3 women dead after Lexus slammed into their Uber car; search on for suspects

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MILWAUKEE -- Three young women were killed in a crash at 2nd and Clybourn in downtown Milwaukee early on Sunday, October 23rd, an Uber driver is recovering in the hospital -- and Milwaukee police are now seeking two suspects accused of running from the scene.

3 women killed in crash at 2nd and Clybourn

3 women killed in crash at 2nd and Clybourn

Police say the wreck happened around 2:45 a.m.

A Lexus was southbound on 2nd Street when it apparently disregarded a solid red light and slammed into a Ford that was westbound on Clybourn.

Officials say the two male occupants of the Lexus fled the scene on foot after the crash.

The 41-year-old man who was driving the Ford was acting as an “Uber” driver. He suffered what are believed to be non-life threatening injuries and was taken to a hospital.

His passengers, two women from Illinois, ages 30 and 32, died at the scene from their injuries.

A third woman, also believed to be in her 30s, died from her injuries at the hospital.

Police say their identification of the occupants of the Lexus is ongoing. Police said Sunday there are so far, no reports to indicate the Lexus was stolen.


Two Uber spokeswomen issued the following statements to FOX6 News regarding this crash:

“We are devastated to hear of this tragic accident and extend our deepest thoughts to all those grieving for the loss of their loved ones.”

Kayla Whaling/Uber

"Our hearts and thoughts are with our driver partner and the grieving families impacted by this horribly tragic incident. We will support the police investigation in every way possible.”

Tracey Breeden/Uber

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    UNBELIEVABLE…..Milwaukee, a destination spot. If they can’t kill you by shooting you, they’ll kill you by driving right into you. Was it one of those stolen vehicles Flynn Flam refuses to chase or even stop? You would think a real News Agency could tell you immediatly if it was stolen. How sad.

  • Annabelle

    No, he was an Uber driver and he was extremely concerned about the girls actually. He did everything right and was more concerned about them even though he’s in critical condition, despite what this story says so maybe think about what you say before you accuse people of being things they aren’t. He has to live with this guilt for the rest of his life when he did nothing wrong and the last thing he needs is people pointing fingers and saying stupid sh*t.

    • Joe Boo

      I was just saying, it would be nice if the person acting as a “journalist” provided accurate reporting on the victim who was working as an “Uber” driver.

      No need to get all worked up about it. I’m sure the Uber driver feels awful and I wish the Uber driver a quick recovery.


    Why??? Why now would Chisholm decide to do his job???? Why now would any of the pathetic Milwaukee County Judges decide to do there jobs??? People in this City overwhelmingly continue to keep these ***** in office. They aren’t worried.

  • Nicole

    May those three women rest peacefully and the gentleman who was the uber driver recover completey. I hope they find the guys that ran and these people get the justice they deserve.

  • confused

    Every day there is a smash up or run down and people get killed. It’s almost like you can get stabbed, shot, ran down, or smashed into on a daily basis. These things go on in all cities but it seems Milwaukee has had a rash of them for a while now, with the suspects never if ever coming forward or being caught. People disregarding others because they only care about themselves. I hope they get these 2 and charge them both with vehicular manslaughter 3 counts. Fleeing the scene, running a red and whatever else they are guilty of. Yes, the passenger too because he did NOTHING to prevent it. He could have stayed. They both could have stayed. Do the crime do the time. I have never seen such a bunch of people who think they are thugs or whatnot but are too scared to come forward and face the consequences of court. Heck, even if they do get to court they intimidate witnesses so the case gets dismissed when the wits don’t show or freak out the truth on what happened.

  • Keyla

    As an Uber Driver, this is my main fear when I drive at night and why I have stopped doing bar close rides. I pray for all involved.

    • null

      Same here, I drove for most of the summer then stopped shortly after Summerfest started. When people downtown in my car are unable to walk or talk at 8PM, I retired as it’s not worth messing up your own car or life for spare change. I made some money but not enough for car maintenance.

  • Jay

    R.I.Heaven to the three passengers! Praying for all who were involved, and praying the Uber driver to have a speedily recovery.

  • Deb Thompson

    I know one of the young women that died in the accident. She was a lovely young woman. I hope you find the people that caused this accident & prosecute them to the highest extent of the law that you can!

  • Henry Rodriguez

    80% of the riders that get in my car do not buckle up. Not sure if this was the case here, but seat belts do save lives. Getting a Uber does not mean that you don’t have to buckle up.

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