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Mylan launches cheaper version of EpiPen allergy treatment costing $300 for 2-pack

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EpiPen's are an auto-injector that help fight allergic reactions and expire annually

Drugmaker Mylan has started selling a generic version of its emergency allergy treatment EpiPen at half the price of the branded option, the cost of which drew national scorn and attracted Congressional inquiries.

Over the last several years, the drug company has increased the price by more than 400%.

The launch of Mylan’s long-promised generic alternative is expected to still generate millions of dollars in revenue for the drugmaker while also protecting its market share against current and future competition.

Mylan says it will charge $300 for the generic version of its life-saving injections, which come in a two pack.

The EpiPen helps quickly treat people suffering from life-threatening allergic reactions.