Police: 4 in custody after death of 7-year-old boy; 1 with prior child neglect conviction

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MILWAUKEE -- Police are investigating the death of a child on the south side of Milwaukee. It is being investigated as a homicide -- and four people are in custody.

Homicide near 19th and National AvenueAccording to officials, a seven-year-old boy was brought from a residence near 19th and National Avenue to a hospital on Tuesday, November 29th. The child was suffering from numerous injuries. The child died a few hours later. A source told FOX6 News the child suffered malnutrition and bruising at the hands of two women.

Neighbors said police spent much of Tuesday investigating in the apartment building. A source told FOX6 News they found drug paraphernalia and syringes.

FOX6 News has learned that a 44-year-old woman arrested in this case was convicted of child neglect for the death of a one-year-old child in her home on N. 50th back in 2003.

According to a criminal complaint, Bryan Alston was found dead as a result of "blunt force trauma about the entire body." He had bruising to his face and his left arm was broken with gangrene.

The woman was sentenced to 18 months in prison while others involved, including the woman's teenage daughter and niece got lengthier sentences.

Below are photos of Bryan Alston, the baby who died in 2003:

The 44-year-old woman and a 47-year-old woman have been arrested in connection with the death of the seven-year-old boy. Additionally, two male suspects have been arrested for failing to act to prevent bodily harm.

A source told FOX6 News the two women met in prison -- one of the women locked up in connection with the 2003 child abuse case.

Homicide near 19th and National Avenue

An autopsy was performed on the seven-year-old boy on Wednesday. But the results of that autopsy are not being released while this investigation is underway.

A source told FOX6 News there were other children inside the home with the seven-year-old boy. A nine-year-old was also abused -- and remains hospitalized.

FOX6 News was told the two women arrested in this case are NOT the mothers of the abused children.

Monitor FOX6 News and FOX6Now.com for updates on this developing story.


  • Rest Peacefully little guy!

    What in the world could a 7yr old little guy do that bad to have something like that happen to him? What kind of Monsters were raising him? Why can’t we have eye for an eye type of justice in this country? These monsters will stay in a warm prison, watch tv, have at least an hour of rec a day, be fed 3 times a day, will be allowed to have money sent in for clothes, snacks their own
    TV’s and radios and shoes. This little guy got his life cut short because of monsters…..wheres the death penalty in WISCONSIN??????

  • Zodiac

    Everyone involved in the abuse and death of this poor little boy should be tortured and killed – NO MERCY!!!!!!!!
    May this poor child rest in peace. One can only hope this little boy finds the peace he was denied in life. Just so very sad and tragic.

  • Old!

    Nothing has changed! At 69 & a survivor of horrific child abuse I question the entire group of adults that interacted with this child & did nothing – teachers, clerics, neighbors et al, may you burn in whatever your hell is for lack of your action.

  • Fed up with ignorance.

    I am all to familiar with this woman. She set up her own daughter and niece to take the fall with the last incident. She is a monster and her own family refuses to associate with her. I also blame the courts for allowing her to get away with muder and then releasing her to only again harm children and again take a life. I hope she gets everything thats coming to her! Another thought, where were their parents? Stop leaving your kids with whomever!!!! Parents should also be charged.

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