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Not backing down: Alderman wants a “fair share of officers” on Milwaukee’s south side

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MILWAUKEE -- A day after saying Milwaukee police need to send more officers to the city's south side, Alderman Bob Donovan dismisses criticism from Common Council President Ashanti Hamilton.

crime1Donovan and other residents along a stretch of Greenfield Ave. say in the past few months, they have seen more prostitution and more drug activity. But Hamilton says simply calling for more police in one area is divisive and short-sighted.

Senior Pastor Joel Jaeger says prostitution has become so prevalent that it's even a problem on Sunday mornings.

"A couple weeks ago, an 85-year-old man dropped his wife off here for church -- and we don't have off-street parking. So he went to park, and as he's parking, one of the gals got in his car and she wouldn't get out of his car," Jaeger said.

Jaeger says he supports the call for more officers assigned to Milwaukee's south side.


A letter signed by four south side aldermen makes that exact request.

Milwaukee Alderman Bob Donovan

Milwaukee Alderman Bob Donovan

"I'm asking that we get our fair share of officers," Donovan said.

On Thursday, Common Council Pres. Hamilton called on the aldermen to take back the letter, writing "a strategy that pits neighborhood against neighborhood for policing resources is simply irresponsible."

Donovan says the letter does not call for police to be taken away from other high-crime areas.

"They're needed up there without a doubt. I am saying the chief has an obligation to find the officers in other assignments and get them into this neighborhood," Donovan said.

Jaeger and Street Pastor Marty Calderon say they want a spot at the table. But they question whether there are currently enough seats for police.

"I'm not saying to arrest people right away, or to say 'Let's put everyone in jail.' By no means am I saying that. But I've seen the interaction with officers in neighborhoods and how that's been such a positive effect," Calderon said.



  • Dave

    Darn it Bob…..if you want more patrol officers…tell your constituents to commit more crimes….like on the north side….

  • jim (a different jim)

    Hamilton says that Bob is pitting neighborhood against neighnorhood. Guess what Hamilton, that’s already happened. And the North side has won more resources. Now that the discrepancy is pointed out, NOW it neighborhood against neighborhood. There is more to the city than the north side. Kind of how the rest of the state feels about the money pit that is Milwaukee.

  • confused

    But Hamilton says simply calling for more police in one area is divisive and short-sighted. Why? is it pitting criminals against tax payers? More police presence=less crime. South does not want to become North where you cannot sit on your porch or play in a park without the fear of being shot, jumped, robbed, raped, stabbed, etc etc. Even in broad daylight on Sundays.

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