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Common Council president on crime in Milwaukee: “There’s no one thing that’s going to fix it”

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

MILWAUKEE -- Milwaukee aldermen say they'll be presenting a multi-pronged approach to fighting crime on Thursday, June 2nd before the Milwaukee Common Council. Common Council President Ashanti Hamilton on Wednesday, June 1st took questions from a panel of reporters.

Ashanti Hamilton

Ashanti Hamilton

"There`s no one thing that`s going to fix it," Hamilton said.

Hamilton said it will take a lot of hands to develop a solid crime prevention plan. He said the first step will be joining those hands together and improving communication among government agencies and between community groups.

"One phase of that is organizing the community in a way where we`re providing opportunities for people to participating in -- I won`t say crime-fighting -- but participating in ways to make their community safe," Hamilton said.

Crime in Milwaukee

While Hamilton didn't tip his hand too much, he indicated that a new approach must go beyond being "tough on crime."

"That it`s OK to reduce arrests and reduce crime. Let`s actually put together a smart plan on crime that actually makes people safer," Hamilton said.

Hamilton was asked to assess the job performance of other public officials. Hamilton said too much of the policy coming out of Madison has hurt Milwaukee.

"There`s a tension that`s there. Let`s be honest," Hamilton said.

Crime in Milwaukee

But yet, Hamilton expressed optimism for a better relationship between City Hall in Milwaukee and the Capitol in Madison.

"I`m hoping for an opportunity to be able to sit down with the governor to share the concerns of the people of the city of Milwaukee and hopefully have some inroads to get him to understand the effect of that," Hamilton said.

Hamilton was asked whether he'd one day like to run for mayor. He said it is his belief that every alderman would like to be mayor if he or she had the opportunity. He specified that he would "look forward to serving in a greater capacity" if that crosses his path in the future.


  • Opinion8d

    Oh this is the first step to becoming the next Detroit -all we need is a black Mayor (democrat -not Clark). Since he’s black no one will say a word. If he said put the black criminals in Jail, he would lose ‘community’ support. Instead, his ‘improving communication between govt and community groups’ means giving people more money as gain more power. Everyone knows what the problem is, to bad no one has the balls to do anything about it.

  • unicorns and rainbows

    I was thinking the voter ID, right to work, Act 10 and increased speed limit laws have all contributed to Milwaukee’s demise.

  • Angry Dad

    Agreed, plus we should hold criminals financially responsible for ALL the property damage and medical bills THEY cause. If they don’t want to pay, then we can put them in concentration camps and MAKE them work it off and pay for the damages THEY caused.

  • Angry Dad

    Agreed, there are way to many extremely violent and evil demoncraps that have committed such atrocities that need to be removed from society forever, not released back into society. Death penalty is definitely needed and is sorely missing from the justice system.

    • Michael Neils

      They used to hang people for stealing horses-old nag or thoroughbred-did not matter. People need cars (todays horses) to get to work/school. But all you get in Milwaukee is oh, you did not have a car? so you took-no wait-you BORROWED a car? Right, you tell the nice judge you borrowed a car from a total stranger, and your friends drove you in their car to do this & to make sure the person you borrowed the car from did so willingly. What happened? When did stealing become ok. That ol owner of the car driving to work-how dare they flaunt their wealth like that.

      • Patriot

        Attention all good citizens and patriots tell your mayor tell your governor enough is enough they see it they hear it how many more babies will have to be buried because of a group of guys calling themselves gangsters shooting 40 rounds and Missing each other. Death penalty to all repeaters DUIs rapist child molesters etc. etc.

  • Jerry Lambert

    It is high time that the Mayor and the Police Chief call out the National Guard to stop the random shootings in this city before more innocent children are shot or killed for no good reason. The Mayor is afraid to actually blame the people who are responsible , and until that occurs, the violence will continue. To bad for the city.

  • Clemenza

    Blacks should demand all the democrats resign and hold new elections. They have done nothing to curb the car jacking and mayhem. Start enforcing the curfew, jaywalking, spitting, swearing. Mandate jail time for parents that can’t control their thugs.

    • phacepalm

      To bad there is a law for public humiliation.If there wasn’t We could show these law breaking thugs what disrespect really is!

  • Chattipatti65

    How are they (The Common Council) going to find 500 black fathers and father figures when they can’t even get any members of the black community to help with solving the murders? I really need someone to explain? I lived in Milwaukee and I got out, and I will never go back.

  • Libsareliars

    To bad all of our comments get deleted from the fox6 crybabies. Somehow they can’t handle the true facts.

  • southsider

    Why bother commenting? the comment dictator DELETER will just delete all comments he gets butt hurt about that doesn’t fit his agenda. I mentioned that they should start holding violent criminals financially accountable for the property damage and medical bills THEY cause. Why are the victims the ones stuck with the losses and bills while the perp just walks out of jail free to continue to commit more crimes against humanity? Apparently that’s too extreme for this SJW.

  • Chris Abele's AA sponsor

    Walling off the ghetto and letting them shoot, rape and rob themselves to their hearts content would be a good start. Give it 6 months then arrest the survivors

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