Officials: 9-month-old West Virginia baby dies after ‘worst case of sex assault’ in decades

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RIPLEY, West Virginia — A nine-month-old baby has died after she was allegedly raped by a 32-year-old man in West Virginia, according to officials.

Jackson County officials say this incident was the worst sexual assault case they’ve seen in two decades, according to KUTV.

Benjamin Taylor, 32, was found Monday morning, October 3rd with the child in the basement of an apartment he shared with his girlfriend, who is the mother of the baby. The baby was unresponsive and covered with blood, officials say.

Family members tell West Virginia Metro News that the baby was clinically brain-dead with no hope of waking up.

Taylor will now face a murder charge on top of the count of first-degree sexual assault. Authorities say Taylor had a criminal record, but a motive was not yet known.

Taylor is in jail under a $2 million bond.

The investigation is ongoing.


    • Mary Sue

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      • suzanne

        Not to worry, there is still honor amongst thieves. I’m interested in criminology and I’ll assure you especially as a white boy he’ll be raped savagely and often in prison and likely end up with AIDS. that situation will take some while to play out unlike some of the other punishments suggested that would likely just end with the monster going into shock.

  • Patti Burgess

    Just put him in the general population in prison and not solitary confinement and make it known what he did. The prisoners hate child molesters and abusers. He wouldn’t last one night in prison.

  • KillTheMonsters

    Oh my God, I want this monster dead, in the most horrendous way, but first I want him raped in prison. I want a line of the biggest, nastiest men to each get a shot at him. Then let him recover. Then do it again. Then cut off his privates. Then let him recover and let the guys have another round with him. Then string him up, upside down, and whip him, preferably with a razor-tipped whip, until he passes out. Then take him out to the ocean and chum the waters until the sharks come. Then slice both Achilles and toss him in.

  • deleted again

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  • Devona

    Where was the Mother of this child? The child would have been scream or making some type of noise. How could anyone do this to a innocent child? Why did the Mother get arrested also?

  • Rothenburg

    Come on people! this is a perfect case where he should be put into a brazen bull and slowly roasted alive as branches underneath the bronze chamber start to heat up the metal. He will thrash and turn around as he is roasted. Typical for the screams to be heard from the horns as well. The pain will be unbearable. The screams blood curdling. He will suffer but come out like a roasted pig and still alive.

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