“They was kicking:” 11-year-old girl beaten on school bus, mom upset with bus driver

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MILWAUKEE -- A mother says she is outraged after video of her daughter getting beat up on a school bus surfaces on social media. But the mother isn't angry with the alleged abusers -- she's mad at the bus driver.

Soleil Brown

Soleil Brown

"They was kicking and stuff then hitting me in my head," said 11-year-old Soleil Brown.

Soleil suffered bruising on her legs, a cut on her arm, and says she frequently gets headaches following the incident last Thursday on her bus ride home from school.

Elizabeth Brown is outraged that the bus driver did not pull over and stop the fight or call the authorities.

"You could see the things going passed through the window. So he's still driving, they falling on him and everything -- and he's still driving. He pushes them back," Brown said.


Soleil says they asked the bus driver for help, but he refused.

"My friend Kimora, she kept telling the bus driver to stop, the bus driver to stop the fight and help break it up and stuff. But he told us he ain't have nothing to do with that," said Soleil Brown. "I feel like that was bogus because he's the bus driver, he's older and grown and he told us he didn't have nothing to do with that."


The bus company Lakeside Buses issued this statement saying in part:

"The driver of the bus on which the disruption occurred last week failed to follow company policy... This driver was suspended immediately pending the results of our investigation and his employment was subsequently terminated."

Elizabeth Brown

Elizabeth Brown

Elizabeth Brown is pleased to see that outcome.

"Yes I'm happy. He shouldn't be driving, I wouldn't let him drive a lion, like, he shouldn't be driving anybody, he shouldn't have no life in his hands at all. Because, that is...ugh!" Elizabeth Brown said.

Elizabeth Brown says the incident on Thursday was not the first one on that bus. She says there was another fight on Monday, but she wasn't told about it until after Thursday's incident. She is now asking for cameras on all school buses to help keep the students and bus drivers safe.


  • Bus

    Wow! blame it on the driver, the incident most likely started before the kids got on the bus. The kids probably on a day to day basis aren’t following the rules, most times school officials no longer want to deal with the kids and tell the driver get them home as fast as you can. As for the driver not stopping it drivers can’t touch the kids at all they can say sit down and ask their dispatch for assistance. But even in those cases the kids won’t stop because their response is my momma said, “don’t let no one hit you, you hit them back” and “you can’t tell me nothing” and in most cases these kids aren’t kicked off the bus, even after multiple write ups. So I feel bad that the driver if he didn’t call in on the radio that alone could of saved his job. As for the kids they need to behave parents need to be aware of how most of the times their children are misbehaving on the school bus. If they aren’t following rules they should be suspended the first time not after 20 write ups so that they know that behavior is unexceptable. Drivers have to concentrate on the road it’s very difficult when you have a bus full of anywhere from 25 to 70 kids on a single bus and they are not following the rules.

    • Can't be right either way..

      And lets not forget, if the driver had stopped the bus to break up the fight.. then the mothers of all the girls would be trying to sue the bus company because “he done touched ma girls and dun have no right ta do dat”…
      It’s a no win situation for bus drivers.
      Hold the kids and their parents responsible as they should be. Fine the parents, don’t fire the driver.

    • BAM

      BUS…you are so right…blaming the bus driver for doing nothing did not warrant dismissal. The driver was a male and therefore was not going to be able to do a thing. The mother of the child that was beaten should take it up with the school and have a face to face meeting with the parents and the officials. The RULES of the bus can not be taken up with a male since then he will be accused of touching them. Parents…please understand that a bus driver is not the person to go after. Try the school, mps, and the bus company. AND above all, parents, help your darlings respect their elders and the rules of the bus.

  • Opinion8d

    How about the girl’s mom drive the bus?!?!? Everyone is always happy to see someone lose their job…..when they themselves don’t do crap. If that bus driver had to stop at every fight, the kids would never get home/or to school. Plus, then they would complain that he touched their kids…..raise your kids better!!!

