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She was inside Avery’s home during the Halbach investigation: What she saw that’s stuck with her

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

MANITOWOC -- The Steven Avery media frenzy began in earnest on September 11th, 2003. That’s when Avery was released from prison after serving 18 years for a rape, it was later proved he did not commit. It has heated back up now, following the release of the popular Netflix docuseries "Making A Murderer," which premiered on December 18th, and focuses on Avery's conviction for the murder of Teresa Halbach, a young photographer for Auto Trader magazine. Avery and his nephew, Brendan Dassey are serving life sentences for that crime.

Steven Avery released from prison in 2003

Steven Avery released from prison in 2003

Just two years after Avery was freed from prison, exonerated in the rape case, he was charged with murder.

Halbach came to the Avery property to photograph a vehicle the Avery family was looking to sell.

The Netflix docuseries focuses on the case -- and whether Avery and his nephew were wrongfully convicted. The documentary has stirred up protests of the conviction and public outcry for a new trial for Avery and Dassey.

Both are appealing their convictions.

Netflix "Making A Murderer"

Netflix "Making A Murderer"

A retired Calumet County Sheriff’s deputy was at the Avery property and Steven Avery's home right after the Halbach murder happened.

She is now sharing her story with FOX6 News.

Retired Calumet County Sheriff's deputy

Retired Calumet County Sheriff's deputy

This deputy did not want to be identified because there is so much strong sentiment surrounding the case.

She described her role in the investigation for FOX6 News:

“I was like a support staff. When they needed extra hands, I was there," the deputy said.

The retired deputy says she was close to what was going on at the time, involved in guarding the Avery property and the salvage lot.

Avery property

Avery property

“I helped walk through where the cars were. We went through every single one of those cars. I did overnight security at the property. I helped videotape the property," the deputy said.

The deputy says from where she sat, on the front lines, she saw no set up of Avery or conspiracy to frame him for murder.

Avery property

Avery property

“It feels like people are attacking my credibility," the deputy said.

The deputy says if she had seen anything fishy, she would be the first to go to the media. When she went into Avery’s house after the Halbach murder, she says one thing struck her as she was taking notes.

“Just the bleach containers on his kitchen cupboard and how immaculate his house was. He cleaned that house. I believe he spent all of his time cleaning that house and trying to get rid of the remains and that’s why he didn’t have time to crush the car. It’s just my opinion," the deputy said.

Avery defense attorney Dean Strang appears on FOX News

Avery defense attorney Dean Strang appears on FOX News

She says a recent Fox News interview with one of Avery’s former defense attorneys struck her. In that interview Dean Strang said, “Steven Avery can be accused of being a lot of things, but a really good housekeeper doesn’t make the list.”

"All I can remember is his house was so clean. And when his attorney, this kind of struck me, a couple weeks ago, his attorney and Ken Kratz (the prosecutor) were on one of the news shows and I can’t quote him, but his attorney said, 'one thing I can say about Steven Avery is that he’s not a very good housekeeper' and my jaw dropped when he said that, because when I was in there it was so clean. It was so clean. Not just uncluttered, but clean, clean," the deputy said.

Teresa Halbach, Steven Avery

Teresa Halbach, Steven Avery

The retired Calumet County deputy says she believes Steven Avery is where he should be, in prison for life.

As for Avery’s nephew Brendan Dassey?

Steven Avery and Brendan Dassey

Steven Avery and Brendan Dassey

“I believe he was an accessory to the crime and I believe he could have saved Teresa Halbach’s life. And instead of going along with his uncle, if he would have called 911, Teresa would be alive," the deputy said.

The Avery story and surrounding controversy is far from over. He is appealing his conviction, as is Dassey.

Steven Avery has obtained new legal counsel, and has filed an appeal of his murder conviction.

Avery on January 7th signed and filed an appeal in the case on his own behalf, and that appeal was received by the Wisconsin Court of Appeals on January 11th.

Avery said he wants to be released from prison while the Wisconsin Court of Appeals considers his latest challenge to his 2007 murder conviction.

The state has opposed Avery's motion for release.  Wisconsin Assistant Attorney General Thomas Fallon has issued a letter to Sheboygan County Circuit Judge Angela Sutkiewicz that says in part, "substantial reasons exist for this court to deny Avery's motion."

Chicago lawyer Kathleen Zellner on January 8th announced she is teaming up with the Midwest Innocence Project. The Law Firm of Kathleen T. Zellner and Associates has assumed representation of Avery in all of his pending criminal matters.

She has been posting about the case on Twitter.

Avery has not seen the Netflix docuseries. There is no Netflix in prison, and Avery's request to view the series was denied.

As for Brendan Dassey, there is currently a federal habeas petition alleging that Dassey's constitutional rights were violated and it requests that his conviction be vacated.

Rally in support of Steven Avery/Brendan Dassey

Rally in support of Steven Avery/Brendan Dassey

Can't get enough of the Steven Avery story? Check out the Avery Archive at FOX6Now.com.


    • Clatth

      Clean???! http://www.stevenaverycase.org/photos/ It’s not that far off being suitable to feature on an episode of hoarders. Teacup ornaments on the toilet. Piles of paperwork on the desk, a very dusty headboard of the bed, dirty bedside cabinet…..and on & on.

      Sheriff dept lady you need to dip into the cash you got for that interview and go to the optician! If people are questioning anything it’s your eyesight, not your imtegrity.

