Latest: Judge denies emergency request to stop Wisconsin’s election recount

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MILWAUKEE -- Conservative political action groups are calling for a stoppage of the Wisconsin election recount. However, a judge has denied an emergency request for now -- meaning the counting continues.

The lawsuit was filed in federal court -- and the groups are asking that a federal judge in Madison sign a temporary injunction stopping the recount. But shortly before 4:00 p.m. on Friday, December 2nd, Judge James Petersen said "no." He will not stop the recount -- not yet.Wisconsin recount

The groups can ask for an injunction next week -- and the judge will take arguments. But for now, the count is on. The judge will hold a hearing next Friday. However, election officials say the recount will be over by December 13th in any case.

CLICK HERE to read through the main complaint filed Friday

CLICK HERE to read the motion to stop the recount while the case proceeds

The recount has been going on since Thursday, after Green Party candidate Jill Stein paid $3.5 million to force the recount of Wisconsin's 3 million presidential votes.Wisconsin recount

President-elect Donald Trump won that election by 22,000+ votes in Wisconsin.

President-election Trump and supporters have also filed actions to head off separate counts in Michigan and Pennsylvania. Those recounts have not yet begun.


  • confused

    That’s the part I did not understand-there MAY have been tampering. Well then EVERY election should have a hand recount because every election MAY have been tampered with. Why isn’t this like any other situation, well ma’am until he DOES something we cannot do anything. lol

  • Liberal Hypocrisy

    You don’t get it. We love the Leftist “stimulus” into the economy. However, as you have not one item of evidence and even most Leftists have stated that this will change nothing, the question is then why? What are you really trying to accomplish? Also, if you are truly worried about the “Russians”, why are the Leftists not doing a recount in every state? The optics look fishy and carries the odor of that same fish rotting.

    The Leftists are asking the rest of the country this question: “Are you going to believe what you see, or are you going to believe what I tell you?”

  • unicorns and rainbows

    The first word in this article is “conservative” and I see Myra Sanchick submitted it. Myra do us all favor and retire already. You been at Faux 6 since I was in HS and I’m over 50 YO now.

  • liberty

    It is so funny that they state Hillary joined the recount! Join hell look where all the money is coming from. Think Stein could handle this? She is another one that looks like death walking. She should spend some of that money on a health clinic.

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