Police: Suspect in custody after firing shots in downtown Milwaukee

MILWAUKEE — Milwaukee police are investigating a shots fired incident that occurred near 9th and State on Wednesday morning, November 30th.

Officials say a suspect fired several gunshots at a 27-year old man and a 24-year old woman. No one was injured, but a parked, unoccupied vehicle was struck by a bullet.

The suspect, a 45-year old Milwaukee man, was quickly taken into custody by officers without incident.


Police said the suspect and victims know each other and initial information is that the incident stemmed from a dispute related to a criminal court case.

The case will be presented to the Milwaukee County District Attorney’s Office for charges in the coming days.

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    • Truth Seeker

      Mayor Barrett is a disgrace to the city of Milwaukee. He never worked in a day in his life except sit on his butt not producing anything. Blame the morons who voted for him, their brains are out to lunch. Milwaukee is a disgrace, once a pretty city to live in. Hopefully in 11 weeks I am moving out of here and back to the Rocky Mountain West!

  • Billy Madison

    I am sure this is just a big misunderstanding. The “gun shots’ were probably just bottle rockets. Mayor Barrett has assured us that Downtown Milwaukee is one of the safest area’s in the United States. Why do you think we are getting a Trolley? Only safe area’s get trolleys.