      • judy

        OH MY, such desperation!!! This coming from the obvious female deputy who read Avery’s letter from his cluttered desk while laughing then going onto a cluttered closet full of shoes we heard saying “maybe we should collect those shoes for imprints from unsolved burglaries”. This is SO laughable I almost peed myself. In the immediate footage taken, I can’t believe anyone would even try to pass off such a statement as the truth.
        GAWD, are these people living in an alternate reality??? I want to visit to escape my own for a bit. Please tell me Deputy Fife, how do I get there from here?

        How many Alien reports have been documented from that County??? I guess in the end, the Aliens will be to blame.

      • judy

        Clearly the slimy corrupt deputy that was seen reading Avery’s mail and laughing at the letter from the State. Also the one who wanted to collect his shoes for unsolved burglaries. GAWD, can these people get any worse than they are?

      • Cozz

        I believe she is being honest. She couldn’t believe how this incredibly messy house is completely clean of TH’s blood and DNA. SA must have a 6th sense to identify who blood came from as he didn’t bother to clean up his own blood in that very house.

      • Kev

        This would be good ‘ol Wendy Baldwin, the Fired Alcoholic Deputy who along with Deputy Bass burned an effigy of the sheriff. She says she was a “support” only not really involved in the investigation but she rode in the flyovers and participated in numerous interviews. She prepared most of the search warrants also.

    • Steven Caffery (@StevenCaffery)

      If you read the trial transcript the key was found after they took all the books out of the shelf and moved it. The transcript also indicates that the first search was done late in the day and was a walkthrough. Then the crime units methodically search every inch of the trailer. Read the trial transcripts for Avery and Dassey and everything Making a Murderer insinuates starts to fall apart quickly. Take the Dassey trail. Dassey admits on the stand to cleaning a blood like substance from Avery’s garage. Dassey turned over his bleached jeans to the police and luminol testing of the garage verified the bleach cleanup. Why was this key evidence and testimony left out of the documentary? Because of time constraints? Or because it is damaging to the set up conspiracy.

      • Tamari Jenson

        Hmmmm….Lenk and Ramiker walked through Avery’s trailer on Nov. 4th but somehow missed all those bleach bottles. Avery left for Crivitz later that afternoon never to return to that trailer. Either this woman is full of it or Lenk and Remiker are complete morons. Or all of the above.

      • ken

        If you were more diligent in looking through all the transcripts you would have noticed the photographs taken before the key was found and after the keys were found and notice all the coins on top of the drawers are in exactly the same place. They hadn’t moved as the drawer hadn’t moved to ‘dislodge the key’. It is obvious if they were going to move the drawers and the key dropped out the coins on the top would have moved, even a little. If that isn’t proof then the fact no DNA was found on the key from the victim because it was not the key she used every single day. Notice it was a super shiny new key. Her boss verified, as do other photos, that she carried a set of keys, not one car key on its own. On the use of bleach it was pointed out the bleach has been used for years, after they have been hunting. It was also common for Brendan to help clean up after the animal carcass was disposed. You are grasping at straws, and are very easily led. Open your eyes. Not only was a lot of defence evidence left out of the trial, as you must have noised if you had read the transcripts, but the most worrying part is the judge failed to allow hard evidence, and key sightings of the victim, so al to of vital information was not presented and therefor not int he transcripts. A huge fabrication and coercion throughout the case. Worth asking why there was so much lying – just like the statement in this Fox6 clip – where it bears no relationship to how his home looked – in the photos and the video, or that bleach was where she said it was. Why lie – because there is ZERO hard evidence. A world of fabrication – and amazing how some people actually believe it!

      • JAFO

        They took a photo of the key after they found it. All the items had been placed back on the dresser and the dresser had been put neatly back into place. Did none of the items fall off during the rigorous shaking, did they decide to tidy up a little before taking the photo or did they only notice the key laying out in the open after tidying up?

      • Kevin P Maher

        Really Steven? You cannot, I repeat cannot clean all that supposed blood from the garage and have it that clean! Dassey said they killed her in the bed in Steven’s bedroom, which is it? There is no blood evidence anywhere to be found, Not even Dexter could clean it that well, there would still be traces of blood, with the bleach, you just wouldn’t be able to tell who’s blood it is!
        Now, here is my theory ! The Sgt found the woman murdered in her car, and thought for damn sure it was Avery! So him and the LT. started the frame, to make sure Avery was convicted. What really troubles me is that all of the Manitowoc Sheriff’s deputies that were in (I thought they were supposed to stay clear of the search and investigation, guess not, since they found all the evidence) the house and on the property were not supposed to be there? They had to be to complete the frame and the Calumet deputies were either in on it or just stupid, which do you think? What a freaking circus! Well Steven, hope you never sit on a jury because you are not intelligent enough to hear the evidence and judge the person by what you were shown and told during the trial, just as the 12 that were there, I hear a few were not buying it but were pressured into the guilty verdict! The judicial system in this country is fixed, if you are poor, you are going to jail whether or not you are guilty, Prosecutors lie for the cops and further their lies Hope you are never accused of something you did not do, and if you are, you better have the dough for a good Lawyer, if not, good luck inside because you are going to jail!

    • MartinBBarnes

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    • MartinBBarnes

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  • hos_gotta_eat_too

    Does this “sheriff” forget that there is documented footage of the kitchen that showed NO bleach bottles??? If there was bleach bottles, this whole “did he clean the trailer and garage” would have been answered RIGHT AWAY!..

    i call Kratz shenanigans on this one.

    unnamed sheriff….riggggght.

    • Steven Caffery (@StevenCaffery)

      The crime scene photos have never been released and the walkthrough video was never shown in its entirety. Why do you supporters insist on making statements that can’t be backed up? Unless one has supportable evidence assumptions are useless.

