-colored glasses. Television is indeed worse. But, it’s never been good. By your logic, it takes people away from God’s word and the commandments, and because of that, it should be considered demonic. You’re the only demon here.

    • n8

      Peter, as much as I celebrate diversity, it’s so sad for America that there are people like you voting. I’m guessing you vote Republican, which really almost tempts me to vote 180 degrees…but that would mean voting Hillary. There really needs to be a third option…we need to call it the Sanity Party.

  • Charlie Bronson

    Why is everyone so sensative these days? “OMG I’m like SOOOO creeped out!” I thought it was hallarious and the best ad this year. Can we not have a little fun? Stop being so serious people. As far as what’s wrong with America? Everyone is offended by everything! Daisy’s and Pansies!

  • Brigit Haucke

    The oddest commercial I have seen in a long time. Scary it was not! The commercial says nothing to me but stupidity on the companies part. It is actually an annoying commercial. One I would turn off if it came on while I was watching television. Let’s stop the dumbing down crap for us humans, alright!

  • LC

    We are all writing comments about the commercial. The next time you see a Mountain Dew it will stand out to you, like it or not. Call it stupid, scary, funny …whatever. Their advertising team did it’s job, evidenced by the fact that we are discussing their product. Whether famous or infamous we’re talking about it. It’s a win for them.

  • Claydo Myerson

    At first I was like WTF is that… Once I realized it was a puppy-monkey-baby, it was hilarious…. I’m sure someone in a horrific research lab somewhere is messing with the gene pool and trying to develop a real one !!!

  • AO

    All of you saying Mountain Dew is stupid for putting this commercial out or crying about how “scared” you are of baby legs, monkey torso, and puppy head, are almost as hilarious as the commercial was. In my opinion, it was funny. However, it was more smart than funny. Look at how many people are tweeting, commenting, sharing it EVEN IF they are just criticizing it. Any publicity is good advertising when the commercial is completely harmless.

    Also, to the people who think they should be censoring this type of stuff, maybe you should move to a communist country so you won’t have to worry about having your own decisions and everything will be perfect for you there.

    • John Joseph Bovenzi

      The future of advertising… can’t think of something really intelligent to create to get your message across to your viewers? Well just create something REALLY stupid that people will be talking about in various ways so your company name gets lots of publicity. Smart… maybe, excellence in commercial marketing… I think not! I’ve seen far better commercials that really do the job and do not leave disturbing images burning into my retinas! Thank God I don’t watch professional football or the “stupor bowl”. This world has gone to hell right in front of our eyes.

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