ESPN: Sources say Bucks will no longer stay at President-elect Donald Trump-branded hotels

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MILWAUKEE — ESPN is reporting at least three NBA teams will no longer stay at President-elect Donald Trump-branded hotels this season — and the Milwaukee Bucks is one of them.

Citing sources, ESPN is reporting the Bucks, the Memphis Grizzlies and the Dallas Mavericks are doing this “in part to avoid any implied association with the new president-elect, according to league sources.”

Sources told ESPN another Eastern Conference team contracted to stay at President-elect Trump’s SoHo in New York this season has decided to switch to a different property in Manhattan when its current contract expires at the end of the season.

Seven other teams told ESPN on Tuesday, November 15th that they are still currently scheduled to stay at President-elect Trump-branded properties this season.

The ESPN report notes that sources have indicated the Bucks stayed at President-elect Trump’s hotel in Chicago on a preseason trip to play the Bulls in early October, but the team was met with complications when they tried to make a last-minute cancellation.

The Bucks have already made other arrangements for road games vs. the Bulls, ESPN is reporting.

ESPN’s report indicates ESPN contacted all 30 NBA teams this week to ask about travel plans to locations that feature President-elect Trump-branded hotels.

FOX6 News reached out to the Bucks for comment on this story. General Manager John Hammond said they have “no comment.”

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  • marcus wilson

    The petty useless over paid over hyped Bucks will no longer see me at their games. I wish they would have left. Can’t afford their over priced tickets anymore thanks to your pettiness you saved me a couple hundred bucks thanks

  • Oscar

    I thought One-percenters were only republicans? Wonder how much money they spent trying buy the election for Clinton. I will NEVER EVER attend another Bucks games with these jerks running the team. As was stated before, grow up.

  • simone

    Too bad, now they will loose quite a few fans because everyone is sick and tired of the knee jerk, make sure we’re politically correct baloney. Never will go to their games along with the brewers since their tax was shoved down the throats to build their stadiums.

  • Titleist

    Funny that his hotels were the “hotels of choice” and perfectly fine before Trump was elected President. So if Trump would have lost, yet he’s the same person, these NBA teams wouldn’t have had a problem staying at his hotels! Obviously, the hotels are of the highest quality otherwise they wouldn’t have chosen them in the first place. Seems a bit hypocritical of these teams and owners.

    • MilwaukeeJames

      How is it a PR stunt? They made the decision privately; we only found out because someone called an ESPN reporter. It wasn’t like this was distributed in some sort of press release or something.

  • ronny

    Most of these players salaries are short lived and they spend it fast. No one should have to pay 500 bucks to pun intended to go watch a bunch of liberal college indoctrinates toss the ball around. A middle class family simply can’t afford it. Although the entitlement class receives free charity tickets, the working class can’t pay. Only the doctors, lawyers, who’s who go to the game to exploit their highness in the community as form of entertaining their own ego.

  • Laura Stone Hernandez

    Really tired of the pouting and foot stomping by grown people who didn’t “get their way” in this election. Tread carefully, with all of your boycotting cuz if enough people decide to boycott you, this may all be irrelevant because you won’t have to worry about whY hotel you stay in while making millions. Better ways to spend my $$ than on ingrates

  • Todd Roberts

    I currently go to about 10 Bucks games a year. You have now made my choice very easy about doing that this year. I wouldn’t go near a game now. Hope others follow suite. Why couldn’t you just leave the politics to the politicians and just play basketball.

  • bradg65

    What do they think they will accomplish by doing this? What was the end goal that prompted this move? You would think a team that relies on fan attendance wouldn’t purposely try to alienate 50% of the population. Maybe more; if I remember, Trump won in Wisconsin.

    • Chrisco

      And you know they are pissed that we agreed to build them a new arena. I bet money they thought it would fail so they could move the team.

  • Sauce Flex

    A quick response to the bait that ESPN used to lure them to create controversy. I don’t care if you owner is a huge donor to the democratic party….show some smarts. Idiots.

    • deletedagain

      All of this and all of the protests are over something that “might” happen.
      The divide in this country came from the last eight years. Hopefully Trump can straighten up some of the mess left to him.

  • marcus wilson

    Wow the loser Bucks aren’t going to stay in a Trump hotel. This team is a joke with these owners who hood winked the city county and state on that arena deal. who cares where you stay in fact you could leave town you are not getting any admission fees from me i could care less. Last Bucks game attended 1975.

  • Chuck

    ESPN reported that the Milwaukee Bucks have said that they will not patronize any of President elect Trump’s businesses. Since the Milwaukee Bucks have decided to not support our president I think we should react in kind and not support the Milwaukee Bucks and any other sports team that decides to not support our president. We may also want to contact the Milwaukee Mayor’s office and the planning committee about backing away from the new Bucks sports arena.

  • mbm

    Just another reason not to waste my money or time on this team . They want to boycott Trump hotel simply because they lost. Hopefully the new arena will have a don’t hurt my feeling room. To bad they didn’t leave.

  • David Fisher

    I was just getting back on the Bucks Band Wagon. You would think a team that is trying to build the attendance at their games would stay out of the news that would offend 80% of the PAYING fans. Seeing how Wisconsin was the reason Trump was elected, you would think a smart businessman would keep his views and actions neutral. They should take note on how well the NFL is doing with their fans because of the antics of the players. We may not go out and trash our city when we do not get our way, but we do work and make money. We will protest with our wallet. Good luck building your fan base with free tickets handed out in Milwaukee.

  • Brent Winjun Soltis-Tobin

    Hahaha. All these people telling the Bucks to grow up for disagreeing with picking a known white supremacist as Chief Strategist. So Bucks are immature for following their principles. But you are so righteous for following the same action? Accept your standing up for racism and ignorance. And don’t any of you hypocrites call me someone pouting because Hillary lost. I am a Republican who refused to make excuses for a man who doesn’t deserve the title POTUS. Maybe POS. To bad you people have no idea what a republican really is. Trump is filling your cabinets with Wall Street Lobbyists. He is no longer repealing Obamacare. He is going back on everything he promised already. And you fools just keep cheerleading him because he wears your team colors. Sad really. Hypocrisy knows no bounds amongst ignornt people voting for hate.

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