      • Clatth

        Why would you make such a statement when the actual trial evidence photos, backed up with the actual trial testimon, is avalilable in full at stevenaverycase.org ?

      • Els Beth

        You mean the kind of supportable evidence like: blood that was swabbed onto a vehicle in a few weird places, None of Steven’s DNA or prints anywhere on the vehicle, except on the latch of the hood of the car, that the examiner admitted to not changing gloves before going to the Rav4. None of his prints or DNA on the rolled up license plate in plain view just waiting for somebody to find it. A key with only his DNA, none of the victims DNA anywhere except on a bullet fragment that wasn’t found for months after and both of those items found by two deputy’s that were in a law suit against the man. Bones burnt to literal shards, supposedly in a backyard fire pit that the sheriff’s dept wouldn’t let the coroner near, who then didn’t take pictures because the scene had basically been destroyed.

      • Kevin P Maher

        Again Steven, if they haven’t been released, how can you say that? You are a MORON, I rest my case! See how easy that is, you ask us not to assume but you do? Quit commenting on things which you haven’t a clue! You must be related to one of the cops or prosecutors, which is it? We know it is not because you are smart. that’s for damn sure!,

  • Kelly Clark

    What a joke, why dont you try reporting something that is not a bag of lies from either of the departments involved, his house was not clean and this is just another tactic by the police depts. to justify what they did to these people, everyone in the state and then some saw this and all they did was make an even bigger ass out of themselves!!!

    • hos_gotta_eat_too

      One more thing Jessica…when Kathleen Zellner proves him innocent, and the real killer of Teresa Halbach is found out…do you plan to leave media forever? I mean, nevermind the lawsuit faced for publishing and profiting off a case that is so CLEARLY fraught with questionable evidence, law enforcement and proceedings…how would you ever be able to put your name to paper as a writer again…You seriously did epic damage to your journalistic credibility with the book…because this is going to be an intense war Fox6, this sheriff and Manitowoc County just started…Using the press and a sheriff to try to make sure Steven Avery does not get a fair and impartial jury? Where have we seen this before? And back then…he just had a public defender…to use this tactic AGAIN?? with him having a lawyer with 17 exonerations in 20 years? Do you REALLY think she is going to stand idly by and let that happen? No….i have a feeling someone in Manitowoc’s life is about to change drastically…to get the dominos of corruption started.

      Quite sure half the players there have been under investigation for sometime now..Phone calls…late visits…odd behavior…i am sure someone is documenting it all. Tsk..

      Hey Jessica, maybe if your publisher doesn’t drop you, then perhaps they will let you pen a book about the incoming fallout…I doubt it, but ..hey, hopes :)

  • Bugdog1

    Clean!? The photo exhibits of Steven Avery’s trailer are available online for free and we can see it is massively cluttered and dusty. This lady has a low standard for “clean, clean”.

  • Clatth

    Clean???! http://www.stevenaverycase.org/photos/ Have a look for yourelf. It’s not that far off being suitable to feature on an episode of hoarders. Teacup ornaments on the toilet. Piles of paperwork on the desk, a very dusty headboard of the bed, dirty bedside cabinet…..and on & on.

    Lady you need to dip into the cash you got for that interview and go to the optician! If people are questioning anything it’s your eyesight, not your imtegrity.

  • Clatth

    Is this the one written by the lady who slept with some other guys wife? If so im afraid it goes onto the list with Monica Lewinsky. It’s hard to believe information from a lady with that moral standard….

  • Chemist

    This is so silly – I am a chemist – Chlorine bleach does not remove blood. Peroxide does but that is not what they show he has.

    • Clatth

      And as this study shows DNA is in fact not destroyed by chlorinated or non chlorinated bleach. So even bleaching wouldnt have got rid of all dna.

      “Dna quality was found to be aprreciably high despite the ise of chlorinated or non chlorinated cleaning agents.”


      • Juju Bee

        you shouldnt have ever been able to prosecute anyone while you were high on prescribed drugs during an investigation or a trail, get the heck out impostor/ drug abuser, youre no different than those you prosecute

      • Juju Bee

        Oh and let me not forget your Judge buddy should have been recuse for using stevens prior conviction that he was found not guilty of to sentence him to life without parole in the murder case. Citing he has become worse now than before and because of that he gets life without chance of parole, what a crock, how did he dare use his prior not guilty conviction in sentencing him on this new case.and to a harsher sentence at that.

  • Gretchen

    “I helped walk through where the cars were. We went through every single one of those cars. I did overnight security at the property. I helped videotape the property,” the deputy said. Then why did they not find Teresa’s car right away??? Why was it found only 10 minutes after that lady went searching for it???

    • Shelby

      Exactly!! If you searched EVERY car on this 40 acre lot and video taped the lot, why didn’t anyone find TH car at that point?

      • HayKat

        Because the ex-boyfriend KNEW WHERE THE CAR WAS AND GAVE THEM A CAMERA TO TAKE PICTURES “IF” they found anything PLUS A PHONE THE POLICE GAVE THEM THAT CONNECTED DIRECTLY TO THEM again if they found anything. Now it was one of SA’s brothers who allower them on to the property to search. This assured neither the local police NOR Teresa’s ex-boyfriend were directly related in finding her car with blook evidence that caused the a 3 week shut down of the Avery compound. The Avery’s could have been there in there parents trailer. Why, since all the Avery family was gone, did they not check any other trailers? If there were so suspecious of Brandan, why did they not check his trailer? Or the brothers? Especially after finding out that, I think it was Bobby Dassey, who took a 22 rifle, the same as thought to have killed Teresa Halbach, and tried to sell it at work! Nobody looked into that!

