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History of drunk driving: Suspect in hit-and-run crash that killed 3 women turns himself in

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

MILWAUKEE -- The suspected driver in the October 23rd hit-and-run crash that killed three young women from Chicago turned himself in to Milwaukee police on Monday, October 24th.

3 women killed in crash at 2nd and Clybourn

3 women killed in crash at 2nd and Clybourn

Police say the wreck happened around 2:45 a.m. on October 23rd near 2nd and Clybourn.

A Lexus was southbound on 2nd Street when it apparently disregarded a solid red light and slammed into a Ford that was westbound on Clybourn.

"It was loud. It sounded like a 'boom,'" Demone Madison, who witnessed the crash said.

Officials say the two male occupants of the Lexus fled the scene on foot after the crash. The suspected driver, a 23-year-old man, turned himself in to Milwaukee police Monday afternoon.


The women who were killed in the crash have been identified as 30-year-old Ashley Sawatzke, 32-year-old Amy Taylor, and 35-year-old Lindsey Cohen.  All three women were from Chicago, Illinois -- and they were co-workers at an advertising firm in Chicago.

They were headed to the Kimpton Journeyman Hotel in Milwaukee at the time of the crash, according to the medical examiner's report.

Sawatzke died at the scene as a result of multiple blunt force injuries. FOX6 News has learned her parents live in Menomonee Falls.

Taylor died at the scene as a result of multiple blunt force injuries.

Cohen died at Froedtert Hospital as a result of blunt force injuries to her abdomen.

The 41-year-old man who was driving the Ford was acting as an “Uber” driver. He remains hospitalized with critical injuries. The three women were his passengers -- seated in the back of the vehicle.

According to the medical examiner's report, speed was a factor in this crash.

The medical examiner's report notes that both 2nd and Clybourn are one-way streets.


Tonise Paul, president & CEO of Energy BBDO, where all three women worked before Ashley Sawatzke moved on to Leo Burnett earlier this year, issued this statement:

“We are absolutely devastated by the loss of these three incredible, exuberant young women who were taken from us far too soon. Our thoughts and prayers are with their families and loved ones at this tragic moment. The grief of their absence is felt deeply across our Energy BBDO family.”

Officials with Leo Burnett, where Ashley Sawatzke worked at the time of her death, issued this statement:

“We are deeply saddened by the tragic news of Ashley Sawatzke’s passing. She was a valued and loved member of the Leo Burnett family. Our thoughts and prayers are with her friends and family at this time.”

Meanwhile, a GoFundMe.com account has been set up for the Uber driver, hurt in this crash. CLICK HERE to access that account.

Tim -- Uber driver hurt in hit-and-run crash at 2nd and Clybourn (PHOTO: GoFundMe.com)

Tim -- Uber driver hurt in hit-and-run crash at 2nd and Clybourn (PHOTO: GoFundMe.com)

FOX6 News is not identifying the striking hit-and-run driver at this time because he has not been charged. However, we have learned he has a history of drunk driving, and driving with a revoked license.



    • confused

      I’d like to say the witness(s) were in too much shock to give better info but it’s more then likely a news thing-no height, weight, clothing, race. As the news becomes more PC, you will not get a gender either-maybe it looked like they were male or looked to be female. Just cannot afford to hurt a suspects/criminal/felons feelings.

  • confused

    Well with the red light camera and the VIN then they should be a snap to find. Without a camera and a stolen car it will be harder. Anyone knowing the car/drivers should speak up. You are aiding and abetting.

  • Always Outspoken

    The first thing I thought when I heard about the guy turning himself in was “he waited until after he sobered up to do it”.

    Whatever the case, this POS needs to be put away until he’s too old try drive.

    • SPTruth

      Sober up and Lawyer up. This little rich boy will walk because daddy will take care of him like he did with the other times. Such a shame.

      • Always Outspoken

        A lawyer won’t be able to make this go away. This guy’s driving killed 3 people. Granted, the likely “under the influence” aspect of the crime will not stick, but the negligence aspect will – and that’s almost as bad.

    • Metal Maniac

      Isn’t that sad how the law has gotten so strict on drunk driving that it is BETTER to leave than to stay? I mean that’s crazy. What if those two males were able to call the paramedics instead of a friend to pick them up? Would those girls have a fighting chance? Sad.

  • Jack

    Wisconsin drivers drive like jerks. No one obeys the speed limit and puts others at risk. Dumb drivers. Rip to the innocent lives lost

    • Metal Maniac

      I bet you are one of those brake-checkers, that is more dangerous than speeding and that actually causes the majority of deaths on Wisconsin roads.

      Wisconsin drivers drive fast because they have lives to live and aren’t Toyota Camry driving mouth breathers.

      This crash had nothing to do with how Wisconsin people drive it had to do with someone driving drunk and not paying attention to a RED light.

  • EGK

    “FOX6 News is not identifying the striking hit-and-run driver at this time because he has not been charged.”

    However, JSOnline named the police officer who shot that one guy earlier this year without him being charged with anything (at that time).

    • Always Outspoken

      In their defense, Fox6 has always had the policy of waiting for charges to be filed to release the names of suspects, whether or not other news sources choose to name them.

  • Anonymous

    Well we all know what’s gonna happen they’re families mourn and the jerk will be out on streets in no time……. they give more years to someone killing and animal then someone who takes s life

  • Joseph

    No matter he have history of drunk drivers the thin is him is drunk at the accident time?maybe no becose no charge yet so what is the issue. The driver come from Chicago drive so bad in Milwaukee street

  • Birdman

    When you kill three young aspiring women in a car crash, then you haul ass and turn yourself In 48 hours later
    You can be the son of a president and have 50 lawyers puking up lie after lie. It makes no difference. This piece of garbage they call a man is going to prison for at least 30 yrs. history of DUI, leaving the scene of a triple fatal accident. Never see daylight again. now his passanger should also be sent to prison for fleeing refusing to give aid and not turning himself in . Such a heart breaking shame. You just cannot wrap your mind around it. Then to run away? He is gone for life! He will be passed around prison like a cigarette, his hell has just begun he will wish he died in that crash,

    • JokeEnthusiast

      You should go to prison for that vindictive drivel you just spewed. This man made a terrible mistake that cost the lives of 3 innocent people. He will be punished.

      You don’t need to take pleasure in that.

  • Wanda Chapman

    At first reading, I thought the GFM page request was for the Uber driver was for the drunk that hit the Women. Wasn’t made very clear by your site that the Women were driven by that poor Man.

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