Survey: Governor Scott Walker among the Top Ten “least popular” governors in the country

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Governor Scott Walker

MADISON — Governor Scott Walker is among the “least popular” governors in the country — according to

Morning Consult conducted a survey of more than 66,000 voters in all 50 states from January 2016 until early May 2016.

The survey found that Governor Walker is #7 on the list of Top Ten “least popular” governors.

According to Morning Consult, 53% of survey respondents disapprove of Governor Walker’s job performance — compared to 43% of respondents who said they approve of Walker’s job performance.

Morning Consult notes that Governor Walker is one of three governors who opted to run for president — and said that presidential bid resulted in “hardly any change” in Walker’s approval rating.

Eight of the “least popular” governors are Republicans.

Kansas Governor Sam Brownback is the number one “least popular” governor.

Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker is the most popular governor, according to the survey results.

Among all of the nation’s governors, Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder has experienced the largest drop in support from his constituents as the Republican has struggled to handle the Flint water crisis, according to


  • Jeffrey

    This is nothing more than a “space filler.” I would be willing to bet that those who participated in this don’t even know who the Vice President of the United States and about 10% of those have no idea who the “Speaker of the House” is. If he’s so unpopular, how did he win all of these elections. If it wasn’t for Scott Walker, Wisconsin would be Illinois, a state that can’t even afford desks and pencils for their school system and has to give “IOU’S” to their lottery winners. If you were to ask a person on the street of Milwaukee if they liked Walker, many would say no. Then ask a follow-up question as to why they don’t like him and they wouldn’t have an answer. We live in a country full of dumb people who haven’t a clue on the workings of politics locally or nationally.

    • vikingkeith

      I lived in Milwaukee 2006-2014 — one of the reasons besides no steady work was Walker. Worker treats the working class like crap. He has sold out the DNR to the Koch brothers and when you look in his dead eyes you see no soul. Want more reasons — he is a bought out creep and an incompetent executive with no heart. I am fairly sure he’d sell his Grandmother if he could cover the handling costs.
      I am now in Minneapolis with a steady, good paying job and a governor who is better, in a state that is well run and not just for the rich.

    • Kathleen Kaeppeler

      Scott Walker has one thing in mind ….. Scottie!! Wisconsin has always been know for milk, cheese, the Packers and EDUCATION. The states that have consistently been leaders in SAT scores, # of HS graduates and number of HS grads, that go on to college; are WISCONSIN, IOWA AND MINNESOTA. Scottie, you took $250 million out of OUR education budget. You also messed with the benefits of OUR professors. You handle the controversy with accusations stating “the teachers only care about lifetime benefits, and not the students”. Bravo, Mr. Self-Centered. Once again, you lie and try to make YOUR DECISIONS, the responsibility of someone else. There are many ways to balance the budget without affecting our education system. The problem is, you Repubs don’t want to give away your benefits.

  • chuck megan

    Walker is a complete moron. His delusional presidential run shows he’s definitely not the sharpest tool in the shed. He tried to rewrite the “Wisconsin Idea”, he has his pals try to destroy open records laws, he won’t go anywhere in public unless it’s own invited only crowd-check today’s (5-13) Beaver Dam Daily Citizen to confirm this. He wants HS grads to be able to teach HS classes. And of course, he wanted to look into building a Northern Wall. I could go on, but you get the picture. Still waiting for those 250,000 jobs Scooter! He doesn’t like any comparisons to Minnesota which basically destroys Wisconsin in every economic comparison.

      • Nancy

        I can’t figure our how he won 3 elections. But, I do know that he lied about his intentions, “I only want to be your governor”, hasn’t produced the 250,000 jobs he promised for his first term, and outspent his latest opponent especially in the last days of the campaign in 2014. He is an uneducated, small minded petty bureaucrat who has cost our state its educational system, its reputation and its future with his hateful policies. Uneducated and bitter out-staters who think Madison and Milwaukee are getting all the tax benefits need to face the facts. Compared to what they pay in, they reap disproportionate benefits in tax relief. When democrats don’t bother to vote in non presidential years, you end up with losers like Walker. We will be generations in repairing the damage of his administration.

  • Melvin Smith

    ….but, but, but, Governor Scott Walker is moving Wisconsin forward! He said…. Right-wingers everywhere believe, and those who haven’t been excluded from the voting booth will stand with our governor again, and again, and again! No turning back now! Heals in, have been dug….

  • ed

    even tho my ex in laws live in wisconsin i would never wish someone like scott walker on them . he has systematically destroyed the teaacheers union . ruining wisconin seems to be his number one mission thank god he cant run for another term. it may take years to recover from what hes done to wisconsin. i went so far as join united wisconsin to send a few bucks to help their cause . im happy in az

  • Jeff D

    The latest Walker fiasco that will haunt Wisconsin for years? He and his GOP stooges have succeeded in eliminating qualifications for Civil Service jobs. No longer will competence be a prerequisite for a job in Wisconsin government serving the people. Nope, all you’ll need is a bit of patronage by a well connected pol – or one of his boosters.

    Yippee. Wisconsin just rejoined the 19th Century.

    Oh, you can also be fired for not toting the party line as part of your civil service employment.

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