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Honoring Rosa Parks: MCTS will keep a seat open, headlights shining on Thursday

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MILWAUKEE — The Milwaukee County Transit System (MCTS) will keep a seat open and the headlights shining on its entire fleet on Thursday, December 1st. It a way to pay tribute and honor the life of Rosa Parks and her contribution to equal rights.

Parks was arrested after refusing to give up her seat to a white man in Montgomery, Alabama, on December 1, 1955. Her act of civil disobedience led to a landmark U.S. Supreme Court ruling that outlawed segregation on public transportation.

Every bus in the MCTS fleet will have a seat reserved in honor of Rosa Parks. The sign features a picture of her on the bus and one of her famous quotes:

“My only concern was to get home after a hard day’s work.”


  • Think about it....

    First of all, She wasn’t the first one to do this, or the last, so if you want to honor anyone why don’t you honor Claudette Colvin. Secondly, everyone gets the story wrong, so know your history. We dont live in that era anyomore, why dont we talk about the topics of diversity now outside of a racial context?

    This is only peddling the “poor black folk” narritive. The Jewish people are and have been persecuted for over 2000 years. You dont hear them pushing for their own government sactioned month, you dont hear them pushing for reperations, you dont see them whining and complaining every 6 months screaming racism or some other form of -ism. Even better example is the Japanese people were put into litteral concentration camps in America, during World War II. Why aren’t they screaming racism? Or want their own month either???? HMMMMMM???

    It’s great to remember the past, to gain understanding of past mistakes as a society, but that doesn’t mean we should live in the past. If we remember the past we remember the events of the 1968 Election. This year was almost a carbon copy of that election, individuals screaming racism because they are professional outrage by a different opinion. The only difference between then and now is the News and Police called them what they are, riots, not protests. I’m not pointing the finger at one group of individuals, I’m simply stating that we, as a collective whole, need to focus on what happening right now, and how that will impact our society in the immedite future.

    P.S. FOX6 When you decide to delete this comment dont worry, I’ll repost it until you choose to accept there IS freedom of speech and expression in this country.


    Over 620,000 white people died to free black slaves. And still to this day not even 1 “Thank you”. Yet again MCTS and FOX6 panders to the liberal racist “Black-only” agenda.

      • Think about it....

        Sir or Ma’am I don’t know what “truth” you think you are, but if that’s how you interact with people your obviously not going far. Also, Shut up? So instead of trying to have a rational or intellignet discussion on all those points I rose you rather act like a child. Do yourself a favor and look into some ethics classes, a quick google search will have more then enough information. It may help you understand how to intearct with people better. Have a great day!


        LOL it’s easy to tell when you’ve won an argument with a liberal when they start crying like a baby in the reply and resort to insults or telling you to “Shut up”. I honestly don’t believe “The Truth” has the education or knowledge of the English language to formulate a legitimate reply. “The Truth” hurts doesn’t it? LOL!

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