  • Jay

    Lol she obviously got paid to say that. What a joke. I can’t wait to see these cops get what they deserve. This article only made it more obvious that the prosecutors are scared. Hah

  • PP

    OMG if she thinks his house was soooo clean I would hate to see her house. Doesn’t she know we have all the insdie pictures of his house in the case files. I am embarrassed for her and also you for reporting on this.

  • Shane

    In her defense you could say that cleanliness is subjective. She could live in a mcdonalds dumpster and of course with such a background she WOULD think Avery’s trailer was immaculate.

  • Angela

    Oh, yea… A testimony from the very Sheriff’s department the planted evidence. This lady was videotaped saying that she should take all of Stevens shoes and use them to solve the unsolved burglaries in the area. In other words, she thought that they should make shoe impressions around those properties, then tie them to Steven’s shoes. This very woman was talking about planting evidence against Steven for crimes he did not do. How reliable is she????

  • Cathryn

    And that’s damn near impossible! At this point, I’m waiting for Wisconsin to announce plans to firebomb Manitowoc County in order to save the reputation of the rest of the state.

  • hos_gotta_eat_too

    I love that he did such a good job of cleaning that house of DNA that he was able to replace ALL of his lost DNA after the purge…as well as Jodi’s….you know, his gf…that was in jail the entire time..

    • Els Beth

      Yah, he found a way that nobody else has been able to do that, super intelligent, and don’t forget about returning dust and clutter back to the way it was. But then forgets to clean his blood out of the car, that he parked in his own yard, instead of driving it out and leaving it abandoned somewhere, leave the license plate in plain site, put her phone and camera into this burn barrel and not burn it with the body. take the key into his house and leave that there

  • arugala

    backtracking, thats all this is about, trying to cover their tracks. is this the same “deputy” that looks in steven’s closet at his shoes and says “lets test his shoes for any unsolved burglaries in the area” this is the mindset of every law enforcement that entered his home, and without a warrant, he allowed his home to be searched MULTIPLE TIMES without a warrant, so, do i believe this person? absolutely not! and is a break in as a teenager, with other teenagers the same as murder? no way.

    • Shelby

      It’s the same person….I would like to see her report on these bleach/ chlorine bottles and how cleaned up the trailer was…it doesn’t exist I’m sure but only in her head 10 years later… Liar…. This department is throwing out all the little nonsense stories now because they are back-peddling, I’m convinced they are very concerned that SA attorney KZ is going to get him out and that will be very bad for all who were involved in this conviction. KZ is no joke, this lady is a beast at what she does and I think they are very worried about what this beast is going to unleash on the whole gang that participated, from top person to the bottom person!

  • Ace

    You can’t get rid off blood by just cleaning the joint with some bleach, I know that because the guy who killed her, George zipperer, the next door neighbour tore his garage down!

  • Shelby

    Yea I’m sure she was the one in the documentary telling others to collect all his she’s in case there are any unsolved burglaries in the area!! She was already trying to convict him of other crimes at the point of doing a search! Tell this lady to shut up no one wants to hear what she has to say… It’s obvious that trailer was far from clean just from the footage. Manitowoc is trying to save face now because SA attorney KZ is going to have this man exonerated for the 2nd time in his life which is pretty much unheard of!! That will be one of the biggest civil lawsuits ever for sure!

  • Terry Miles

    Where are the photographs of these bleach containers?? I did see photos of the inside of the house, and if she thinks that’s clean and organized I would be afraid to go in her house!! No wonder she does not want her face or name involved with this story. Also never heard anything about strong bleach smells from any of the police. sounds like she is making this up and needs to be investigated herself!!!

  • JWB

    I could be wrong, but I don’t recall at any time hearing about investigators ever commenting on seeing or smelling bleach and suspecting there was some attempt at a cleaning or covering up blood/DNA evidence. How is this being classified a “new” discovery? They don’t show her face but I’m sure she has brown eyes.

    • arugala

      such a great point, they didnt smell any bleach, or they arent trained well, isnt part of their job to take notice of the smell of bleach at a crime scene? morons, notice they get these “part-time deputies” to talk for the sheriff dept. PATHETIC, hiding behind ken kratz and a wannabee sheriff who would waste taxpayers money making castings of old shoes for a 20 year old burglary case, its like sheriff pre-school.

  • nowthisisnow

    People in Wisconsin must be pretty gullible when a vice cop can just claim he found a piece of bone in a yard that had been searched by dogs for three days, and this somehow is taken as fact. With zero documentation, proof or picture that it it existed, or even some one did bend down and pick something up, whether it was just a donut they thought was a bone. That a lone key magical appears on the same day and that a blood stain, obviously painted on with a QTIP had suddenly appeared next to the ignition of the Rav4 the day after the vehicle was discovered in the crime lab by the photographer. A lab with a history of problems. We know there is some unknown mystery person in the mix who unlocked the Rav4 at the lab – this person painted the blood on from blood he got from Stevens Trans Am parked beside the Rav. Was it the same person who was fired fro being drunk all the time or the one who just fudged their reports – see crime lab investigation in Stevenaverycase.org.

    I have some property for sale PM me. Trust me.

