58-year-old woman’s body found in laundry chute in home near 8th and Clarke

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MILWAUKEE -- Milwaukee police are investigating a suspicious death that happened Thursday afternoon, October 6th.

Kaye Powell

Kaye Powell

Police say a 58-year-old Milwaukee woman was found dead inside her home near 8th and Clarke shortly before 12:30 p.m.

MPD is working to determine the circumstances that led to her death.

Family members tell FOX6 News the woman, whom they have identified as Kaye Powell, hadn't been heard from for a couple days.

It's an outcome no one expected.

"I haven't seen her, haven't seen her dog," said a neighbor.

A woman not heard from for days, found in an unusual place.

"I've been looking for her myself because it's not normal, not seeing her," said Powell's neighbor.

Homicide near 8th and Clarke

Homicide near 8th and Clarke

Powell's family says she was in the process of moving. When her sister and nephew came to help her move, they found her body in a laundry chute. Exactly how her body ended up there is unclear.

"Just coming in today. I'm kind of shocked, like what happened," said Powell's neighbor. Homicide near 8th and Clarke

Powell's neighbor stands in disbelief.

"It's too close. It's scary because you never know what might happen," said Powell's neighbor.

Remembering a kind woman and friend...

"She's very nice, you always see her, she's always smiling, she's in her garden -- she loves her dog," said Powell's neighbor. Homicide near 8th and Clarke

She last saw Powell Saturday, and became worried when she wasn't answering her door.

"It's weird. That'st he last time I saw her was in the back in her garden," said Powell's neighbor.

As investigators piece together what happened, hoping to soon know more about her death.

"She was very warm, welcoming friend. It's a shock," said Powell's neighbor.

The circumstances surrounding Powell's death are unclear. The investigation is ongoing.


  • Joy Patrice O'Brien

    “It’s weird…” is how you’re going to start the title of this article? How would you feel if this was an article about your friend (or maybe your sister, your aunt or your mother) who was obviously murdered? This quote was entirely out of context from what the neighbor was saying, but “it’s weird” is what you’re going to go with for the headline. How much more tasteless, insensitive and demeaning could you have been?

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