  • walloffthenorthside

    2 preteen she boons get in a brawl and it’s the bus drivers fault for not getting involved? If he had they’d be crying “he be a grown man and be touching my child. ” How about instead of suspending the bus driver we revoke bus privilege of all the girls involved?

  • Whatever

    Typical liberal. No blame on the kids, but go were the money is with the bus company. Someone should be standing up for the driver. He has his own life to protect. He shouldn’t have to worry about kids acting like animals.

  • FTW

    “They was kicking…they falling…he ain’t have nothing to do with that.” Maybe she should just skip the bus ride home and stay after class for some extra grammar lessons. It’s a win-win.

    • wheresthebeef

      I see and hear things like that and I think wow, she’s not going to be a bank president, will she? Pregnant in 3-4 years and raising more little burdens to society, more likely.

  • bldrdlt

    Then you wonder why most communities cannot find enough bus drivers. he should have pulled over and called 911. drivers have no control anymore. and the children know that. write ups seldom have any effect. stopping the bus in traffic and waiting for an officer is the smart thing to do.

  • Shut Up Cartwright.............

    To blame the driver is ludicrous, what a way to solidify the “victim hood mentality.” Unfortunately as a prior Bus Driver for the same company, I was assigned by the young educated principal of GREENDALE HIGH SCHOOL , the daunting task of controlling the behaviors of the “black students” while they were attending classes…WTH! Hmm, did anything in her educational preparation slightly suggest it was a parental responsibility? Yet the company had the temerity to share her concern……

    Any who, the driver could have at least called for assistance, what I noted in Ms. Browns argument, she never mentioned anything about the parents of the other children who were in the scuffle, was irate yet cunning enough to suggest her daughter mention on the news outlet, of having continual headaches.

    In short, I hope the child is okay, but wonder is her mother’s frustration being directed properly, if the driver was to be responsible for the behaviors of all those children, then per WI Statutes (regarding child welfare) there should have been another person assisting with monitoring the kids. As unfortunate this circumstance is, I smell a skunk trying to get PAID!

  • Gary D. Hamilton

    I assure you the driver would have gotten beat up by a group of these little monsters! These animals are raised with no discipline.

  • Ehh

    This is outrageous! You know damn well the “family” would be singing a different tune if that bus driver had “laid hands on a child”. They would be spinning this story completely different to point there fingers at someone. It’s a lose lose for the driver. Now someone who actually wants to work and makes effort to get up and go to work is out of a job. F*cking unreal That bus company should really be ashamed for firing someone like that…..

  • Bill Foskett

    I was a school bus driver for 7 years back in the 70’s and won’t do it again unless the bus driver is allowed control of what goes on on his or her bus. The rules and laws aren’t for the person that actually operates the bus, it comes from a bunch of pencil pushers that never rode a bus, say nothing of actually driving one. After trucking for 40 years after the school bus nonsense I can say from experience that trucking is the same. It’s all in the hands of people that have no knowledge of “practical application”. Let the politicians drive these buses. They claim to know all about it.

  • bldrdlt

    My God people what part of this story don’t you understand? if the driver touches the child the parents would sue him and call him a child molester. the only thing the driver did wrong was not stopping the bus and calling the authorities. that’s what they get paid for. he should be trained to do that. if he wasn’t hire him back with apologies and back pay

  • Bus Driver

    This is why I refuse to drive hood kids! When I first started driving bus it wasn’t too bad. I also refuse to drive mps high school kids because them Lil boys are hormonal it scares me! Driver is not allowed to call the police but is supposed to pull over and notify dispatch. That caused him to loose his job! Cameras are not going to do squat, just is proof if there’s a situation. Drivers are not to touch students but can step in between the fight to prevent anymore blows..but screw that not with these ghetto ass hood kids

  • What's the real issue here?

    Black lives matter though…? Kids are black I’m sure driver was black too..? Where’s the unrest with the black on black crime…? Ijs

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