  • Tracie

    Why do you give somebody a public forum to speak without fact checking what she is saying? Don’t you understand how damaging and unfair that is? Wendy (Baldwin) Schmitz was never inside Avery’s trailer until 4 months after he was arrested. If it smelled like bleach it’s because Steve’s girlfriend at the time cleaned the place after the police destroyed it. There are plenty of crime scene photos showing that Avery’s trailer was not immaculate. There is also not one single officer who was in that trailer immediately after the SUV was found that testified that the trailer smelled like bleach. Not one. She is telling a bold faced lie and you just let her tell that lie to thousands of people who are going to believe everything she said. It’s completely irresponsible. Everything she said is refuted by the official documentation. Maybe you should have taken a few minutes to look at it.

  • Kevin

    There is a big push right now by the media to ruin Avery’s character. Just another example of injustice. Cellmates, ex-GFs, ex cops, all getting paid to make negative statements about Steven. Kathleen Zellner is going to rip Manitowac a new one.

    • arugala

      so true, and at the cost of a child, what do they care? brendan isnt their boy, but, i hope something like this comes back, not at them, but at their son’s, isnt that how karma works, what goes around comes around? may the evil these men do come back at their own children, thats right! i said it

  • Semper Fi

    “The deputy says if she had seen anything fishy, she would be the first to go to the media.”

    Go to the media first?

    Why wouldn’t she report her “fishy” observation to her supervisor and the document her observations in a detailed written report. Was she the Public information Officer authorized to provide “fishy” information to the media first?

  • claybigsby

    “. I believe he spent all of his time cleaning that house and trying to get rid of the remains and that’s why he didn’t have time to crush the car.”

    HHAHAHAHAHHAHA it would take literally 90 seconds to crush that car….zzzzzzzz

  • Jon

    More proof Manitowoc and Calumet county police officers are lying through their teeth!!!! Everyone has seen the photos of steven avery’s property.

    Maybe she was at a different property lol!

  • Monica Santos

    That’s the same idiot deputy that can be heard in a video of a walk through in Steve’s trailer saying they should take all of his shoes and see if they can match them to any robberies in the area. She also laughs about the fact that Steve will not be attending an event with the innocence project because he has just been arrested. She is as dirty and Lenk, Colborn. Kratz and the rest of the gang.

    By the way if she thins Steve’s house was immaculate I would hate to see what hers looks like. She seems to have a low bar for what she considers exceptionally clean.

  • ken

    Why did Fox6 miss a golden opportunity? Just a few searching questions….for instance – if she disagrees with the defence stating the house was in a mess, why does she think the prosecution did not point out the defence were lying? Because all the original photos and videos point out she is talking sheer nonsense. Fox6 missed a chance to expose her and help free 2 innocence people. Imagine what impact that would have had. Next time searching questions…..at least some truth.

    • Els Beth

      Again, you are exactly right. They aren’t questioning any of the endless inconsistencies, and the fact that none of there whole “case” makes one bit of sense. Nothing adds up, the stories change, cops are seen changing their previous stories (lying) They just buy it up instead of trying to dig even a little

  • Steven Caffery (@StevenCaffery)

    It doesn’t matter how much evidence comes out against Avery. His supporters refuse to believe he is a murderer. I read the transcripts for both Avery’s and Dassey’s trials and I have no doubt Avery is guilty. Dassey’s guilt is a little harder to nail down but on the stand when confronted with his statements he never said he was coerced but rather he doesn’t know why he made statements of guilt.

    • Clatth

      I actually think he might be guilty but that doesnt change that his dusty headboard, massively cluttered house, dirty bedside cabinet, cluttered bathroom with his blood on the floor etc can all be seen in the actual evidence photos from the official, initial police searches. The photos and the corresponding testimony comfirming them is all online, for free at http://www.stevenaverycase.org

      His guilt has nothing to do with the fact this lady is either lying, blind or has very, very low standards of house keeping!

    • ken

      brendan was a youngster with a low IQ and in the MaM was seen asking his mother what certain simple words mean. He is not going to use the word ‘coercion’ as it won’t be in his vocabulary, and if it was there is still a fair chance he would’t know exactly what it means. In other words he used the truth in the best we he can. He was honest on the stand, unlike some of the prosecution, one officer who could’t remember if it was night or day when he was at the Avery site! It would be comical if the outcome wasn’t so serious. I can only conclude supporters of ‘guilty’ have either a lowered IQ than Brendan or believe locking innocent people up is fair based on a distorted view of life in general!

    • iplay2joff

      Are you saying this woman’s opinion (way to cya) is new “evidence” or that the prosecution held back evidence only to be revealed in case of this eventuality? Does she know something about the murder that wasn’t in the transcripts, considering they supposedly put a whole body on a fire what “remains” would there be in the trailer to clean up? Her hair that they cut off in the bedroom with a knife taken from the kitchen, oh wait, was it in the garage with the knife Avery pulled from his pocket?

      If you look further than MaM and the transcripts and look at the way the whole case was investigated and prosecuted you may actually see why people are so keen to have questions answered about how justice is administered.

