Mom says she found daughter, 5, with ‘poop all over’ after school didn’t help her

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GUILFORD COUNTY, N.C. -- A North Carolina mother was shocked when she showed up to her daughter's school Monday and found her standing alone in a bathroom, covered in her own feces.

"When I entered the restroom, she had her hands up,” said Price, who didn’t want her full name used for the interview with WGHP-TV. “She was standing in a corner and it was poop all over hands."

"She had poop all over her hands, on her legs, her backside, her front side,” she said. “There was poop all over the floor, on the walls and on the door."

Price has a 5-year-old daughter at Frazier Elementary School in Greensboro.

On Monday, she got a call from her daughter's teacher saying the girl had an accident before making it to the bathroom.

Price says when she offered to come up to the school, the teacher told her they'd take care of it.

“‘I’ll change her,’” Price said she was told. “‘You don't have to come out for that.’"

Price went to the school anyway.

She found her daughter alone in the bathroom with a pack of wipes. She says no one was helping her.

"It just broke my heart to see her like that," Price said. “I would never treat a child like that."

Nicole Hill, the principal of Frazier Elementary School, sent this statement to WGHP-TV:

"Any time a student or family does not feel cared for in our school, we are genuinely concerned. Guilford County Schools and Frazier Elementary are deeply committed to creating the best environments possible for students to learn and thrive. This did not occur in this particular situation, and we have apologized to the parent. We are also working to make sure that this will not occur again at our school."

Price says the event has changed her daughter.

"She didn't want to go to school the next day,” Price said. “She cried, 'The kids were picking on me, everyone was holding their nose, saying something stinks.'"

"I don't want this to ever, ever happen, to no one else's kid," Price said.

A spokesperson for Guilford County Schools says the situation is under investigation.

It's not clear if the teacher will face any discipline.

Price's daughter has been placed in a different classroom with a different teacher.


  • Uncle John

    I am very sorry but something doesn’t add up.
    First: If the girl had to go to the bathroom you let her go.
    Second: If the 5 year old had an “accident” and the teachers is aware of it THE TEAHER SHOULD CLEAN THE GIRL UP! Why would you call and tell the mother? When I was in grade school girls urinated in their pants and boys vomited and the classroom teacher cleaned it up. IF the student is sick or “wet” and needs to go home to change then you call the parents.
    Third: Why would the teacher call the parent to tell her what happened and say she was going to take care of it and then not?
    Fourth: Why would the parent go to the school AFTER the teacher called the parent and told her not to come?
    I would love to know the teachers excuse.
    Are 5 year olds allowed to use the restroom alone? Was there no one else around to help the girl?
    Where did the parent live and how long after the phone call until the parent showed up to find her daughter?
    Did the parent just walk into the school? Never asked the teacher to see her daughter or ask where she was?
    The parent just showed up, walked into a school. never was stopped, questioned and just went to the restroom to find her daughter? How long was the girl there? The teacher did not notice her gone or went to check on her?
    There has to be a lot more to this story.

    • Upset

      After years of working at a school, yes they are allowed to use the restroom alone. While doing so they are smearing feces all over the walls, urinating everywhere (believe it or not the ceilings too), or putting ketchup/mustard packs under the toilet seats, or trying to clog toilets. Even with all this occurring they are allowed to go in alone to carry on this shenanigans because of privacy.

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