Exclusive video footage shows fatal encounter between Charlotte police, Keith Scott


CHARLOTTE, N.C. — The wife of Keith Scott videotaped the encounter between her husband and police on Tuesday. Footage from the incident was initially obtained by news outlets.

The event took place in their apartment complex Tuesday afternoon. Scott’s family says he was waiting on one of his children to return home from school when police showed up to serve someone else a warrant and the incident occurred.


The family’s lawyer says Rakeyia Scott came out of the apartment and saw the shooting, according to The New York Times.

The cellphone video opens with Rakeyia plea to the police to not shoot her husband.

“Don’t shoot him, don’t shoot him. He has no weapon, he has no weapon,” she’s overheard saying.

In the background, police are overheard telling Keith to drop the gun while she tells her husband to comply with their demands.

“Keith, don’t let them break the windows! Come on out of the car,” she screams, “Keith, don’t do it!”

Moments later you hear four gunshots and Keith’s body on the ground.

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  • confused

    In the background, police are overheard telling Keith to drop the gun while she tells her husband to comply with their demands. Why don’t people listen. He didn’t listen to the cops or his wife.

  • Slice

    looks pretty clear to me, they are telling him numerous times to drop the gun, and there is one laying on the ground after he was shot. The wife, nice language, kind of leans to her education level…. Stupid people equal consequences

  • Karen Shepherd

    All goes to respect for the police. Why can’t you do as they say. I live in Michigan an open carry state. When I get pulled over by the police (lead foot), I keep my hands on the wheel and tell them I have a permit to carry and where the gun is. Eight times the police ask to drop the gun, the wife yells don’t do it. What did she see that she doesn’t want the public to know. White, black, purple or pink, do as commanded and this won’t happen.