Wisconsin’s lead poisoning rate among kids close to Flint’s

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MADISON — A new analysis shows the lead poisoning level for children in Wisconsin is lower than in recent years, but is nearly as high as Flint, Michigan, where lead contamination caused a drinking water crisis.

Wisconsin Public Radio reports that the analysis released this week by the Wisconsin Council on Children and Families includes data from the Wisconsin Department of Health Services that shows 4.6 percent of children under the age of 6 who were tested in 2015 had lead poisoning. The rate in Flint was 4.9 percent.

Leland Pan, the analysis’ author and graduate student at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, said the state’s rate of lead poisoning among children is a serious issue because it can negatively affect a child’s development.


  • Opinion8d

    MISLEADING STORY!!! Trying to make a comparison between Milwaukee and Flint regarding the water supply and lead poisoning is disingenuous -even the water faucet picture!!! The lead poisoning wasn’t a result of the water issue -it has existed for years (just look at the paint industry). The water contamination is just a recent issue and has been a known issue for some time -it’s not like the kids were drinking the contaminated water for years. So the kids of Flint live in similar circumstances to kids in Milwaukee -older, run down homes with exposure to lead. Just like many other cities across the US. But hey, let make it sound like Milwaukee has a water problem.


    Maybe we can load the trolley up with water and hand out bottles to the area that the trolley operates in.

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