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Milwaukee Brewers unveil “complete transformation” to food experience at Miller Park

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MILWAUKEE -- The Milwaukee Brewers unveiled plans on Wednesday, October 5th for a complete transformation of the food and beverage hospitality experience at Miller Park.

Milwaukee Brewers

Officials say the project will be the single largest upgrade to Miller Park by the club in every measure, from scope to financial investment, since the facility opened in 2001.

"It`s almost like Miller Park was designed with this in mind -- knowing that we would change things out and we`re very excited to have the footprint and the resources to do it," Schlesinger said.


Milwaukee Brewers

Schlesinger issued the following statement on this project:

"Our promise to the fans is that we will further enhance what we believe is a best-in-class entertainment experience at Miller Park, and we know that the food and beverage program is central to this." We are going to completely transform the food and beverage experience for 2017 throughout Miller Park, from new concession stands and bars to reimagined offerings that reflect the traditions of Wisconsin and elevate the program to an even higher level of quality."


The Brewers say the $20 million project is the single largest upgrade to Miller Park -- and will encompass an architectural redesign throughout the ballpark, including a total of 11 concession stands in the brand new “First Base Ward” and “Third Base Ward” on the Field Level and two brand-new Field Level full-service bars with a variety of MillerCoors offerings and views of the field.

Miller Park

Miller Park

The project will install state-of-the-art equipment in the permanent concession stands and portable locations to enhance the quality of the offerings, as well as offer 33% more points of sale for faster service.


Also new is the “Local Brews” Bar on the right field side of the Loge Level. This new gathering spot will feature an expanded beer program with 30 taps serving craft beers from across Wisconsin.

Miller Park

Miller Park

For the concession menu, the Brewers will draw on Milwaukee’s rich food traditions and burgeoning restaurant scene to expand beyond the typical ballpark fare. Hospitality Democracy is a key part of the Milwaukee dining scene; the restaurant group features many popular brands such as AJ Bombers Hamburgers, Smoke Shack Barbeque, Zaffiro’s Pizza and Holey Moley Coffee and Doughnuts. Fans will not only be able to enjoy items from these restaurants at Miller Park, they will also experience offerings that the project team collectively worked to identify with feedback from fans. Many of those items will have ties to Wisconsin culinary tradition and include Mac and Cheese, Frozen Custard, Cheese Curds, plus Tacos and a new line of All-Natural Klement’s Sausages only available at Miller Park. These items will have expanded distribution from locations on all seating levels of Miller Park.

Miller Park

Miller Park

The main objective is no matter where you sit in the stadium you will have access to great food or drink.

Miller Park

Miller Park

"The food and beverage experience in Milwaukee now has become very sophisticated, very dynamite and we want to address that and be as dynamic and as upgrading as possible. Critical to the project was making sure all the new food offerings are available at multiple points. What we don`t want is somebody in left field to have to go all the way to right field or on a different level to get the products they want," Schlesinger said.

Miller Park

Miller Park

The project will be funded entirely by Brewers ownership and Delaware North -- and it will be done in time for Opening Day 2017!

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  • Paul

    When the team is AA level you divert the poor team performance by redesigning the concessions and then have the customer pay even more.

  • bombacim

    Maybe they should spend their money more wisely on, i dunno, good ball players. Oh wait, Milwaukee is ok with just being good enough at winning so it doesn’t matter to management.

  • Frustrated in Waukesha

    Let me guess!! We’re paying for this too??? Why don’t you pay of the initial debt and stop the stadium tax and then worry about upgrading the food stands??

  • Pretenders not Contenders

    My initial thoughts/comments have already been covered by the previous 5 comments but maybe they can waste some more money and remarket Hank the dog.

    • Ghost of Chief Brier

      Hank will be part of the “Improved” food and beverage experience. Well….mostly food experience.


    Still paying for the stadium tax. District began imposing or I should say forced down the throat a 0.1% sales tax in Milwaukee, Ozaukee, Racine, Washington and Waukesha Counties on January 1, 1996. The original cost was supposed to be $250 million for construction of the stadium. They collected 27 million last year. The cost has skyrocketed to $400 million and still paying. I haven’t been to a brewers game nor a fan. I know the previous owner along with the current is worth many time more than cost of building. The bucks new arena and the stadium tax along with the new registration tax is placed on the backs of hard working folks. QUIT SLAPPING TAXPAYERS AND PAY THE DAMN THING OFF.

  • Frank B

    Quit your complaining. taxes are needed to improve the quality of life for the whole city. This city needs the Brewers and the 32,000 people that fill that place 82 games a year bring a lot of revenue into this city. I don’t use mass transit or have kids that go to public schools for free or use any of the programs that my taxes go for but I know that the money is needed to sustain a great city. We don’t want to turn into Des Moines! Besides you are literally paying a handful of dollars a year for that stadium. That is money well spent. Not like the money that gets wasted in social programs that have no chance of working

    • DR PHIL

      And to think I could be enjoying Milwaukees Quality of Life brought to you by “Your Milwaukee Brewers”. The Safe Streets….That Quality Education…..Lets not forget the Low Taxes. I must say, the Brewers certainly improved my Quality of Life when I lived in the City…NOT.

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