    • HayKat

      Because the ex-boyfriend KNEW WHERE THE CAR WAS AND GAVE THEM A CAMERA TO TAKE PICTURES “IF” they found anything PLUS A PHONE THE POLICE GAVE THEM THAT CONNECTED DIRECTLY TO THEM again if they found anything. Now it was one of SA’s brothers who allower them on to the property to search. This assured neither the local police NOR Teresa’s ex-boyfriend were directly related in finding her car with blood evidence that caused the a 3 week shut down of the Avery compound. The Avery’s could have been there in there parents trailer. Why, since all the Avery lived close together including the Dassey. Steven’s sister and Brandan. It was Brandad’s Step-Dad that traied b to sell the 22 rifle and was so obsessed with Steven’s trial and convection, he called it “THE GREATEST THING TO EVER HAPPEN”

  • amerie

    as much crap as there was lying around in that guys house and ESPECIALLY the garage there is no way in hell he could have killed her and not left SOME blood, tissue etc somewhere to be found. Two thing I found odd and maybe it was addressed and maybe not but first of all why was she carrying a single car key around? No house/apartment key? no work keys, no keys to anything else. Nothing. Also in watching the series they showed an old video of her talking about if she dies. she says I love laughing I love my sister, I love all my family but no specific mention of her brother in all that you would almost think she didn’t have a brother, especially one that would be a “spokesman” for the family after her death. I just thought that was odd as well. I honestly don’t know know if the guy is guilty or not but if we ever find out it likely wont be due to the amazing police work done after her disappearance.

    • Juju Bee

      Just what i thought and who posts a video like that about her dying? She was either being stalked or she had a feeling someone was out to get her, and im sure she had that way before she went to the avery property. And why is this old boyfriend still lurking i mean especially after shes clearly gotten another male room mate, not to mention hes the same guy organizing the search and oops let me not forget the one who told the volunteer where to look on the avery property after all the other searchers had gone home, and dont forget he gave her a camera just in case she found something, wow he should apply at the sheriffs department seems like he solved the case singlehandly or he knew more than anyone else

    • Sarah Connor

      that video she made- do you know when she recorded it? To me it sounded like a video that someone would make because they were saying their last goodbyes to the people she loved. Like something a suicidal person would leave behind. One thing I thought was very odd about that video (other than she sounded and looked half stoned, and seemed intent on telling she was loved, and that she had been happy- i think that is the strangest thing to say- spoken in the past tense ) but the oddest thing was that several times she said how much she loved her parents and she loved sisters so much; but she didn’t mention that brother of hers at all in that little love speech. And that brother….there was something very wrong about that guy.In my opinion.Her ex seemed very “off” to me as well. And her brother and the ex-boyfriend seemed oddly cozy with each other. Something about them….something just doesn’t seem right about those two.

  • Aaron Baker

    Thanks Myra Sandchick (what a name) for reminding me to make my Donation to the Steven Avery Legal Defense Fund. I forgot how much the Manitowoc Law Enforcement and Judges are scumbags. I had put it on the back burner. Thanks for reminding me

  • Aaron Baker

    The people making these comments are making some great observations. Myra Sanchick should have done her homework and looked at the photos before printing this article. Shame on you

  • Juju Bee

    Clean? if it was so clean when she was there then why in the heck do all the pictures taken inside the home at that time and in the documentary show it cluttered and unkempt? Get outta here deputy who r u we know you’ve been planted by your cohorts

  • judy

    OH MY, such desperation!!! This coming from the obvious female deputy who read Avery’s letter from his cluttered desk while laughing then going onto a cluttered closet full of shoes we heard saying “maybe we should collect those shoes for imprints from unsolved burglaries”. This is SO laughable I almost peed myself. In the immediate footage taken, I can’t believe anyone would even try to pass off such a statement as the truth.
    GAWD, are these people living in an alternate reality??? I want to visit to escape my own for a bit. Please tell me Deputy Fife, how do I get there from here?

    How many Alien reports have been documented from that County??? I guess in the end, the Aliens will be to blame

  • Sydney

    I believe Pam Sturm is a LIAR! I believe Pam Sturm was in on the “set up”. I believe Pam Sturm will get what’s coming to her! Hopefully she’ll be sporting a lovely black and white striped jumpsuit soon! I don’t think she’d look very good in orange. Ps. The whole world is watching Pam, and Manitowoc.

  • s_wardy_s

    Is FOX6 now the new “News of the world”? This report is absolute sensationalist rubbish, and FOX6 should be ashamed for posting it.

  • ev0k1ng

    Those who side with Steven Avery are delusional and are one sided. The making of a murder did not show all of the evidence. Teresa Halbach is the victim. Did you guys forget? That show is bogus. Instead of making Teresa the victim they made Steven Avery the victim. How fair is that to the actual victim and her family?
    Now think. Why would an accomplice to this murder make up how they killed her? You don’t just randomly explain in “detail” how you butchered someone. He would have been there to see it or do it. And if you say you can just come up with a psycho story then you are mentally ill.

    • iplay2joff

      Paraphrasing Brendan Dassey Interview Transcript:

      Q. What did he do to her head Brendan?
      A. err, cut her hair?
      Q. What else?
      A. err, punched her?
      Q. What else?
      A. err, cut her throat?
      Q. I’m just gonna come out and say it, who shot her in the head?
      A. he did
      Q. why didn’t you tell us that?
      A. I couldn’t think of it.

  • kent

    I had my penis pierced and was in my boyfriends bed and my blood dripped a little bit onto his white bed sheets… He used all the bleach and that blood stain never lifted! Im telling you right now that he has new 1200 dollar washing machine and one gallon of bleach and that little blood stain never lifted! Im sorry but that girl was the victim of someone else murdering her…. It wasn’t Steven! I doubt that he knows a secret to clean blood that two gay men don’t have. Hmmm maybe I should ask Steven his secret…

    Plus why this so call sheriff there when she wasn’t suppose to be there in the first place…. and inside? Fire them all and remove retirement funds!

  • M. Batndt

    This Deputy just created yet another Paradox for the Manitowoc Sheriffs Department…. So, Avery’s house was so clean, “clean” it took 7 different searches to turn up the magic RAV4 key.
    Tick tock Manitowoc.

