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Vehicle bursts into flames after woman hits roundabout while lost in Washington County

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WASHINGTON COUNTY — Officials with the Washington County Sheriff’s Office said a woman struck a roundabout at a high rate of speed — causing her vehicle to burst into flames near County Highway NN and Jackson Drive.

It happened early Sunday morning, November 27th.

Sheriff’s officials say the 26-year-old woman left a party in Kenosha, and was headed home to Racine. She became lost and ended up westbound on County Highway NN — and struck the roundabout at Jackson Drive.

Authorities say the woman proceeded over the top of the roundabout at a high rate of speed and tore off the vehicle’s oil pan after striking the concrete curb. This caused the vehicle to catch fire, and when officials arrived to the scene, the vehicle was fully engulfed in flames in the middle of the road.


The woman was arrested for OWI, first offense — and cited for operating with a suspended license (11th offense) and no insurance.

Officials say the woman’s BAC was .18.


  • PH

    She was from Kenosha and was trying to get back to Racine? But ended 50+ miles away in West Bend area, are you kidding me? How did she make it that far while drunk?

  • Mascolino Rita

    These people need to be in jail instead of on the streets and hwy’s.This was her 11TH offense for driving without a drivers license.Come on judges lets get tougher on these people,she could have killed someone!!!!!

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