President-elect Donald Trump adds stop in West Allis to “thank you tour”

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Donald Trump, Mike Pence

WEST ALLIS — President-elect Donald Trump has added a stop in West Allis to his “thank you tour.”

The rally will take place Tuesday, December 13th at the Wisconsin State Fair Expo Center at 7:00 p.m.

The event will feature President-elect Trump and Vice President-elect Mike Pence.

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FOX6 News has learned House Speaker Paul Ryan and Governor Scott Walker plan to attend this rally. Speaker Ryan never campaigned with President-elect Trump during the primary or leading up to the general election.

President-elect Trump kicked off his “thank you tour” across a series of states that propelled him to victory with a rally on December 1st in Cincinnati, Ohio.

The “thank you” tour was first announced in late November — set to focus on the battleground states that proved critical in the 2016 election.


  • Dump Trump

    Yet another event for him to have his ego fed! The event is a joke and should be in the live stock barn rather than the expo center.

  • mike

    Great the big orange buffoon is going to come here and tie up our police and traffic just so he can get a big boost for his ego.

    • hell in a handbasket

      “Orange buffoon” that’s what Rosie Odonnell calls him. Do you have anything else in common with her?

    • Chrisco

      Hey look another tolerant liberal. The side that claims to love everyone and tolerant of all. That only applies if you are on the left. Follow your own advise. We sucked it for 8 years. Now it is your turn for at least 4 years.

  • Liberal Hypocrisy

    HUGE announcement!!!!!!!

    A counter rally is now scheduled at the Bradley center on Tuesday at 7:00. Therapy dogs, Play-doh, coloring books and 2500 free safety pins will be available. Kleenex by the case will also be made available. A foot stomping session will be at 7:15. A group hug to prevent the apocalypse will happen at 7:30. So come one and all to help with the healing. Other than that, we know that this will accomplish absolutely nothing but boy (sorry I meant person), didn’t mean to offend with that micro aggression, it sounds like a good time if nothing else.

  • phacepalm

    Funny, I don’t remember all the crybaby whining,. disruption & hate when Obumba was elected. Typical liberal way.

  • Edith

    The liberal meltdown was something to behold and the Trump win against all odds I would say was akin to the moon landing. Thanks to the electoral college, Americans decided that CA and NY are not going to put a feminist in the white house just to break the glass ceiling. Time magazine had printed her madam president cover in pure arrogance. The Clintonite’s destroyed this country by allowing people with stated income to buy homes thus creating the housing bubble and destroying our economy. They also stuck their dirty fingers in the Middle East and contaminated the soup. The next four years will be refreshing to see the liberal policies decimated one by one bringing our country back to it’s greatness. The globalist liberal professors are spewing anti American slander to our university students everyday and this must stop, Maybe it’s time to look at their tenure and see what they really contribute. Thanks to great Americans we saved the intolerant liberal left from themselves. Just sayin..

    • Ghost of the Gipper

      Major university Marxist schools have destroyed this country’s youth. Hopefully Trump will get the message that the universities need their huge liberal ego busted. No more safe spaces, therapy dogs. Just plain ole education. Remove all liberal arts courses all together and re educated them with some good ole engineering and math. Since most social justice warriors would fail such involved courses, the schools would loose half the students and thus tuition would be cut in half.

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