  • FireflyGal

    What a load of crap this person is. Is this the same female deputy laughing about taking the closet full of shoes to do thread traces for unsolved burglaries!? Wow. How much was she paid for this article!!??

  • Debra Long

    Bleach = Guilt. Really? I am glad you are not a juror in a trial where I am the defendant. The average layman isn’t buying into this, so I find it frightening that a seasoned police officer would. First, as a Board Certified Funeral Director and a person who spent 15 years working with forensics, I can assure you with certainty that it would take days and days (more than 3-4) to cremate a body down to the small bone fragments recovered if it were cremated in an open fire pit. Secondly, both the car and the items discovered in the burn barrel were only partially hidden or destroyed, assuring that they would most notably be found and identified as belonging to the victim. You don’t have to be Sherlock Homes to see that this is highly suspicious. Even if your suspect has only completed a grade-school education, he wouldn’t be this careless. Third, there is no blood on the grounds. NO ONE can clean all traces of blood out of everywhere. It is almost impossible. There would be some trace in the bedroom or in a garage that is full of equipment and machinery. I couldn’t believe the prosecution would really have the people believe that the Avery’s were able to clean up every trace of blood (including any blood around where the bullets landed), but left the bullets. Really? I am not going to even address the key. Given what we already see in this case, the DNA found on the car can be (and probably is) transfer DNA. Too bad we haven’t yet developed a test for that!
    People are not as stupid as you might think. It sounds as if you’re certain of his guilt based on the amount of bleach you observed in his residence. Wow! And you’re a police officer? I am guessing that even if he was proven innocent, you would still stand by your opinion and your conviction. Just another person who is so convinced of their opinion that you would argue the point with God himself. Its apparent that whatever comes into your mind must be the truth. And the worst part is that you truly believe it with all your heart. More’s the pity.
    How can anyone is this country get a fair trial if people like you are sitting on a jury.

  • Patty Oppegard

    Why is the media aiding and abetting corrupt officials? WHAT HAPPENED TO FACT CHECKING YOUR STORIES? Who at your news organization decided to run a story filled with out right fabrications? And all you folks that say, “read the transcripts.” We have, and they make it look way more corrupt than the Netflix series did. Are the trial transcripts one-sided? This piece of “journalism” now adds to the totally corrupt and ignorant officials war against the truth. Please do not call yourself a news organization, you’re a PR firm for a company that is going under because of their own negligence and greed.

  • Sarah Connor

    i saw the pictures of that trailer. It was in no way even close to being spick and span clean like this woman is saying. And maybe she should get the story straight regarding where those empty bottle of bleach were found. Not in the kitchen- they were in the shared bathroom/laundry room sitting on top of the washer/dryer. Well imagine that. Bleach bottles by a washing machine. Furthermore,no one testified to any cleaning that was done, and nothing was mentioned about any bleachy smell anywhere in that trailer nor in the garage, So this whole article is just plain bulls**t. Is this the same lady deputy who we saw filming in Stevens trailer- in particular filming his closet and joking about how they should take all his shoes to see if they could match them up to robberies? Yeah, real professional and trustworthy….what a bunch of crap.

  • haykat

    As far as the police woman first reading the letter on S.A. desk laughing and saYing “I’ll don’t think he will make it”. Did she not realizing they were video taping when she made the incriminating remark about gathering up SA’s shoes in case they needed a match for any burgers? Not a smart thing to do. Also, if they were gathering evidence, why did she not take pictures in the “Clean, Clean” kitchen of a)lot of the bottles of bleach instead of just noting it in her book. If you want EVIDENCE BEYOND A DOUBT. Notes in a book are as bad as hearsay after the fact. Not only that but there were no police pictures I saw at all during the police search. Afterwardso when Jody got out of jail and Steven’s Mother dropped her [ff and she went inside the trailer, at the as the bedroom looked like there had been an explosion! It was a mess, you could hardly move around. As far as Sargent Colburn’s action regarding the cal) i, for identification of a license plate (he calls the numbèrs/letters off as if he is looking right at it), then when that is reported as a car belonging to There’s Halbach, a missing person. He then says that is a RAV4 Green, and he even knows the year of the car. Now when you go back to Nov. 4th, that is when Teresa’s family reported her missing, and supposedly they had not been able to reach her because her voice mail was full. Sometime after the 31st he had broken into her voice mail and listened to her voice mails. He admitted this on the stand but denied he erased any messages. However, they had a person from the cell phone company testify that someone had been in Teresa’s voice mail and someone had erased some of the voice mails because her mice mail was not full. So someone had erasèd messages which Teresa’s brother had said. On the stand, both Teresa’s Brother and ex-Boyfriend both denied erasing any voice mails. However, the police did nothing and did not look Into any of Teresa’s family members. No where were you when? Or anything! So what I think happened was knowing that Teresa had the incident where she knocked on Steven Avery’s door and all he had on was a towel. So between that and having problems with Teresa breaking up with him and now the male roommate which he could not take, he had reached his limit. So he followed her to Avery’s Salvage. After she left and was in an area of road where there was not a lot of traffic, he forced her over to the side of the road, got out of his vehicle and went to the driver’s side of the car and got her to roll the window down. When she did, he shot her in the head. He put her in his car and left Teresa’s on the side of the road with the keys in it. Now remember, this was on the 31st of Oct. So, he had 3 days to do whatever he wanted. So he left the car and keys, purse, a b d phone (wiped down) for the policeremony to do to do their part and he took Theresa’s body to the creek bed. He had her body to chop it up and leave certain body parts, small as they were burned to a charred as found. He took those to the Avery compound to be found. They had the exact bones he wanted them to find. He may have even planted the phone. When the Sargent who found Teresa’s car, identified it as her car he moved it to the Avery’s Salvage and threw the license plate in another car and took the key and …… everyone know what happened after that.

