“This is ridiculous:” Police investigate suspicious death; Man in his 20s found near 15th & Finn

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MILWAUKEE -- Milwaukee police are investigating a suspicious death that happened Sunday morning, December 18th.

Police say a man, identified as 40-year-old Dawayne Rumley, was found dead near 15th and Finn Place shortly before 8:00 a.m.

How long he was at the location remains under investigation.

Police said this death does not appear to be cold weather related. Police said Monday, December 19th this death is being investigated as a homicide.

Rumley's body was found just feet from a family's bedroom window.

W.T. Whitelow

W.T. Whitelow discovered the body as he returned home from work. He said it was the final straw -- and he's now making plans to leave his neighborhood.

"He was covered up in snow. He was frozen stiff," Whitelow said.

Whitelow said he pulled into the alley behind his home around 7:45 a.m. and noticed the bloody body.

"I just see the blood over here. Someone split his head open. As you can see, there is a lot of blood over there," Whitelow said.

After police were called, Whitelow and his relatives took out their phones and recorded the swarms of investigators feet from their bedroom window.

Suspicious death near 15th and Nash

"Why would you be in an alley where you don`t live unless you were back here doing drugs or something?" Whitelow said.

W.T. Whitelow

W.T. Whitelow

Based on the blood markings in the snow, Whitelow said he believes someone moved the body from nearby steps.

"Whoever did this needs to turn themselves in.  This is ridiculous.  It`s someone`s son or nephew.  It`s sad," Whitelow said.

It's the kind of tragedy Whitelow said he wants to protect his family from.

"We plan to get out.  We`re putting our money together to get out.  It`s not safe," Whitelow said.

Suspicious death near 15th and Nash

Whitelow said he didn't recognize the victim. He said a red and white farmer's hat was taken from the scene as evidence.

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