  • Don't matter

    All I want to know is where to sign up for this free money. The money the sheriff department is paying to cover this up. The judge compete idiot. Did he finnish law school? How and or why do you allow a conflict of interest in a case. Regardless if guilty or not why do you allow that to happen. And the people responsible for his wrongful conviction why are they at home? Lock their ass up for not doing there job. Might as well call it as it is frammed. Guess that why the world only needs one judge and jury. They will have to answer too one day

  • misslcfremont

    This site is being updated daily with evidence photos and documents related to the Avery case.
    Fact: The transcripts show that luminol was sprayed by investigators throughout Steven Avery’s trailer (luminol makes bleach glow in the dark) and they found no evidence of a bleach cleanup!! Fact: They found none in the drain pipes, they found none on the floor or walls. ZIP ZERO NADA Bleach Lady!!
    Bottom line: She is making this entire story up!! Her own video shows it!!
    Fact: Their own video shows bleach on a shelf… … … over the washing machine. OMG. !!!!
    Fact: Avery has a new lawyer Kathleen Zellner who gets innocent people out of prison and has vowed for her entire career to never represent guilty people.
    Fact: Innocent people ARE put in hard core prison by corrupt law enforcement in America. Sad but true. It could happen to any one of us.
    Look maybe Zellner can bust this rotten egg open and possibly we can know some truth of the situation instead of speculation. Meantime we can expect these types of rats to come out of the woodwork because the Manitowok Sherriff’s office have to start doing damage control and from day one they have used media to poison people’s minds (and the jury pool).

  • Doyle Mccurley

    Lets see………Crooked cops, Crooked prosecuter, Crooked public defender and his Crooked investigator, Crooked sheriff (twice), 2 Crooks on the jury with ties to the Crooked sheriffs department, Not 1 speck of blood which is not possible to get rid of if bleach was used, Crooked judges at least 3 times, Lenk and Colbern are the worst kind of LEO you could have. Everyone knows they are crooks. Lenk even moved to Grass Valley Arizona to get away. What is wrong with the LE community in Wisconsin ? Is everyone crooked.

  • Shelby

    So now we are supposed to believe because he cleaned his house he murdered someone… I cleaned my house the other day, should I be worried?

  • Kevin P Maher

    Let’s see, Fox news, where truth is never welcome and fantasy is! First of all, any law enforcement connected to this case is suspect, including you lady! Because you say you would have reported anything shady is just pure D BS!!!! Shut your pie hole and crawl back under that rock!!! You and the whole dept. were in on this frame job, y’all didn’t do a very good job, you just had to convince 12 inbred idiots of that and y’all did. And Halbacks brother should have not taken the Sheriff’s office report and investigation as fact, wise up buddy, your sister’s killer is still at large and has probably killed again. What a farce!

  • mikey

    These news agencies are beyond scummy. No real investigative journalists, just a bunch of yes men who report whatever they are told. The fact of the matter is since this crime happened the news media had already convicted avery and dassey. Do you really think now they are gonna go back on the way the have already portrayed them? Why is it that it took this documentary to show the inconsistencies in the case? Where were they “investigative journalists” from around Wisconsin at to point some of these things out? People get outraged at creep kratz, lenk, colburn, kusche, and the sheriff, but no blame is given to the media for the way they covered this case. People need to stand up and let the media know we are tired of being spoon feed crap everyday.

  • Andrew

    Yet another desperate and useless piece of information we really don’t need to hear, just desperate measures from those who colluded to put them both in prison. They will all be hiding under the biggest rock when Kathleen does the job that they should have done, by revealing the true murderer of Teresa. Manitowoc/Calumet counties, you have lost all credibility, the rest of the world is watching. Time to come clean now, or go down with the rest of them.

  • WIsucks

    This keeps getting better and better. They had a retired old lady keeping watch and helping out! HAHA

  • Malcolm

    If he was so immaculate in cleaning his home as you say then how come a key was missed in the cleaning process (Ohhhh Yesss because it was PLANTED later!!!) it was never there to start with!!! it magically appeared during the WTF 8th search!! was it a GO SLOW search? or waiting for the right opportunity to plant search?????

  • Lonerider


    Here ya go. The deputy heard in MAM who filmed the walkthrough of avery’s trailer making those terrible comments about not being able to make the Innocense Project dinner and joking about matching hos shoes with shoe impressions from recent burglaries. Instant Karma.

  • Ispywithmylittleseyes

    I call BS on “her” story. This is probably WB and she was neck deep into this investigation…Everyone calls her the “new chick”. She was buddy buddy with Sherriff Pagel from Calumet, until something happened… the burning of the uniforms and she was demoted.

  • Kim Mullins

    I do not believe what this woman just said not one second. She is lying like a dog. If this were true why didn’t she take the stand a testify to it? Because she is telling a lie. She was probably a part of the set up. Why did she wait so long to report this. And why was the bleach jugs never brought up during his trial. First off Steven had already been convicted of a crime he didn’t commit do you think he is stupid enough to kill someone and try to hide her vehicle on his own property and burn her body in the fire pit on his property. I know Steven was no rocket scientist but it would take a moron to do that. This man was put in jail convicted of a murder that he didn’t commit because those two cops didn’t like that he was suing the county and them personally for putting him in prison for 18years.

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